We'll Meet Again Someday

By AquaMoon

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I woke up to seeing a woman standing in the room watching me. She was not the gentle old woman called Kaede. This woman was different. She was younger and had long, straight, black, hair and wore a priestess' clothing. As my vision cleared and I rubbed my eyes I saw that she looked a lot like me. We had incredibly similar facial features. I was shocked.

"Wh-who are you?" I asked the young woman who was almost my mirror image.

"I should be the one asking the questions here…" she mumbled. "My name, is Kikyo. I am Inuyasha's lover and you are not." As she said this I gasped.


"You heard me. Listen, get out of this village and never see him again before I kill you!" I was not going to be treated so rudely. I stood up and looked her in the eye. I slapped her across the face before leaving.

After I left the room of the mysterious girl who claims to be Inuyasha's lover, i started to run to the area of my Aunt Sango and Uncle Mirokus' deaths. But then i started to think if that girl was really telling the truth about her and Inuyasha.

"Kagome..." I heard a voice...It sounded like...No, it couldn't have been?

"AUNT SANGO?!" I whirled around and saw the apparitions of my aunt and uncle. "Don't give up, Kagome...You can't..." the ghostly version of Miroku said as his hand wandered down Sango's back. I sweatdropped.

Aunt Sango slapped him, "No, dear, it's not the time for THAT" I laughed. They don't change...even in death. Sango looked at me. "We'll be with you during your rough times, Kagome..." she whispered as they disapeared. But I still heard another voice….A different one inside my heart.

"Go back…Go back to him…." I told myself. But, I couldn't. Inuyasha…he loves another. But then I heard someone behind me fall. It was...Kikyo?

"Kagome, that's your name right? I'm not finished with you yet," she said somewhat solemnly.

"You need to threaten me more?" I asked. What a bitch she was…

"Inuyasha came to this village after his parents died. He was abandoned by his brother. But this happened after he met you. All feelings for me that he had were yours… Inuyasha…wants to see you again. He scolded me just now. He hates me. But, you do know that living with Inuyasha will be hard. His demon side's arrogance and violence can take over and can endanger this village. But the hardest thing about you two being together…is…for me to let him go!" she exclaimed. She seemed as if she were to cry but the usually emotionless face she had couldn't do that.

"Uh…thank you Kikyo. What will happen to you then?" I asked out of curiosity.

"I do not know where I'm going. But, somewhere," she replied and walked away.

'Now, only one thing to do remains. See Inuyasha again,' I thought.