Well. I'm on a roll, I guess! I've requests for quite a few characters of Inuyasha now, so I suppose I have my work cut out for me! As long as you guys want to read them, I'll keep them coming.

Here's the one I wrote for Sango. I guess for lack of creativity (cause I used it all up on the poem) or lack of motivation (laziness) I never decided on any titles for them. But, this one actually gets a title. I would call it "To My Dear Little Brother" Yeah, I know it's not that creative, but it fits... I know you might have been expecting me to write one about Sango's feelings for Miroku, which would be a very cute-sad poem to write too, but I honestly feel that Sango is more concerned with her little brother and getting him back safe and alive. Miroku is there to support her and she's very grateful, and feels the tinges of love for him too, but Kohaku's top priority at this point. So that's the angle I wrote this from. I hope you enjoy it. Although there is one subtle reference to Miroku in this poem. See if you can find it! Maybe in the future I'll do one from Sango to Miroku, like after I view episode 132. I heard it was really cute!

Anyway, thank you to all my reviewers! *big big grin* porifra, lilemmy, Vernie, and Litoasngyrl, you guys are great!


To My Dear Little Brother

Alone in my thoughts and somehow

My confident exterior falls

I can still see your timid face

Hear my sobs echo through broken halls

Do you remember, my dear little brother

Before our childhood began to fade

Your smile outshone the sun

In the flower meadows where we played

Before all the heavy weapons

Were placed upon your shoulder

Before the first and last fatal battle

Made your world so much colder

I loved you as much as a sister could

And indeed I still do

No matter what happens believe

I will never disown you

I can't shut out the sight

Of the friends you have slain

Arrows piercing your little chest

Or father's blood pouring like rain

But what bothers me the most

Is you refuse to hear my cries

You don't remember me at all

And you have frigid unfeeling eyes

Tell me where did we go wrong

This worse than any demon ever faced

In just one terrible minute

Our entire lives were erased

One man can make my future

But he cannot rebuild our pasts

You are all that I have left dear brother

Come back while your breath still lasts

My scar serves as a reminder

Sometimes it still aches

Though my heart is breaking

I will do whatever it takes

I will get you back, I swear

I love you like no other

But you can't blame me because

You are my dear little brother