Happiness in You

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NOTE: Keiko's pov

I can't believe it! That stupid idiot Yusuke just skipped out on school again after disappearing for over a week! That jerk! I don't even know why I'm even bothering to make him come. I am the class president, I must take this responsibility. But no. Yusuke just had to act like a stupid jackass mule! He even took a peek at my panties! Perverted too, that, that, that BOY!

I don't suppose that slap on the face did much. All I did was make him look even stupider with that strange expression on his face. He was even walking weird.

I suppose my popularity might be decreasing from associating with Yusuke- kun. I think that all those rumors MIGHT have some truth in them. Even my two friends are probably scared to death of him. But I can't imagine him controlling thousands of punks and being unbeatable. That tough-guy attitude is probably a front.


I went home to my home. I felt tired and lonely for some reason. I guess it's because my parents went out to work, so I'm all alone in my dark house.

There was absolutely nothing to do here! Even school was more eventful than what happens in my own house. I don't really feel happy and safe here. It's very dull and actually kind of depressing. My parents just work most of the time and my friends just usually never visit, in fear that Yusuke-kun might come and visit.

Oh, everything just goes right back to that idiot.

I know he has this reputation thing going on, but I've known him since we were children. There's no reason for anyone to be scared of him. If the rumors are true then personally I think it's the attacking people's fault. He's not perfect, but he's my, my friend.

My baka.


This can't be!

I can't believe this!

No, no, no. . .

It's not true.

Yusuke can't be. . . dead, can he?

I felt my knees grow weak as my entire body began to shake. My breathing was shallow and my heart started to beat faster and faster. The phone in my hands was slipping from the sweat. It can't be.

Yusuke-kun may be a jerk, but he didn't deserve to die.

But he, he died. . . saving a child.

No, no.


At his funeral my eyes watered. Seeing his very picture made me shaking with shock and sadness. The coffin, the candles, everything.

I bowed down to his mother, who seemed to be in shock. Her face was emotionless, probably because she was confused. I then knelt down in front of the altar. I can't believe he, he, he died.


Suddenly the dam broke, the tears streaming down my cheeks. I started to remember everything: from the moment I met him to the last time I saw him.

I remembered his smile, his face, his laugh, his voice.

Everything, my entire memories were shattered and gone from one event.

His death.

My friends tried to comfort me, but nothing can help me now. I can't eat, I can't breath, I can't be alive, I can't be happy. Not without Yusuke. I, I care for him. I want him back. He can't be dead. He just can't.



A/N: I'm done. As you can see, these are Keiko's thoughts in the first episode. I have sucky grammar and ideas, but I hope you enjoyed it.