A/N1: Sorry for the long delay. Lost my muse for this fic, but happily the bunny's are hopping and I now know where I want this to go.

A/N2: See chapter 1 for warnings & disclaimer.

He was getting closer.

That fucking Rei-kai bounty hunter was not giving up and even without his acute hearing or sensitive sense of smell Yoko Kurama could feel his time was nearly up.

He had been running for so long now. Had tried all his tricks, plants and agility in a vain attempt to evade capture or worse death, but he was exhausted. Exhausted, hungry, and unfortunately hurt.

Long rivets of crimson dripped down his side and left for-paw onto his most beloved plants leaving an easily identifiable trail for even the blindest of Rei-kai to find.

'Lucky shot…' Yoko's mind helpfully supplied before sluggishly going back to the matter at hand…

…He was in some deep shit.

Tails whipping around urgently behind him as he skidded to a brief stop Kurama shot nervous, frightened, golden orbs about him and let his ears twitch to-and-fro in a desperate attempt to seek out his tormentor.

Nothing so far, but it was just a matter of time. Time that was sadly running out.

Giving a delicate sniff, and a long last glare to his surroundings the small, silver fox gave in and curled up under one of the monstrous trees that littered the area and began to lick his paw clean.

He couldn't stay still long, his body yelling at him to do otherwise, but he had to try and stop the bleeding and give himself back some sort of chance at escaping or the hunter would be the least of his worries.

'Die of blood loss…how pathetic…' His foggy mind once again helpfully supplied.

Maneuvering his tiny, sore body once his paw was sufficiently clean to get at his side, Yoko Kurama knew one thing for sure.

"I have to get to the Ningenkai." The fox-demon hissed out in pain as he began to clean his other wounds and for once in all this mayhem glad that he knew just the way to get there.