Ok this is my very first fan fiction so bear with me.

Chapter 1

Harry and Ron were in the Gryffindor Tower with Hermione. Harry and Ron were attempting to figure out the correct way to make a Drought of Living Death Antidote while Hermione was crocheting on a hat of at least that was what it was suppose to

be. Harry had just gotten back from another detention with Professor Umbridge.

"Stupid women I have to find a way to get back at her." Fumed Harry.

"Harry I don't think that's a good idea I mean look at what she's done to you already." Warned Hermione indicating his hand.

"I think she's right." Ron added.

"Yes but she is still saying that Cedric died of his own stupidity. How can I just sit there and not say anything. Someone might believe it. Then Cedric's death will turn from a tragic murder. To a tragic death because of his own stupidity." Raged Harry.

"Harry no one believes that Cedric died because of being stupid. Umbridge is just trying to get to you." Said Hermione attempting to calm Harry.

Harry looked over at Hermione, "You don't even defend Cedric when she says stuff like that you just sit there. And would you stop crocheting that it is."

Hermione look at Harry her eyes full of hurt. "Fine Harry you know what I am going to leave. If you don't want my help then fine." And with that she gathered all her crocheting stuff and stormed up to her room.

"What was that all about?" Harry asked Ron.

Ron looked at Harry disbelieving. "She was just trying to help. You know what, I am going to my room too. Don't come up until you have calmed down." Ron said as he was gathering his stuff. Within seconds he was out of the Common Room.

"Stupid Hermione. Stupid Ron." Harry said. He looked around him, the Common Room was half-full, considering most were outside enjoying one of the last nice days of the year, that was quickly turning into winter, and decided he didn't want to be around people. He pushed open the portrait of the Fat Lady and headed for the Library. Harry soon found out that the Library was crowded with students studying for some of their end of the term tests. Outside was not a solitary escape either, the Creevey brothers and their friends wanted to tag along. Harry backed a quick escape back to the castle.

After five minutes of wandering the castle hallways Harry came across an unused classroom on the second floor underneath the Transfiguration Classes.

Harry began passing back and forth along the length of the classroom. Every few seconds he would mumble things like "Stupid Umbridge." Or "Stupid Hermione does not know what she is talking about" or "Stupid Ron for defending Hermione."

Harry had only been in the classroom for a minute when the sound of running feet interrupted his ranting. Harry looked up just as the door swung open. Some one rushed inside and quickly slammed the door behind them. The person stood their panting with their head against the door. Finally they turned around and Harry found himself facing the most beautiful girl he had ever seen with platinum blond hair. She looked slightly familiar.

"What are you doing here Potter? And what are you staring at?" The girl demanded.

Harry felt a chill run down his back, the only one that ever talked that way. "Draco Malfoy?"

"Smart as ever I see."

" .you're a .a girl!" Harry was flabbergasted. But after his initial shock had passed Harry began to laugh.

"Something funny Potter?"

"I have thought of you as a lot of things since Professor Moody turned you into a ferret," Harry laughed, "but I never thought of you as a girl."

Draco was not happy, "Prepare to duel Potter." She said pulling out her wand.

Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out his wand already in dueling stance.

"One. Two. Three!" yelled Draco.

"Petrificus Totalus!" Harry yelled at the same time as Draco yelled the incantation for the leg-locker curse, the two spells met in midair and ricochet off each other into the door and window.

"Serp." Draco started.

" ."

"What?" Draco asked irritably looking at Harry strangely.

"Do you remember the last time you used that spell on me?"

Draco thought for a few seconds her lips pouting cutely. "Oh, ya." Draco said as their duel in their second year came back to him.

"You know what why don't we just go back to are common rooms or to where ever." Said Harry trying to make up for laughing at her.

"Er... Okay Potter. But I am warning you one word that you saw me as a girl and I will never stop following you until I find something equally embarrassing about you and I've let everyone know about it."

" ." Harry reached for the door first but as he turned the handle Harry found it was locked.

" .?"

"What now Potter?"

"I think we're locked in."