We'll Meet Again

By AquaMoon

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha or his friends! I wish I did, but I don't!

"Kagome…Kagome? Wake up Kagome!" Eh? I opened my eyes to see Aunt Sango watching me wake up. "Good morning, Kagome!" she said smiling. How could she be so cheerful this early? I do not know… I sat up and unenthusiastically said good morning back to her. "Are you going to help me decorate the house for Miroku today? You do remember it's his birthday, don't you?" she asked. I nodded. How could I forget it was Uncle Miroku's birthday when he kept pinching Aunt Sango's butt so many times and said, "My birthday's soon! You have to be nice!" Of course she still hit him and said, "Now, now dear, it's not the right time for that." She always blushed whenever that happened. I find the little 'routine' to be very funny. Oh yeah, this story is in first person, isn't it? I'll introduce myself. I'm Kagome Higurashi and I'm eleven years old. My real parents died when I was too little to remember anything, so Aunt Sango and Uncle Miroku took me in. They're so cool! Aunt Sango is a demon exterminator and protects the village from evil monsters. Uncle Miroku used to be a monk, but he left the monastery for Aunt Sango. According to Aunt Sango's stories, he never really was a good monk. Well, since today is Uncle Miroku's birthday, I have to go into the woods and pick flowers to decorate the place.

After washing up and getting ready, I walked up to aunt Sango and Uncle Miroku. "Happy Birthday, Uncle Miroku!" I said cheerfully. He smiled and thanked me. Sango whispered in my ear, "Remember to come back soon." I nodded. I said good bye to them both and walked out the door.

I wandered through the woods with a basket of flowers and a bow and arrows for my protection. All of the flowers looked so lovely in the basket. All of the sudden, I heard someone yell. Was someone in danger? I ran towards the source of the sound and saw a boy with silver hair and dog ears fighting a demon of some sort. Obviously the boy wasn't a human boy. Probably a dog demon. But he looked too human-like to be a demon. A hanyou, perhaps? The hanyou was fighting pretty well but eventually the demon started to strangle him and he screamed in pain. I somehow felt sorry for him. I took out my bow and arrow and shot it at the demon's head, which died soon after that. I ran over to the hanyou and asked, "Are you okay?" He looked up at me and glared with his big amber-gold eyes that shined like the sun. "Feh." was all he said. "Um, what is your name?" "Feh." "What were you doing?" "Feh." "Is that all you can say?!" The hanyou stared at me for what seemed like an eternity. After a while he spoke. "Feh." I sweat-dropped. "That's it, I'm going home." I said and turned away. "I could've handled that demon by myself, you know." I heard behind my back. I turned around to face him again. "So, you can talk." I pointed out. He ignored me. How rude! I noticed he was bleeding. "You should come to the village to clean your wounds." I said. "I don't need it." he said as if he were special or something. I sighed and handed him a piece of cloth. "At least clean up the blood." He took it but didn't do anything. He just stared at the dead demons body, waiting for me to leave. Speaking of which… "Oh, I'm gonna be late! I have to see Aunt Sango. Bye, Hanyou! Nice meeting you!" I said as I ran out of the woods.

A little bit later when I got back, Aunt Sango wasn't exactly thrilled that I was late. "Where on earth have you been? It doesn't take that long to pick a few flowers! Wait, no, you didn't get hurt by a demon or something, did you?" she asked. I nodded. "A demon was in the woods. But I wasn't really in the fight, I just watched and eventually shot it with my arrow. But I wasn't hurt! Honest!" I said angelically. "But I did meet a hanyou and he seemed a bit injured…but he was incredibly rude!" I exclaimed again. She just shook her head and sighed, "Just get ready to surprise Miroku when he comes, ok?" I nodded and washed up. I took a sniff of the air and realized Aunt Sango had something really nice ready for dinner. My stomach started grumbling and the thought of food. Walking towards where the yummy scent of dinner came from, I noticed something. Aunt Sango left the house to look for Uncle Miroku! My mouth watered at the thought of free samples…I also noticed something else… In the corner of the room, was that hanyou eating a bowl of rice. OUR rice. OUR rice with OUR bowl! "Hey! Hanyou, what on earth are you doing in someone's house, eating their food without permission?! Huh?" I interrogated. He just glared at me, swallowed the food, and said, "Well excuse me, HUMAN GIRL, but I'm just eating dinner!" I became even more annoyed. "But it's MY dinner!" I exclaimed. He continued eating from the bowl and as I glared, something hit my face. It fell at my feet and I picked it up. It was the fabric I gave him to clean his wounds. Only now, it was stained with red blood… The red blood of a demon and a human. I wanted to complain about how it was bloody to annoy him. I wanted to get him out of my home. But I couldn't. I also wanted to say thank you and start over. I wanted to let him keep the bowl of rice. But I said nothing. I didn't do anything except watch him eat his 'dinner.'