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She was a woman on a mission, here to drown him and forget him
So I set her up again to wash him down
She had just about succeeded, when that low-down no good cheatin'
Good for nothin' came struttin' through the crowd

Ah he was layin' it on so thick, he never missed a lick
Professing his never ending love
Oh but I never will forget when she stood up and said
So I guess you think we're just gonna kiss and make up don't cha?
That's when she said..

Why don't you kiss, kiss this, and I don't mean on my rosy red lips
Me and you, we're through, and there's only one thing left for you to do
You just come on over here one last time
And pucker up and close your eyes, and kiss, this goodbye

Well the next thing I recall she had him back against the wall
Chewin' him like a bulldog on a bone
She was puttin' him in his place and I mean right up in his face
Draggin' him down a list of done me wrongs
Well it was just about now that the crowd gathered 'round
They've come to watch him pay for his every sin
She called him everything under the sun
And when we thought that she was done
She reared back and she let him have it again, man, she said, she said...

Why don't you kiss, kiss this, and I don't mean on my rosy red lips
Me and you, we're through, and there's only one thing left for you to do
You just come on over here one last time
And pucker up and close your eyes, and kiss, this goodbye

Kiss this, and I don't mean on my rosy red lips
Me and you, we're through, and there's only one thing left for you to do
You just come on over here one last time,
Pucker up and close your eyes, and kiss this goodbye
Kiss this goodbye (See ya)

~Kiss This by Aaron Tippin

"What've we got?" Carter said, pulling on his gloves.

"Fifty-six-year-old male, fell through ice while skating at his house."

"How long was he under?" Carter asked, walking with the medics to trauma two.

"Uhh… wife said four minutes."

"Okay," said Carter, taking control over the room. "Haleh, get me a heated IV bag. Sam – EKG, CBC, and blood-gas. And I'll shock him," he added, seemingly to himself. "Lydia, gimme a hundred."

Lydia turned the dial on the electro shock machine. "Okay," she declared.

Carter charged the paddles by rubbing them together. "Clear!" Everyone in the room obeyed, stepping back. A faint, not quite steady beep, beep, beep emitted from the man's heart monitor.

"Okay – the guy's stable… everything's normal," said Sam, back with his stats.

"Pulse ox?" Carter asked automatically, bagging him at rapid pace.

"Seventy and falling."

"Gotcha saline drip here, Carter." Haleh handed him a warm bag of clear liquid.

Carter grabbed up the intubating equipment while Haleh attached the IV to the man's forearm. He opened the man's mouth, shined the light in, and tubed him. "Got it."

A long, flat beeeeeeep sounded in the chaotic room. "Damn it, he's flat-lining! Charge me to two-hundred."

Lydia did as she was told, and Carter ordered everyone to clear, shocking the man again. His heart rate came back, steadier with each successful bleep of the monitor.

Carter smiled triumphantly. "Okay, he's got a stable rhythm – let's keep it that way. Uhh… Yosh, see who you can get to take him. I'm out of here."

"But, we need a doctor to sign for him when they arrive," countered the nurse quickly.

"So get Pratt. He was here," answered Carter, removing his gloves and throwing them in the floor for house cleaning to pick up later.

Yosh nodded, and Carter walked out of the door. Of course, as soon as he did so, Morris came running up to him, pushing a boy along. "Hey Carter, I've got a –"

"I'm off," said Carter, turning to face him with raised eyebrows.

"Can't you just take one more?"

"Take it yourself for once, Morris. My daughter is waiting in daycare…"

"I thought Abby was getting Jayleigh tonight?"

"She's sick with – Morris! Patient!" Carter said, mentally kicking himself for relaying a personal matter to Doctor Incompetence.

Morris nodded quickly. "Yes, sir Chief!"

Carter stood outside the nursery, looking in at his daughter, sitting at the small table, finger-painting. Thankfully, she had an apron on, so only her pants appeared to be ruined by red paint. He grinned involuntarily, his hands in his pockets. Jayleigh looked up, seemingly feeling that he was watching her. She smiled broadly and ran to the door, closely followed by Alyssa, the daycare worker. She reached over Jayleigh's head and opened the door. Jayleigh immediately ran to Carter, who bent down and caught her in his outstretched arms.

"Daddy!" she said excitedly. Her tiny arms wrapped quickly around his neck. "Where's Mommy?"

"Mmm… Mommy's sick, so you'll be with me until she gets better," he responded, giving her a serious look, as if talking to an adult. "Sound good?"

"Yuh. Sounds good."

"It's not going to kill you to walk two blocks."

Jayleigh pouted her lips and folded her arms across her chest. "Might," she argued.


"Will." She stood still, looking defensive and angry.

"It won't. Now, if yo don't come on, I'll carry you."

Jayleigh did not move. Carter groaned, stalked toward her, and grabbed her up. Naturally, she attempted to squirm out of his arms.

"I hate her! Don't make me go! I won't!" she screamed, kicking her legs.

Twenty minutes later, an exhausted Carter and raving Jayleigh arrived at Anne's apartment. He knocked, and waited for a response. After what seemed an age, Anne answered the door. She had an exasperated look about her: her cheeks were flushed, and her breathing slightly quicker than normal. But that was not what made Carter suspicious of her the most. It was more that she was wearing only a white robe.

"John?" she said, seemingly surprised. "You had to – I mean, I though you were working late."

Carter didn't answer her. "What's going on?"

Nothing, he reassured himself, Nothing.

"Umm… nothing. This isn't the best time… and you have little Jayleigh with you… perhaps you should go…"

"That didn't answer my question. Now, tell me what's – "

He stopped short at a noise from behind the door. Someone else was in the apartment with her. He pushed the door open, not caring that she didn't want him inside. As he entered the living room, his eyes first fell on the couch. A man sat there, pulling on a pair of pants. He had his back to Carter, so he did not see him until Carter was right upon him. As he moved to face him, the man looked up, now fully dressed.

"Umm… friend of Anne's?"

Carter looked to Anne, who was still at the door, apparently shocked.

"Not really," he answered. "John Carter. It's a pleasure to meet you," he said with over-zealousness. Carter grabbed Jayleigh's hand and led her to the door.

"Sorry to have bothered you," he said sardonically. "I'm sure I just wasted your precious time." He was almost out the door when he turned and faced Anne for the last time. "Oh, and, watch out for this one, man. She's a bitch."

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