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LadyGaladriel: coughs crazycoughs

Me: I heard that!

Bunny: I'm surprised you can hear anything with all that craziness inside of you.

Angeljojo: That doesn't make any sense!

Bunny: Exactly!

Everyone except Bunny: anime sweatdrops


And then in the doorway of Bilbo's home stood the evil of all evils.. well actually 3 evils.

"JESSIE, JOJO, CHRISTINA!" Indi yelled excitedly running over to the 3 new girls and hugging them tightly.

Christina, had short brown hair and brown eyes. Oh yeah and she wore glasses.

Jovie, had long black hair with gold streaks, brown eyes, Philippino and scarier than the devil himself. Well maybe not that scary but still she is very scary. Also wears glasses.

Jessie, has short brown hair that stops at the base of her neck, brown eyes and also wears glasses but wait Jovie's yelling at Indi.


Indi gulped nervously, "Jovie it wasn't my fault see-"


Everyone looks at her oddly and she looks down ashamed," My name is Jovie and I have problems."

Of course Jessie wasn't really listening for she had just noticed the adorable cuddliness of Frodo.
"FRODO!" Jessie shouts running over to the hobbit and hugging him tightly, "Oh Frodo I'll never let you go. I love you so much don't leave me!"

Frodo eyes were very, very wide and he looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

"It's time to get off of the hobbit dude Jessie," Christina said prying the girl off of the small guy.

"NO NO NO NO NO!"Jessie screamed as she was dragged away from Frodo. Everyone sweatdropped.

Indi, Kristy, and Jessica were now mourning over the loss of a perfectly good couch.

"OK well while this is very very fun let's get the party STARTED!" Christina yelled and everyone cheered.

"WE NEED THE LIST!" Indi yelled and a random person hands her a list, " FIRST OF ALL GAMES!"

"Truth or Dare!" CHRISTINA SUGGESTED. "Pin the tail on the donkey!" Indi shouted. Everyone faced her. "What! I like that game ok." Everyone just nodded except the hobbits and Gandalf who looked horrified because they thought she was talking about a real donkey!

"The drinking game!" Jovie smiled slyly and Indi nodded.

"Spin the bottle," Jessie suggested cheerfully who had gotten back to squeezing the life out of him.

"But we need more guys for that," Kristy and Jessica said at the same time.

"Well speaking of more guys looks who's hear to join us. Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest," Jessica commented snidely. In the now open doorway stood Merry, Pippin, and Sam.

Indi slid over to them and started to whisper,
" It has no arms-"
"It has no legs-"Kristy said voice louder then they both yelled,
"IT'S WEINER MAN!" This promptly made all the hobbits jump a good 5 feet in the air and then fall back down.
"Frodo what's with all the strange girls in your house?" Pippin asked. Frodo just shrugged to frighten to say anything.
"STRANGE! STRANGE!" Jovie yelled furiously causing the hobbit hole to shake. Indi ducked underneath a nearby table, Jessie hid behind Frodo, Kristy hid behind Pippin and Merry, and Christina hid behind Jessica who hid behind Bilbo who hid behind Gandalf. Then all of a sudden it stopped.

Kristy peered from behind Merry and Pippin at Jovie who was now laughing hysterically for no reason at all. Indi sighed, "It has passed so guess what we're going to play... TRUTH OR DARE!" All the girls cheered except the hobbits and Gandalf who didn't know what the hell the game was. Christina explained the whole concept and they started to play.
"Kristy truth or dare," Indi smiled slyly.
"Truth." Indi frowned but then smiled broadly,
"Is it true that you are totally in love with with PIPPIN!" Indi screamed the last part. Kristy eyes went real wide,
"NO, NO, NO, NO and last but not least NO!" Indi growled,
"Ok don't have a seizure!" Kristy breathed deeply then said,
"OK I dare you Frodo to kiss... JOVIE!"
"WHAT?!" Jovie and Frodo yelled in unison combined voices waking up many hobbity neighbors and making many dogs bark like chickens.
"You have to do it," Kristy smirked. Frodo took a deep breath then stepped forward towards Jovie," Please don't hurt me miss." Jovie was carefully backing up not only because of Frodo but also because Jessie was right behind him and was going to kill her as soon as his lips touched hers. Both of these things made her very afraid. Frodo was getting very irritated, he had just wanted to do this then get it over with and then have his turn. So in one hobbity leap he leapt at Jovie and placed a big, wet kiss on her cheek. Her eyes went wide and she passed out in one swift movement.
"Frodo, I think you're kiss killed her," Christina commented in an awed voice starting to poke Jovie as she twitched. Pippin and Merry chuckled and Frodo sent them a death glare at them and they instantly shut up! Jovie was now muttering something about all kisses being poisonous and that she needed her disinfectant. Jessie was just waiting for her to wake up so she could kill her. Jovie screamed,

Jessie whistled innocently as everyone turned to her and hid the giant butcher knife she held behind her.
"I know what will wake her up," Indi whispered then said aloud, "Oh I love weddings drinks all around." Jovie bolted up,
"I want me rum!" Bilbo (who had been forgotten until I had just thought of him) stood up and said, "I'll go get the rum then." Then in a very hobbity way he scuttled over to the kitchen. Jovie and Indi smiled really big and shouted, "Now WE PLAY THE DRINKING GAME!" (Ok I don't know if you guys know what the drinking game is but if you don't OH WELL! That sucks for you!) Bilbo came in with the rum and Jovie and Indi were the first ones their as they poured wine for everyone.
"Jovie you start," Indi pointed out. Jovie sighed then said,
"OK I've never watched Elrond's eyebrows jump up as he talked." Indi, Kristy, and Christina took a drink of their rum. Gandalf eyebrows shot up, how did they know about Elrond? It was Indi's turn.
"OK I've never," she smirked, "Kissed a hobbit." Jovie, Jessie, and Christina took a drink. Indi looked at Christina oddly. Christina replied,
"Remember the one time I got drunk that one time in the Bree." Everyone nodded.

It was Jessica's turn. She smirked,
"I've never kissed a cardboard cutout of Aragorn." Indi grinned sheepishly and took another drink. It was now Pippin's turn.
"I've never stalked Rosie Cotton wearing a huge bunny costume." Sam took a drink of his rum. The game goes on a little bit longer and everyone is good and drunk except Jessica who had refused to play anymore when she had drank so much that she started commenting about how cute Legolas's tush was. Christina who was now hitting on Gandalf and telling him how sexy he looked with those bushy eyebrows. Jovie had the rum bottle and was singing "How dry I am" song.

Indi on the other hand was ranting about the conspiracy that potato chips had against humans. Let's get a closer look.
"Potato chips have been against humans for years. All they want is to get you fat then leave. Them with their golden crunchiness and their nice crisp taste when you bite into them..." her mouth watered, "Oh god I need a potato chip!" She ran out of their to go through the hobbits' cupboards. Kristy had been listening to Indi's rant on potato chips then started talking about what a sexy beast Sesshomaru was.

Jessie was making goo goo eyes at Frodo who was drunk and started to get closer to Jessie. Sam, Merry, and Pippin had promptly passed out and soon everyone else had passed out even Bilbo.

The next morning everyone had pounding hangovers when a knock came on the door. Bilbo opened to reveal...

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