Something Stupid.

I was listening to the song something stupid by Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams and it made me write to the song hope you like if you don't then tell me what I can do to make it better! R n R plz. Takes place a bit after Carter leaves for Africa!

Something Stupid

Even after he had gone I could smell him that Great smell he has kind of like after shave and his manly smell. Even though I was mad at him for leaving I couldn't help but miss him.. Even though it was only what 5 hours since he'd left. I'd had a lousy day at work and I wasn't in the mood for that GIRLS NITE OUT Susan had planned she was upset hey but I'm too annoyed and I'd probably just spoil their evening! So I came home and parked my ass on the couch . Ah the couch where we liked to watch silly movies I chose to rent or we'd drink hot chocolate and share some laughs. Nope get off the couch and go sit at the table don't want to think about HIM.

The table was good, Hard yes but good. It got a little boring just sitting there so I decided to get myself a drink yes I know I shouldn't but just a small glass shouldn't do any harm, hrmm where did I put it, oh yeh here it is right where he left it after the morning he got back from his "short" Scuba trip that I ruined! I placed the tequila bottle on the table and opened the cupboard for a glass, then sat back down. I poured some of it's contents into the glass and let it glide down my throat I could feel it taking that effect of healing all those rough spots.

After I finished the first glass I wanted more I knew I shouldn't but what the heck no one's here to stop me and weaver let me have the day off tomorrow what harm could it do, So I poured yet another glass and after a while it became another and another and another still before I knew it I was giddy and light headed but still you know me I had more. I shouldn't I know I shouldn't but it just tastes so good Eases the pain that's the way to go. SHIT shouldn't of kept drinking . Smooth one Abby this makes me pissed off because if he hadn't left and hurt me like he has I would never be doing this DAMN HIM DAMN HIM DAMN HIM. I'm tired REALLY tired but I don't think I can sleep so I rummage through my bag looking for that pill Yes found it just as I'm putting it in my mouth I stop and spit it out WHY am I taking this what good could it do ah who cares I know he doesn't all he can think about is himself at the moment . and I'm thinking about him again just take the damn pill one cant kill me four or five maybe but one or two what's that going to do.

As soon as I put the pills in my mouth I stumble towards the bedroom not even caring that I'm knocking things over. I jump onto the bed and wait till I fall into a deep sleep.

How can Abby be so silly doesn't she remember that taking drugs after alcohol can seriously damage you... What happens to her? Does anyone find her like this? R n R and then if you like ill keep writing! Anything u write is good and if u don't like tell me where I can fix it! Luce