Dory looked from one to the other. "Gill, I've always loved you. I always
Marlin looked shattered, he looked as if he might break down and cry right
there, but he didn't he held it all in.
"Well, congratulations, the better fish won."
Gill made no reply, he linked his fin with Dory's and they swam off, after
a few seconds the tank gang followed.
Only then did Marlin let the tear roll down his face, only then did he
start shaking with empty sobs.
Bruce laid one fin across his back, "There, there, lil' mate, she made her
choice, you have to accept that."
Marlin shuddered, "But we. it. it's not fair!"

A few meters into the water Gill suddenly stopped, something felt wrong.
"Is everyone here?" he asked, counting up the gang. "Bloat, Bubbles, Deb,
Dory, Gurgle, Jaques. where's Peach?"
The gang looked at one another in confusion.
Dory smiled brightly, "I think we left her with Bruce!"
Gill sighed, "I'll go get her." He winked at Dory, she blushed as he swam
away towards the sub.

Gill entered the sub and stared, Marlin was crying in the corner, he didn't
even notice the sharks around him.
"Well I'm glad SOMEONE noticed I wasn't around." Peach snarled as he caught
sight of her.
"Sorry about that Peach, I just lost track of." Gill started to apologise,
but she caught him a sharp smack around the face.
"Just leave me here! I'll be one less stupid girl you have to worry about!"
"What's wrong with you?!" he asked in shock. "You know I'd never leave you
behind on purpose!"
Peach closed her eyes, "I know, but frankly I don't want to look at you
anymore." She paused, "Well it's now or never," she murmured. "I have to
stay away from you because every single time I see you and her together I
feel sick."
Gill glared, "Oh great, someone who hates inter-species things."
"It's not that, god why do you have to be so dense!? I love you Gill!"
Peach yelled, then she snapped her mouth shut.
Gill floated there for a few seconds, his mind going a mile a minute. "o-
kay. Let me get this straight, I love Dory, you love me, Dory." he thought
for a moment, looking over at marlin, still curled up in pain.
He sighed, "There's something I have to do, wait there a second." He turned
and swam for the gang outside.

Dory smiled as Gill swam towards the group of fish. "Hey Bill!"
"Gill" he corrected, "Come with me Dory." He pulled her along to the sub.
"Dory, I do love you, never forget that," he sighed heavily, "but I think
there's someone who needs you more than I do."
He nodded towards the shaking Clownfish. Dory's mouth dropped open and she
darted to his side. "Marlin? Marlin, it's me!"
Marlin opened his eyes, gazing up at her. "Dory."
Gill knew where he wasn't needed, he went to Peach's side.
"That was a really great thing you just did." She commented, "I thought you
loved her?"
"I do. I always have," Gill said, his heart heavy, then he looked up at
her, "But I realised I love you so much more."
Peach blushed. "Gill."
"Shh, let's just go." Gill whispered, letting her grab his tail and they
swam out.

A week passed. Gill and Peach were inseparable, Dory and Marlin much the
same, and now with Nemo back they looked like a real family as the three
fish swam around the reef.
Gill knew the love he'd felt for Dory would never go away truly, but he
also knew that deep inside his heart the Dorleen he'd loved had died when
she got that bump on the head. Peach had stood by him through everything
that had everything, he figured he owed her his love.
Fin (no pun intended)