Hello! I finally wrote another poem! And, to be honest this just came into my head while I was supposed to be studying for my ancient history midterm! I know it's a lot shorter than my other ones, but it just didn't need to be longer. I liked it the way it was, and I hope that this captures the sadder side of Shippo's character. He such a cute feisty little fox demon, but you don't see the side of him that has to deal with the pain he's endured at such a young age. I hope that you guys like it! More poems may be on the way if I am inspired. I usually can't sit down with the intent of writing a good poem... it just comes to me when I'm doing something else. Sporadic, ya know? So anyway, here's the poem for Shippo.


My heart is bigger than my might

I am brave though I am small

Every day I face grief and pain

Though I am only two feet tall

I see things a child shouldn't see

And I am no stranger to sorrow

My father's dead, my mother's gone

I have no hope for a better tomorrow

Sometimes the others overlook me

Because I am not very strong

Sometimes I feel worthless

And feel like just a tag a long

I can put up a courageous shell

Feistiness hides my fear

He makes me feel as though

I cannot shed one tear

But a child cannot help it

When the going gets tough

A child can only see so much blood

Before he wants to scream enough

For their sakes I will be brave

And for my own heart too

Until this weary war is over

There is little else I can do