~*Piper Teaches*~

~Chapter Three: Mel's first day of High School, Part 3: 2nd period~

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After the bell rang after first Krista gave Mel a hug and went off to art. Ryan and Mel were walking down the hall, holding hands and Ryan asked, "What class do you have now?"

"Honors English with Mr. Matthews," Mel answered, "You?"

"That's what I have, too," Ryan replied.

"Really? Yay!" Mel exclaimed as she hugged Ryan.

Ryan smiled as they continued down the hall, "I knew there was a reason I liked you so much."

"Hey!" Mel exclaimed.

"Okay," Ryan amended, "I love you, but I'm having trouble remembering why."

Mel punched him in the shoulder. "You had better remember why. Let me remind you…I'm sweet, perky and adorable…oh, and I love you, too."

"Oh, yeah, I'm not so sure about the adorable part, but other than that, you pretty much summed it up."

They had gotten to the English room and sat down just as the bell rang.

Mr. Matthews came in and sat down on a stool at the front of the room and said, "You will have a test over both of your summer reading books tomorrow." The class gave a collective moan. Mr. Matthews continued, "You will have essay test next week after we review."

"Great," Ryan mumbled to Mel.

"Yeah, I don't even remember what happened in either of them," Mel whispered back.

"Yeah, me neither," Ryan answered.

"Would you two care to share your thoughts with the class," Mr. Matthews was glaring at Mel and Ryan.

"Not really, sir," Mel answered politely.

"Well then I would suggest that the two of you quit talking during my English class," Mr. Matthews replied sternly.

"Okay, we won't," Ryan said.

"Good," Mr. Matthews said and went on talking, "This is an honors class and you will be expected to perform at an honors level. Is this clear to everyone?" He was glaring at Ryan and Mel as he said this.

Most of the class either nodded or said "yes."

"Okay, today, we're going to fill out your emergency contact cards," Mr. Matthews said, "I'm going to give you some index cards, take one and pass the rest to the person behind you. Do not write ANYTHING until I tell you to do so." He handed out the index cards.

"Okay, first," Mr. Matthews began, "Write your first and your last name. Write your real name, no nicknames."

Mel raised her hand, "I don't remember my real name. Everyone calls me by my nickname."

The whole class laughed and Mr. Matthews said, "Okay, well tell me your nickname and maybe I can help you figure out what your real name is, okay?"

"Really, you'd help me figure out my real name?" Mel asked and when Mr. Matthews nodded Mel said, "Okay, my nickname is Mel."

"Mail, what kind of nickname is that?" Mr. Matthews asked.

Again the class laughed and Mel said, "Not mail as in: I got the mail from the mailbox. Mel."

"Male? That doesn't make any sense either," Mr. Matthews was clearly confused.

"Not male as in men and guy," Mel tried to explain, "Mel as in M-E-L!"

"Oh, Mel, M-E-L, I've got it now," Mr. Matthews now looked at his roll sheet.

"I'm pretty sure it was short for something," Mel said to the English teacher.

"Your name is Melinda. Melinda Halliwell," Mr. Matthews told Mel.

"Oh, that's it! Maybe that's why Cassie calls me Lindy all the time," Mel said, feigning surprise.

"Now that Ms. Halliwell knows her name, we can move on. On the next line write both your parents' first and last names," Mr. Matthews said. Mel raised her hand and Mr. Matthews asked, "Is there a problem Ms. Halliwell?"

"No unless spelling counts. I don't know how to spell my mom's first name," Mel said.

Mr. Matthews sighed, "What is her name?"


"Oh," Mr. Matthews said, "You're Piper Halliwell's daughter, as in Piper Halliwell, the music teacher here."

"Yep," Mel answered.

"Okay, well then," Mr. Matthews said, "Piper is spelled P-I-P-E-R."

"Thanks," Melinda said as she wrote it down. A moment later Mel's hand popped up again.

"What is it this time Ms. Halliwell?" Mr. Matthews asked.

"I can't remember my dad's last name," Mel explained.

"Is it not the same as yours and your mom's?"

"No, sir, it isn't. My mom didn't change her last name when she got married. Anyway my dad's last name starts with a W, I think."

"Well, I'm sorry Ms. Halliwell, but I do not know your dad's last name," Mr. Matthews said.

Ryan raised his hand and said, "Her dad's last name is Wyatt, sir."

"Thank you," Mr. Matthews said to Ryan and then turned to Mel, "Any other questions, Mel?"

"Not right now, sir," Mel replied, "but thanks for asking."

"Next write your home phone number below your parents' names. Label it 'home number.' Below that write your parents' work numbers. Label them accordingly," Mr. Matthews said.

After 30 seconds Mel raised her hand, and Mr. Matthews asked, "What now?"

"What is the school phone number?" Mel asked.

"923-8651," Mr. Matthews said, "After everyone is finished please pass your index cards forward."

Everyone passed his or her cards up and the bell rang soon after. As they were leaving Mr. Matthews reminded them, "Don't forget your summer reading test tomorrow."

When they got into the hall Ryan said, "That was awesome, Mel."

"Thanks, Ry, I just got annoyed, I mean what teacher in their right mind gives you a test on the second day of high school?" Mel said.

"Who said Mr. Matthews was in his right mind?" Ryan asked. Both Ryan and Mel laughed at this.

"So what class do you have next?" Mel asked Ryan.

"I have music with your mom," Ryan said.

"Yay!" Mel hugged him.

"Is that some new habit of yours or something?" Ryan asked.

"I dunno, I guess. I'm just glad I have classes with you, that's all," Mel explained.

They continued on to music.

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