Chapter 1

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Dudley hid from Harry whenever he could, and consequently spent more time roaming Little Whinging with his 'friends' looking for people smaller than himself to pick on.

Unfortunately, for Dudley, his new 'favourite' victim was as poorly chosen as Harry had been, many years before. The new victim had been suffering Dudley for over a year when his father returned from doing whatever he was doing abroad with his company and announced that he had traced his sister and they were going to visit.

Vernon and Petunia had barely spoken to Harry since the encounter at Kings Cross, and this suited Harry fine. He had no homework this year as the NEWTs had not been chosen, but he found himself wanting to study. It helped dull the pain, and it made him feel as though he was doing something useful. He had asked permission of the Order if he could go into London to by some books and was escorted by Tonks and Moody. Harry spent the rest of the week immersed in the books, trying to remember the details to each spell, mentally practising the wand movements, cursing the fact that he was underage and could not practice properly.

One week into the holiday things changed. Petunia had received a letter from her brother who she had not seen, or heard from since he left home at sixteen, the letter suggested a meeting at his house so they could catch up and meet each other's families. This news seemed to give Petunia new life, but Vernon was less than happy, he did not want to meet some guy called Rowan who was his wife's brother, not after being told what her sister was like.

The house the Dursleys Harry arrived at was massive, and Vernon decided that his brother in law mightn't be so bad after all.

Rowan greeted them at the door. He was neither big nor small, had dark red, curly hair and bright green eyes. To Harry he looked strikingly similar to the photos he had of his mother, and, for some reason, this gave him hope.

They were led, all mouths but Harry's agape (after all he was used Hogwarts, an even more impressive place), even so the whole place was decorated both luxuriously and tastefully. Which in itself is quite a feat.

As they were ushered into the drawing room they were introduced to Claudia, Rowans wife who was petite, fair skinned, had dark brown eyes and dark hair done in tight ringlets. She had a very strong French accent and spoke very fast, whether in French or English;

Hazel, their eldest daughter, she was eighteen, petite, with dark hair and pale skin, like her mother, but had hazel eyes, unlike either parent (apparently she got them from her grand-mère). Her hair was completely straight and fell to her shoulders.

Next to be introduced was Holly, 16. She had fair freckly skin like her father, but dark hair and eyes like her mother. She wore her hair straight too, and it fell past her waist. She looked over the people she was being introduced to in a calculating way, as if trying to work them out, she spent quite a long time trying to stare into Harry's eyes, but after Snape's occlumency lessons he was not taking any chances.

Rose was very pretty, her long dark red hair was braided into a single plat, she had her mother's dark eyes and pale skin. She was fourteen and obviously shy. Claudia proudly told Petunia that they went to a very select private boarding school in France, and that they were hoping that Mark would get in as well, or, if not, the UK school which had strong links with the school his sisters went to. Petunia seemed impressed and told them all about Dudley at Smeltings.

Mark had been at an ordinary boarding school in Surrey for the past couple of years and looked terrified at the sight of Dudley, and not much happier about Harry. As far as he knew Dudley was a bully who beat him up on a regular basis, and everyone said that Harry was supposed to be trouble; there were some awful rumours that he had heard. Needless to say he did not look too happy about meeting them, Harry, on the other hand, was kicking himself for not noticing that Mark was related to him. Mark looked so much like his father, Rowan, so much Lily.

Then Petunia introduced herself, and Vernon, and Dudley and …

"Harry, Lily's son. I live with my Aunt and Uncle."

This seemed to cover the problem, until Rowan asked, with far too much enthusiasm, "LILY'S SON! Do you know where she is? I can't contact her. I don't know why, there's nothing on the census or ANYTHING!"

Petunia started to answer, "I'm sorry Rowan, she's dead…" but she didn't continue, she couldn't decide whether to lie or whether she ought to tell the truth, but Harry stepped in again, "She, and my dad were murdered. Fifteen years ago." His voice shook then and broke as memories of Sirius that had been held back threatened to overwhelm him, he gained control before anyone spoke to him again, the Evans family were shocked, Rowan was practically in tears.

A few minutes later Claudia took control, told Hazel take Petunia and Vernon to their rooms, Holly to show Dudley where would stay and Mark to take Harry (as before mentioned Rose is very shy).

Mark nervously led Harry up the stairs and told him that He would be staying in the tower; Mark's room and the library were also in the tower.

Harry was very aware of Mark's nervousness, and it made him uncomfortable. Finally he asked Mark, "Why are you so nervous?" Mark jumped a foot into the air and turned around quickly, before registering the question. When he replied he was very vague, "Well, you know, um, you go to, that, well you know, ur, school [mumble something incoherent]…"

Harry understood in a sudden flash. "You weren't aware then that the story about me going to St. Brutus' was to cover the fact that I go to a (and he picked his words very carefully) very select private boarding school in Scotland."

Mark looked wary, but slightly relived. The use of words, however, was lost on him.

That evening, as Harry pulled the bedcovers over him, he thought about what had happened. He had four more cousins. One he recognised from the Beauxbatons students that had been at the Triwizard Tournament, and he assumed that if the sisters went to the same school all three must be witches, which would make the summer much more interesting, especially as they did not know that he was a wizard. He had taken an instant liking to Mark, and hoped they would get on; he'd always wanted a brother. He knew he should not get his hopes up, but maybe he would have a family. It also occurred to him that he would have to ensure no one realised that owls brought letters to him, or that would give him away. He smirked at the thought of how they'd react to who he was when they realised.

Clearing his mind quickly (earlier in the summer, whilst staring at a droplet of ink he realised that he could empty his mind my filling it either with inky blackness or grey fog) it helped reduce the intensity of the Voldemort induced nightmares, but it could not help the nightmares based on his own memories.

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