A/N: Wow! I was surprised to receive so many reviews, and so soon, too! Thank you so much! I'm sorry that the first chapter was, apparently, rather vague and strange and pointless, though. When I wrote it, all I had in mind was to write a one-shot set before Bakura's first appearance in the manga, where he is, I assume, still unaware of Yami Bakura's existence, although I wanted to make it seem that he was noticing subtle things. I didn't realize that what I ended up with made so little sense, though. XD;; I figured I'd try to add something in the hopes of fixing that. This chapter seems rather redundant, though, considering that it's basically the same as the first, only from Yami Bakura's POV instead. x.x;;

Note: Yami Bakura's POV. Yadonushi – host/landlord (referring to Omote Bakura/Ryou)

You're a good liar, yadonushi. At least, when it comes to lying to yourself. Or perhaps you're still genuinely unaware? Either way, can you hear that? My applause. No, you can't even hear my voice. Don't worry; I think that day will come soon.

It's amusing to observe you. You're washing your hands almost obsessively. Does the dirt bother you that much? Or is it the knowledge that what you insist on dismissing as "dirt" is actually something entirely different? I think you're aware of the truth, but you choose to cling to a less unsettling explanation. I suppose you could consider it dirt if you really want to. After all, it came from a filthy source. I advise caution the next time you go for a walk late at night.

I see you've managed to finish washing your hands. Maybe I'll conduct a little experiment.

You look slightly startled as your gaze lands on your reflection in the mirror, but, predictably, you do nothing. Nothing but respond with your irritating justification for what I know you clearly saw, and unnecessarily raise a hand to smooth your hair down, even after I have already retreated. Perhaps you realize something after all, however, because your fingers come to rest against the Millennium Ring.

You've discovered the dried blood on your sleeve. I must have been careless. What will you say now?

Annoyance grows within me. Your only reaction was to remind yourself to wash the stain out later (good luck with that, yadonushi; blood is a pain to remove), before you inspect your arm. At least you can't deny the fact that it's blood, even if you nonetheless try to explain it away immediately, deciding that you must have spilled something on the sleeve yourself.

You can't run from the truth. You can't run from me. I've been very patient. You rejected my gift to you, although I merely acted to help you achieve something you wanted. I heard your wish to play Monster World with your friends forever, and I fulfilled it, didn't I? You should have been pleased. Perhaps I should tell you that piece of information when we meet. I think that when this day comes, however, I'll continue to keep you from witnessing what takes place. You'll be of more use to me that way.

Your thoughts have turned to other things. Are you looking forward to the coming day? Will you isolate yourself again at this new school in a valiant attempt to protect potential friends and prevent any more of those incidents?


Break a leg.