Okay people, I just wanna make this understandable to ya'll. The first part of this chapter is about something that goes on in the Institute. Then well, you'll get the rest. I just felt like saying that. :)

Chapter Nine: Just Three Days

"Surrender the weapon immediately! You don't know what kind of danger you're putting the world through at this very moment!"

Two whole police forces and a military squad checked around the institute with weapons for Kitty Pryde, thinking she was Violetta. Scott, like being an older brother tried to step up to them but was knocked out by several punches from the police for disturbance. The new recruits stayed to nurse Scott while the other X-Men started searching for Kitty. As the X-Men searched, Pietro was busy fighting off some of the military soldiers from entering Kitty's room where she hid.

"And to think I thought the military was more refined than this." Said Pietro as he tossed a soldier to the ground.

A female soldier's fist was sent towards Pietro until he dodged it, making her fist go straight into the wall. She backed up as her bone shook with shock until a jab came to her shoulder from Pietro, knocking her down quickly.

"Stay down bitch!"

Suddenly, a crowd of soldiers pointed several rifles and laser pointers at Pietro. He sighed and raised his hands in defeat as the pointers pointed in different parts of his body.

"Okay fine.." Pietro's eyes saddened quickly as a gun handle came to his stomach hard enough to make him fall to the ground.

The group moved into Kitty's room where she was packing all of her belongings into a bag. Two soldiers came in, grabbed Kitty by her wrists and waited for their general to give commands.

"General Reyes, do we take her to the laboratory or..?"

A strong looking tall soldier stepped out from a crowd that surrounded Pietro and held a gun to Kitty's neck. Warm tears trailed down her cheeks as he examined her.

"Okay Weapon Meteor. Are you gonna come quietly, or are we gonna havta kill you right here and now?"

Kitty shook her head quickly. "I'm not the weapon! I'm not the weapon you're like, looking for!"

General Reyes gave Kitty a narrowed icy stare and shoved the gun up farther, making her choke up.

"Tell me straight Weapon. Are you going to come quietly," he poked the gun up again as a warning. "Or are we going to have to kill you right here. and now?"

Kitty's head tipped down a little releasing more tears. "I'll go. I- I'll go quietly."

Pietro forced himself up and kicked a soldier away to see. "Kitty, no! I'm not gonna let you go!"

He sped across the room and swept Kitty away from them then to his surprise, ran straight into another laser pointer aiming straight at his forehead and another aiming at Kitty's neck.

"Not so fast. If we havta kill you to get to the weapon, we're willing to do it at anytime."

Pietro's grasp came tighter on Kitty's shoulders. "No, I'm not willing to give up so easily."

The soldier snickered and raised the gun. "How sweet. Must be the Valentine's Day fever."


Evan sent a spike over, stabbing the soldier in the arm. The gun went down but still fired. Pietro quickly fell down letting Kitty tumble back to the soldiers behind them. The speed demon was now much too weak to move. The bullet had gone straight into the side of his chest. Blood began to stain his shirt heavily as Kitty screamed and struggled to escape the soldiers' hold. Evan quickly went to Pietro's side as the soldiers carried the wounded one over.

"Okay, now let's get out of here and put the weapon where she belongs." Said General Reyes.

"But sir..." Said a soldier. "Aren't we supposed to find the professor mutant also?"

The general shook his head. "We'll handle that later. Let's move, move, move!"


Remy and Rogue started running down the trail hoping they they've found Pyro at last. But Remy's gut told him it wasn't true. Everytime Pyro's lighter dropped; he would always stop at one point to pick it up. Something just definitely wasn't right.

"Hold it right there! You're trespassing secret military area!"

Two soldiers with two heavily armed guns waited for Remy and Rogue to move. They quickly stopped and surrendered with their hands raised. Rogue looked behind her and saw two more soldiers with pistols and laser pointers. On their belts were several daggers.

"Remy, we're done for."

Remy shook his head. "Don't think that, Cheri. If we let them take us, we're bound to run into someone we know."


Violetta's shriek echoed as a hand reached out for her. Lance looked up at the hand and saw how familiar it was.

"Violetta! Calm down! It's just me."

Her green eyes shot open and saw Pyro looking at her with the most worrisome look she's ever seen. Violetta immediately thrusted herself into his arms and wept with such happiness and fear.

"Oh my God. I thought I would never see you again!"

"Violetta! Get away from him!" commanded Lance.

Violetta turned to her brother and saw him being dragged up from where he was by anti-mutant patrollers. She screamed with tears streaming down her face more, and quickly grabbed Lance's leg.

"Give him back! Let go of him!"

Lance pointed behind her with a feared look as an earthquake started again.

"Violetta, it's Mayberry! Get out!"

"What the hell?" Violetta quickly turned and saw the nasty face of the zombie Dr. Mayberry. She shrieked and backed away. Lance was finally dragged up, but the earthquake continued.

"Come Weapon X26, it's time for your big moment."

Violetta knew what he was talking about and gave him a kick in the face.

"No! Leave me alone! Why don't you just die!?"

A hand shot up and grabbed Violetta's black wings. "Because I'm already dead!"

Violetta struggled hard and gave Mayberry several punches with her diamond knuckles. But he had absorbed every amount of damage she gave him. She quickly turned to see if Lance could help her but he laid unconscious on the tile floor of a sports store.

"Lance, wake up! Wake up! Help me!" she shouted.

She turned back to Mayberry. She realized that his strength had increased greatly by the way he was dragging her out into a tunnel above them.

"Just unlock your power, X26. Everything will be over when you complete this last mission for me."

Violetta screamed again. "Yeah that's right Mayberry. INCLUDING YOU!"

Suddenly, Mayberry's body started to warp into a different figure. Both of them rose to an empty graveyard like field as he began to change. Violetta got into fighting position but then gasped when she saw who Mayberry was now.

"So luv, do ya' think ya' can escape now?"

There just several feet away from her was Pyro. The guy she had loved. But her feelings and thoughts became warped also. She tried to imagine herself giving him a jab and a punch in the face. But she couldn't. She grew weakened.

"I didn't think so. A sheila like ya' wouldn't be able to defeat someone like me. But, let's just test it out."

Violetta straightened herself out and put up her fists with a smirk of confidence.

"Fine by me. Let's go!"

Mayberry was the first to attack. He raised his hands as several rays of flame shot up from the ground, increasing the temperature greatly. Violetta stood her ground, reminding herself to believe she could defeat him.

"Prepare for hell, my luv!"

Mayberry placed his hands in front of him, sending a shot of fireballs towards her. Violetta raised her hands, making her wings spread in front of her as a shield. The fireballs smacked against her gentle black wings with such heat. But she managed to survive it. Her wings spreaded back as a purple ball of gravity floated in her hand.

"Looks can be deceiving Professor."

She moved her fist back then threw the ball straight at him. It went so fast that everything that went past it, including the flames carried along with it, smacking Mayberry in the chest. He collapsed to the ground and started to breathe hard.

"Don't think. that you have defeated me so easily." He responded as he stood back up.

He started changing again. This time, he was Jean Grey. Mayberry floated up and gave a blast of telekinetic to Violetta. Luckily, she had enough time to raise a gravity shield to protect herself and send the blast back. Mayberry fell to the ground again, making some smoke rise. He had decided to change into Wolverine this time. His claws shot up as Violetta came up, dodging his swipe with the diamond knuckles. His strength was incredible. She had thought no one could really match his strength. She knew he was too much for her to handle. Violetta pushed back with all of her strength, including some of her mutant power. Right before her eyes again, Mayberry warped into Magneto. An invisible power struck Violetta hard, making her fly backwards until her wings caught her into the air. Violetta took several breathers until her vision became blurry. Next thing she knew after her last deep breath, Violetta's wings had given up and she smacked against the rotten soil. Mayberry transformed back to Pyro and lifted Violetta to his arms. His hand pulled a strand of dark brown hair behind Violetta's ear as she laid unconscious.

"I might as well explain to you my plan. I call it, Operation: System Chronos. You, my precious weapon, will arrive into space and become the twilight of our imagination. The people would scatter, the military would panic and try. But they would not succeed. After three days of your complete hibernation in space, you will come down like a meteor and destroy the world, making into a living hell to everyone that survives. Vegetations would rot, water would evaporate, electricity would be no more. Everything they need to survive will be disappeared from their careless hands."

He looked down at Violetta again and for some reason smiled. But so deviously.

"But don't worry, luv." His Australian accent came back to him as he started walking out of the graveyard. "Ya' should be alright. You'll just be nothing more than my ultimate weapon and key to victory."

Okay, I'm sorry if that was confusing so I might as well explain it. First off, Pietro's been shot and the military group at the institute have taken Kitty thinking she's Violetta. At the mall, Lance is taken away also by an anti-mutant group while Mayberry's taking Violetta to his base of operations where he'll start his "Operation: System Chronos". All I gotta say is that everyone's in deep shit if they don't stop Mayberry. But something still bugs us all, where the hell is Pyro in all this!? REVIEWS WOULD BE NICE! WINK WINK!