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"This is not magic,' Phoebe stated, extremely calmly. "This is hell." Paige frantically tried to extract her hand from Phoebe's grip, but the woman had a vice-like hold on it.

"Sweetie, it'll all be over soon," Piper patted her temples soothingly. Leo passed her a cup of ice chips, from his seat in the corner of the hospital room.

"This is supposed to be punishment, right? Cole is dead, he shouldn't be able to do this!" Phoebe panted, her face screwing up in pain.

"It'll be fine, honey," Piper smiled at her. "You'll have a baby soon. You're gonna be a mommy." Phoebe grinned lopsidedly back at her.

"I know," she agreed. "Kinda cool, don't you think? Mommy Phoebe."

"Ooh," Piper interrupted the Mommy-reverie, a thoughtful look crossing her face. She touched her stomach.

"Is that an ooh, yay for Mommy-Phoebe, or an ooh, can't see that happening in this dimension?" Phoebe asked, puzzled.

"It's an ooh, I think our babies will share the same birthday," Piper turned to Leo. "Uh, I think we'd better find the nurse."

"You're having the baby?" Leo clarified, a grin breaking out on his face. Piper nodded curtly.

"Oh yeah. And there's the pain," she commented dryly, biting her lip.


Prue sat outside in the corridor, her feet swinging from the chair. There were coloring books and crayons, but she didn't feel like drawing.

"Babies are coming," she whispered to herself, smiling. "Magic babies."

They were her babies, Phoebe had said. 'Hi babies," she said, looking at a drawing she'd made. There were three gold colored blobs, in a pointy shape, like the book had.

There was a loud scream from the doors either side of the corridor, and Prue covered her ears. "Loud sisters," she complained to herself, scowling at the doors.

Leo turned the handle of the door, and stepped outside, smiling as he held out a blue bundle for Prue to see.

"Hey Prue, meet your nephew," he said softly. Prue jumped up and peeked into the blanket, seeing a red little face look back at her.

"Hi baby," she said happily. A nurse came out of Phoebe's room, and smiled at them.

"Ms Halliwell is okay to see you now," she said, looking at Leo and Prue.

"Hi Phoebe," Prue called cheerfully, as she made her way into the room. "I have a nephew. Do you have a nephew?"

Phoebe smiled weakly back from the bed. "Yup. I guess I do have a nephew," she agreed. "I also have a daughter. You want to see her?"

A baby lay in her arms, wrapped up in a pink blanket. Prue inspected her, and clapped her hands.

"Babies here!" she yelled. "Babies here!"

"What are you gonna call her?" Leo asked Phoebe, a grin sneaking onto his face. She stroked the face of her daughter with a fingertip, thinking.

"Well, Piper won't be using the 'Melinda' name, will she?" she smiled. "I think, Melinda Penelope Halliwell, Sound good to you?" she asked the baby. "What's his name?"

"Wyatt," Leo replied, a soft look in his eyes as he looked at his son. "Wyatt Matthews Halliwell."

Prue grinned. Melinda and Wyatt and her.

"Power of three," she said to herself, exultantly.


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