Not All Muggles Are Muggles (and Salazar admits it)

Chapter XI

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Last Time:

Harry is beaten, Mark is insecure and Claudia doesn't know how to tell Petunia that a family of witches and wizards will be descending on her house.

Claudia's day went from bad to worse. First the ministry letter, now the brat declaring that Harry was missing, and Petunia and Vernon did not seem to be talking. Sigh.

Then Hazel stormed in with multicoloured flashing hair, and a very red face.

"Look at my hair!" she screeched

"Je suis" replied her mother, "Why not change it back?"

"I can't" she wailed, "every time I cast a spell at it another colour is added."

"What the hell!" Shouted Petunia, at the obviously magical hair.

"Please calm down Petunia, I can explain,…"

"Sh-sh-es a witch." Spat Petunia

"Yes, and so are Holly, Rose and Mark too. Please forgive me for not saying but it is the law."

"Well. Yes." Said Petunia taking deep breaths to calm herself, it occurred to her that despite their freakishness they were, in every other way, normal and nice, so she made an effort. "My sister was one too. Lily you know." But Claudia was not listening; she was plucking up the courage to tell Petunia about the ministry scheme.

"Um well there is also the fact that, Oh God, the Ministry is sending a pure blood family to stay with us to protect us as we are a muggle family containing witches."

"NO!" yelled a furious Vernon, who for once had held his tongue until they were through (Petunia was not impressed that he reeked of drink when she got back and he was watching his step) "We are leaving. Now." He then stormed off.

Petunia paled, "I'm so sorry I, well, um" and Petunia left to pack as well.

Hazel stopped moving her head as though watching a tennis match and quietly exited.

In the library



"Yes it is me. Have you seen Harry? It's just last night I think Vernon beat him and I took him upstairs and then when I went down to my room I must have fallen asleep and, well, I haven't seen him since." Mark sounded ready too cry.

"Sorry, no I haven't, do you know why Holly is in such a bad mood?" asked Rose, worried as well.

"No not unless it's because I'm still alive."

"Don't joke about that Mark! It's not true." Exclaimed Rose, she was already worked up and cared for her brother even if well…

Mark smiled wryly, a habit learnt from Harry.

"Really I mean it," continued Rose trying to reassure her brother, "I'm sorry I don't stop them but… I can't. I guess…I guess I'm just a coward." Her voice gradually became softer and more ashamed.

The two only broke apart from a much needed hug when Holly marched through imperiously.

"There you are. Where is Harry? Never mind, he'll turn up. Maman wishes to see us. Now."

She turned on her heel and left quickly, moving her arms and legs in time to an inaudible marching tune.

Mark only managed to stifle his giggles until she was out of the room, it was infectious and Rose quickly joined in, as soon as they got back under control they left for the drawing room.

Drawing Room

Claudia and Petunia found that their new friendship was strong enough to cope with the new developments, and they were planning on staying in touch, however Vernon swept his family into the car and drove away as fast as possible, leaving Harry who could not be found quickly enough behind, Petunia did not protest she knew Claudia would keep an eye on him.

Claudia had no time to dwell on the loss of her friend and was now getting ready to greet whoever they were. Everyone in the family had arrived except Rowan, who was away, and Harry, who no one had seen since yesterday, no one would let Mark speak.

Ten minutes late the Weasley clan materialised in a heap in the fireplace, courtesy of Fred and George going through too fast and causing a pile up.

Somewhere else, half an hour after Mark left Harry,

Harry woke up feeling sick and disorientated, where was he and where did Mark go? Struggling to sit up Harry collapsed back down and a cold voice, that reminded him of, Snape, complained of the woes of teaching pathetic useless teenagers.

Yes that made sense. He was at Hogwarts, in the hospital wing. Sadly Snape's voice quickly became someone else, someone else entirely in fact maybe only the words had rung true, and as a result of the confusion darkness promptly claimed Harry's mind again.

"He's healing" stated a calm, almost serene voice.

The two men watching jumped at the intrusion.

"Calm yourselves. And be patient with him, he will wake soon. Do not scare him; give him no reason to distrust you. Understand? Good." And with that she disappeared.

Both men breathed a mutual sigh of relief.

The next time Harry woke he felt much better and he could hear two muffled voices, apparently discussing the virtues of several weapons

End Chapter.


How well will the payback be? How shocked will everybody be? When will the Dursleys get what's coming to them?

LOL I'm looking forward to it.


sometimes it's a little bit confusing to follow the story. you jump too much without actually explaining things. f.e. you wrore Harry passed out from lack of food... wasn't Rowan gone only for one day ? I cannot recall for harry or anyone else being not feed during their stay. did nobody saw Harrys scar? he might be not as populat in france, but the lightningbolt-scar, the name Harry, the death of his parents and so on should have tripped someone off or are they really that draft? and what were Harrys OWL results? Did the rest of the family (Clausia and the girls) actuall approve of Harry getting beeten unconscious (you cannot tell me nobody noticed)? And what kind of pranks did Harry play on the girls?
please continue and try to close logic holes and avoid confusing plot-jumps.

Thanks for telling me about jumping around too much, I hope this was better, and I apologise about the lack of food comment, it was a mistake, he'd only not eaten for one day, I am still getting back into the fic! So I apologize. Harry does not draw attention to himself, and he is not, as far as his cousins are aware, a wizard and they don't know his surname, Harry has not told them and so he is Harry Dursley the muggle to be overlooked. And lots of people have lost their parents. And him almost bursting into tears distracted from the reason. Harry's OWL result will be revealed in time and nobody did notice except Vernon, who was drunk and forgot, and Mark who no one listens to, he took Harry upstairs before the others got back and Harry is no longer at the house, Rose kinda knows now though, and will believe him, eventually. As for pranks, we shall see.


You have no idea how much I need you to update this story. Soon! Never before have I read a fanfiction story with Mark in it be so completely awesome! I have to find out what happens next! It is totally unfair that Harry and Mark are being treated this way! I need more! So please please please update soon!

Thank you for all that praise! And yes Harry and Mark's situation is unfair, but they will get their own back, well Molly will certainly influence things!


Very interesting and I cannot wait for the next chapter.

You make the chapters good here and I love reading them, also the dialogue between Slytherin and Gryffindor.

sneers And right now, I don't seem to like Claudia, Holly, Hazel, and Rose. Basically the females in that family. Also didn't like the Dursley family.


Anyways, can't wait for your next installment.

Thanks, hope u liked it


You've got me fairly interesting in the fic. I'll continue reading it as well. Keep in mind though that if this turns into Serveritus I'm leaving. Others may enjoy the unlikely and illogical irony but I don't much appreciate it.

Other than that... Great fic! Update soon

Hmm, I've kind of gone off the idea of making it Severitus, it's over a year since I started and I think I have enough plot threads to tie together for now! So you're probably safe!

Thanks again to all my reviewers, and to everyone who has read this far- please review!