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Chapter 11 Questions.

"What are you….?" Harry asked lifting his head up.

"No! I get to ask the questions" Draco readjusted his glasses.

Harry fell back on to the alter with a groan 'What does he want?'

"What's your favorite color?"


"Favorite flower?" Draco asked.

"The Evening primrose."

Draco stopped taking notes and looked up. "What?"

"The Evening primrose" Harry closed his eyes and hoped Draco wouldn't ask the question that was forming on his lips.


"It means Inconsistency." Harry wished that he didn't have to listen to himself answer that question. "It help with a lot of different sicknesses. And you can eat it."

Draco wanted to see Harry's eyes. He was hiding something and Draco wanted to know what, but with his eyes closed he couldn't even read him like he normally could.

Harry opened his eyes and they locked with Draco's, the pleading in his eyes made Draco reconsider continuing on this train of questions. But Draco planed to find out what was hurting Harry so much in that one question, if not today then another day.

"Favorite sport?"

"Quidditch." Draco snickered. 'That was obvious.'

"Okay let's try something slightly harder. You've been hanging out with Luna Lovegood a lot lately. What do you think of her?"

"She's spaces out often and says the weirdest things at times, but she's got a good head on her shoulders. She gets bulled often by the Ravenclaws which is mean but she doesn't seem to notice it, either that or takes it as a matter of course.

"Luna was the first person I meet who could see the Thestrals and didn't look at me strange when I asked why there were strange horses pulling the carts that year."

"Do you feel anything towards her other then friendship?"

"No. She's not my type."

"How about Ginny. What do you think of her?"

"She's a friend but mostly because she's Ron's little sister. We've never really hung out together."

He wondered now if Harry was just completely oblivious to all of Ginny's advances. Draco felt sorry for Ginny. Harry was completely dense not to mention clueless. He wrote a few more observations and then continued with the questioning.

"Do you have any romantic feelings for Hermione?"

Harry stared as he answered. "No. I only see her as a friend."

Harry couldn't believe Draco was asking these questions. He thought Draco would ask something embarrassing for sure. He could have asked these questions with out the truth potion. And why did Draco keep asking about girls? Harry tried to shift a little because the position he was in was getting slightly painful, but he could barely move to make himself more comfortable.

"Okay you've been hanging out with Cho Chang earlier this year and recently you stopped hanging around her. Where you dating? And if so what happened to break you up?"

"I did have a crush on her for a while and I did kiss her once and I did go on a date with her but she used me as more of a replacement for Cedric then anything so it didn't work out. I don't have a crush on her anymore."

"What was the kiss like?" Draco asked curiously.


Draco looked at Harry in confusion. "Wet?"

"She cried the whole time she was kissing me." Draco winced in sympathy.

Draco checked off another girl from the list that he had made earlier of all the girls that Harry had seemed interested in.

It took them another few minutes to get through all the girls Draco could think of, which happened to be almost all the girls in the school. Harry couldn't see the point of the questioning, so answered them all without trying to block the potion from giving out his secrets.

"…Okay? So you don't seem to have any romantic interest with her either."

Draco looked over at Harry slyly a strange gleam in his eyes. "Since you don't seem to care for girls do you like guys romantically Mr. Potter?"

Harry couldn't believe Draco had asked him that of course he didn't like….


Harry sat in shock. He liked guys?

Draco snickered in his chair at the look of confusion and shock on Harry's face.

"Is there anyone you do have a romantic interest in?"

Harry couldn't think of any so when he answered, "Yes." He was as shocked as Draco.

"Who?" Draco asked for some reason his heart constricting at the thought of the Boy-Who-Lived having a crush.


Draco's head shot up and he looked into the equally startled eyes of Harry James Potter.

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