This is an Alternate Universe fic. Its set during the time when Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige are teenagers, but not as you would think. Prue was stolen at birth so that the Charmed Ones wouldn't be together. I am making Prue and Piper twins, but not identical obviously, because this works better with them as the same age and in the same school year. Prue doesn't know that the family she lives with isn't her blood family. Prue and Piper are 16, Phoebe is 14 and Paige is 12. No one has braces or anything, and Piper isn't a nerd.

In Prue's family there are 3 other kids, who are the parent's proper children. James is 10, Danny is 8 and Sarah is 6. Robert is the farther and Susan is their mother. Prue is treated just like she is properly a part of the family, and only the parents know that they adopted her when she was a baby.

"Mommy I'm starting school today!" Exclaimed an excited Sarah.

"I know, now go get ready while I wake up your brothers," Susan said. Sarah ran off into her room. Susan opened the door to the bedroom where James and Danny slept. The curtains were closed, making the room dark. Susan walked over to the window, and opened the curtains letting the sun shine brightly into the room. Hoping that this would wake the boys up.

"I don't want to get up," moaned James from the top of the bunk bed.

"I feel ill, I can't go to school," Danny said pulling the covers over his head.

"Get dressed now, and then come down stairs for your breakfast," Susan left the room and just hoped that her sons wouldn't take too long to get ready.

A door opened revealing Prue already for the first day back at school. She was wearing a black mini skirt and a cream coloured turtle neck.

"You are not wearing that to school Prue," Robert said as he came out of the bathroom

"I'm not wearing what to school?" Prue asked.

"That skirt, it is too short for school. And your not old enough to be wearing things like that," he explained.

"I wore this last year and you didn't say anything! Mom's taking me shopping after school anyway."

"I didn't say that Prue, it's not definite," Susan said.

"Mom I need some more clothes, I do grow if you didn't know," Prue went down the stairs.

"Get changed, you are not leaving like that," Robert yelled as Prue disappeared. Getting no response he turned to his wife. "What's this about shopping?"

"I said to Prue that I might be able to take her to the mall after school because she is right, she needs more clothes."

"Fine, did you wake the boys up?"

"Yeah, but I'm leaving it up to them to actually get out of bed. Now I need to help Sarah."

For the rest of the morning Robert got the boys ready for school while Susan helped Sarah who couldn't wait to start school for the first time. During breakfast Robert had tried to convince Prue to change into jeans but he had no luck.

At the manor Piper, Phoebe and Paige were getting ready for school as well.

"Paige hurry up! Other people need to use the bathroom!" Phoebe said loudly, pounding on the door.

"If you had woken up earlier you wouldn't be having this problem," Piper said walking past her sister to go down stairs.

"Well some people can't get up as early as you!"

"I'm all done," Paige said opening the bathroom door and heading downstairs.

"It's about time," Phoebe said quickly getting in while she could.

In the kitchen Grams was making breakfast for her three grand daughters.

"What's up with Pheebs this morning?" Paige asked sitting at the kitchen table and getting a piece of toast.

"She got up too late, and it's the first day back at school," Piper replied.

"She had better not miss the bus, I can't drive her to school," Grams said.

"Don't worry Grams; I'll make sure she catches the bus."

"But what if she's still in her pyjamas?" Paige asked.

"Well then she'll have to go to school in her pyjamas."

"Rather her than me, any time, that would be so embarrassing!"