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In Kisangani

He couldn't believe what he was hearing, Abby the one person he truly loved was well maybe dying, Susan's words kept playing over and over in his head Its Abby She's Taken an overdose of pills . He could hear the county monitors beeping but all he wanted to do was see her. The problem was how could he, he didn't know where Charles was and so he had no other way to get back. He said a few words to Susan then hung up, "Gillian" "Gillian where are you?" after a while of silence he heard her worried voice "Carter what's wrong what is it?" she called out while running over "I just got a call from Chicago, it's my girlfriend well at least I think she's still my girlfriend, enough, well she took an overdose of sleeping pills and after DAMN tequila and . he couldn't go on it was too hard, he could tell Gillian understood because she ran off and a few moments later brought Charles back with her she was explaining that he needed to get back but all he could hear Charles say was "I cant we don't have the plane the best I can do is call them and hopefully they will be here by tomorrow morning."

Back in Chicago

Susan sat by the bed of her dear friend, In tears, she figured Abby must of stumbled about a bit because she had bruises on her legs they weren't too bad but they were visible. Chen walked in holding a cup of coffee in her hands, "Here you are something to warm you up" she thankfully took the coffee but couldn't smile or thank her all she could do was wonder how Abby was and will she wake up. They had done a check on her insides and found that all the pills were out but still the chance that she could die kept ringing in her thoughts. Suddenly the monitors started beeping furiously, "CHEN, KERRY HURRY" she heard the thuds of their shoes and saw them running round the corner of the passageway she jumped off the bed and moved away a bit letting them check her normally she would help out but she just couldn't it was too painful. The monitors kept on beeping making a disgusting noise to her ears, she couldn't take it she had to get out of there and do something else for a while.

Kisangani next morning

OK we have the plane, Charles will drop us off at Kinshasa airport and we'll catch the earliest plane out of there to Chicago but get your stuff and hurry up about it" came Gillian's rushed voice. "Wait Gillian your coming with me?!" "yes now hurry up and get your stuff together" I ran down the hallway towards the sleeping area grabbed my bag out and threw everything of mine I could find. After I was positive I had gotten everything I ran back out to the plane put my Bags in it and Waited for Gillian to come, she came 5 minutes later with only two of the 4 bags she had brought with her, dumped them on the plane informed the pilot where they were headed, got on and started the 3 hour journey to Kinshasa.

Back in Chicago

Susan dragged herself back from Doc Magoo's hoping everything was getting better with Abby. Maybe, Maybe there was a chance Abby was okay. She walked back into the trauma room and noticed it was quieter but the screen showed there was a life in that body, Susan smiled at this, She walked over to the table and saw how pale her best friends face had gotten. She looked around wondering where Chen and Kerry had gone, sitting down slowly she heard Kerry yell out SUSAN WE NEED YOU. As much as Susan didn't want to leave Abby's side she had to but as she was leaving she heard the monitors go off behind her, Running back to the bed Abby started to have an epileptic fit she yelled out but no one came, finally she heard Pratt yelling "I'm coming, I'm coming"

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