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Falling Into Hobbiton(goody, goody)

Indi made her way to Kristy's house on her bike narrowly dodging cars almost getting run over.

"Hey watch where the hell you're going!"a random driver called out as Indi sped past.

"Oh fuck you!"Indi said flicking the guy off as she turned into Kristy's street. The driver's mouth hung open and his eyes bulged out of his head until he drove into a pole. Indi snickered as she turned into Kristy's driveway and jumped off her bike. She ran to the door and knocked hard when the door opened revealing Kristy's sister Jessica. Jessica had short blonde hair that went to her shoulders and blue eyes. Indi had long brown hair with brown eyes.

"Is it secret, is it safe?"Indi asked nervously dodging looks at the walls. Jessica sighed,

"Yes the movie is in and Kristy is waiting for you."

"Yay!"I shouted as I hopped into the house,"KRISTY!"

"INDI!"Kristy yelled as she hugged Indi tightly.

"Too much love,"Indi said as Kristy backed off abashed, Kristy had long blonde hair sorta frizzy and had blue eyes like her sister's. They all sat down on the couch and started playing the movie.

"Oh it's Aragorn!"Indi said stars dancing in her eyes.

"Oh god,"Jessica and Kristy said.

"Burn Arwen, Burn!"Indi muttered angrily as Arwen kissed 'her man'. Kristy and Jessica shared frightened looks. All of a sudden a purple vortex appeared in front of the movie screen. They felt themselves being sucked in as they frantically clung on the couch but them and the couch got sucked in. They screamed as they fell from the sky Jessica landed first and Indi and Kristy fell on her.

"Dang that hurt,"Kristy and Indi said.

"That hurts that hurts you two fell on me as we crashed into the hard ground!"Jessica yelled hysterically as Kristy and Indi got off of her muttering apologizes.

"Ouch! Damn where the hell are we anyway?"Jessica asked looking around at their surroundings.

"Oh my gosh we're in MiddleEarth!"Indi said recognizing the surroundings.

"She's right. YAY!"Jessica and Kristy said as they danced and yelled insanely earning weird looks from the neighbors.

"Um excuse me misses are you ok?"a very familiar hobbit with brown curly hair asked concernedly.

"Oh my gosh it's FRODO!"the girls all yelled making Frodo cover his ears,"Oh sorry Frodo,"the girls said quieting down.

"How do you know my name?"Frodo asked looking at them suspiciously.

"We know everything about you,"Kristy said creepily. Frodo backed away fearfully.

"Oh Kristy don't scare him. We can read minds and the future,"Indi said smiling broadly. Both Kristy and Jessica fell over anime style.'Oh yea like that's any better,'Kristy thought sarcastically.

"Well do you wanna come with me to my home?"Frodo asked politely.

"Sure hobbit dude,"Kristy said putting her arm around Frodo's shoulder and singing happily as she skipped with Frodo to his house with Jessica and Kristy following closely.'Can they really read my thoughts and tell my future?'Frodo thought looking at the girls and realized he didn't know their names.

"Uh misses I don't want to be rude but what are your names?"Frodo asked curiously.

"Rude of course you're not rude my hobbity friend,"Kristy said smiling,"I'm Kristy, the girl with brown hair the insane one is Indi and the other blonde girl is the evil Jessica."

"I heard that!"Indi yelled from behind throwing a pebble at Kristy's head. Her left eyes twitches and she yells. Now we have a cat fight on our hands.

"We're here,"Frodo announced nervously anime sweatdrop. Everything stopped as they saw the door slowly open and there stood the evil of all evils...

"AHHHHHHHH its BILBO!"Indi screamed hiding behind Frodo. Bilbo and Frodo covered their hobbit ears.

"Sorry she has spazs,"Jessica said as Bilbo and Frodo uncovered their ears. Indi was on the ground in a curled-up ball sucking her thumb.

"C'mon Indi it's time to go inside,"Kristy said as she pulled Indi in with her.

"He tries to take the ring from Frodo,"Indi mumbled incoherently.

"What did she say?"Frodo asked curiously.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"Kristy said winking.

"Yes I would actually like to know,"Frodo said.

"Well we're not telling,"Kristy said.

"Let's get inside the food is getting cold,"Bilbo said walking inside. Indi bolted up,"Did you say food?" She galloped into the hobbity hole and raced to the kitchen.

"Well what are you waiting for, run fools before she eats all the sugary foods and maybe even the whole dinner,"Jessica said as she and Kristy pushed Bilbo and Frodo aside and galloped to the kitchen. Frodo and Bilbo got up and ran as fast as their hobbity feet would allow them too and saw the whole dinner destroyed even the turkey.

"The dinner it's gone. You can eat the other things but why the turkey? Turkey why have you betrayed me?"Bilbo cried out sadly.

"Where's Indi at?"Frodo said looking for the insane brunette.

"I don't know she wasn't here when we got here neither was the desserts,"Jessica said quizzically.

"It's mine, my own ,my precious,"they heard a demented voice yell from Bilbo's room.

"Oh no she has my ring,"Bilbo said dramatically and rushed to his room.

"No it's mine it's all mine. Get your hands away from me you dirty old hobbit,"Indi yelled out as she ran out of his room and into the kitchen dining room whatever you want to call it.

"Give me back my ring you brat,"Bilbo said angrily, grabbing Indi's hands.

"Let go of me NOW!"Indi said biting Bilbo's hands and running towards the door.

"She bit me! That little wench bit me,"Bilbo said angrily as Indi laughed wickedly. She ran towards the door and it opened up to hit her in the face.

"Damn watch where the hell you're going!"Indi said irritably.

"Excuse me young lady,"said Gandalf lifting his eyebrows.

"Oh I'm sorry Gandy but that perverted old hobbit's trying to get me,"Indi said with big puppy dog eyes.

"Can't resist cuteness. Bilbo you old fart what did you do to this innocent little child,"Gandalf said turning around as Indi sticks her tongue out at Bilbo.

"Child she's a demon in child's form,"Bilbo yelled out angrily.

"See Gandy he's so mean to me,"Indi said sniffing as little fake tears came out of her eyes.

"Bilbo you made this little girl cry apologize right now!"Gandalf said angrily.

"But, but she took my Ringggggg!"Bilbo cried out. Gandalf turned to Indi sternly.

"Did you take The Ring,"Gandalf asked Indi sternly. Indi nodded sadly and produced the Ring from her back and put it in Bilbo's hand.

"I'm sorry Uncle Bilbo,"Indi said giving Bilbo a big hug. Bilbo cautiously gave her a hug back.

"Listen old man,"Indi whispered evilly in Bilbo's ear,"I will get the Ring back from you before you leave."Indi backed away from Bilbo smiling sweetly.

"See Bilbo it was just a misunderstanding,"Gandalf said cheerfully.

"Yea sure it was a misunderstanding,"Bilbo said nervously, looking at Indi fearfully who gave him a wicked smile before talking to her friends again.

"They'll have to stay here for awhile Bilbo,"Gandalf said gruffly.

"WHAT! THOSE DEMONS CAN"T STAY HERE!"Bilbo exploded shaking many houses and scaring many. Gandalf's eyebrows drew together into a disapproving line.

"I mean wouldn't those little angels be better off in I don't know a troll cave!"Bilbo shouted.

"Now Bilbo they have no where else to go now just look at them,"Gandaf said gesturing to the girls who all had immensely cute "you can't so no to me I'm immensely cute" looks on their face.

"Fine whatever,"Bilbo said gruffly.

"Yay thank you Uncie Bilbo,"all 3 girls squealed. Then all of the sudden the sudden there was a knock on the door.

"Oh kool I invited more people for the party,"Indi said rushing to the door.

"More people, party,"Bilbo managed to squeak out and...


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