This is all I've been able to write so far, hope you like it.


"Who are you?" Paige jumped as Leo orbed into the kitchen.

"I'm your whitelighter."

"Finally, now the girls have one," Grams muttered.

"So your like Paige but not," Phoebe said.

"Yes..." his words trailed off looking around the room. There were three teenagers, and one adult but he could sense something else.

"Is something wrong?"

"Sshh, be quiet a minute." He didn't know what it was. He orbed upstairs into one of the bedrooms, there was definitely something in there.

Scanning quickly around he couldn't see anything, then it jumped out. He was momentarily shocked when the cat jumped from wherever it had been onto the bed right in front of him.

"How long does it take for you to get here?" The cat said in a woman's voice. "I had to make sure Paige got the book and the sisters where safe because of the absence of a whitelighter, at least now I can get back to what I was doing."

Leo raised an eyebrow. "What book?"

"I can't believe how slow you are. Look, I don't want to be wasting anymore of my time so just go talk to your charges, I've done my part, now you do yours," before he could ask anything more she jumped out the open window.

He orbed back to the kitchen greeted by four harsh looks. "I didn't do anything," he said in self-defence.

"Where did you go?"

"Upstairs something was up there but it's gone now, some strange cat it was."

"Sera? She's gone?"

"I wouldn't expect to get her back."

"Whereas we expect to get Prue back and I'm hoping the Elders have told you what we should do," Grams said.

They all waited for his answer, and it seemed to take him long enough.

"They believe that there isn't a way to bring her back. We can go to Amory Tara and bring her here but they advise strongly against that."

"Why?" Piper asked, Prue was her twin, her sister, how could she not come back?

"Because she's evil."

"I have trouble thinking that Prue is evil, the Prue I've met and talked to, why would she be a Charmed One if she was evil?"

Leo looked at Piper, trouble written all over his face clearly.

"Isis, please..." Prue said.

"What? Hmm?" You had better watch your step Andy because all it takes is a simple slice and dice and she's dead."

"Prue isn't yours to control," Briar challenged.

"Says who? She not of use to anyone else."

Briar was about to attack Isis but an invisible wall of air blocked him from getting close enough. Andy tired getting through but couldn't either.

"Guess I'm going to have the job myself, but there's something that needs to be done first," Isis explained.

Andy watched hopelessly as Isis put the knife back to his belt and pushed Prue behind him, making her crash against a wall and fall to the floor.

"Andy you've known Prue for a long time, haven't you?" Andy didn't reply, he refused to answer Isis's questions. They stared at one another for a while before Andy saw an invisible hand pull Prue away from the wall as she got to her feet, but to only fall against the wall again, but harder. "If you don't answer then I'll just keep on hurting her."

Prue's vision was blurry and she couldn't make sense of anything. She cradled her head in her arms as she pulled herself up to sit leaning on the wall. Her head felt like it was going to explode.

"Isis, stop doing this," Briar demanded.

"Or what?"

"She's in enough pain."

"I only asked him a simple question so what about an answer?"

Andy's throat felt dry as Prue's skull smacked against cement. She let out a cry of pain. "We've known each other since we were two."

"A long time then. But did you know that Prue moved to San Francisco when she was five? But you claim to have known her since you were two."

"No..." Andy would argue against what was said, but he had to think about if it was true. He knew for definite that he had been friends with Prue since they were both two, and he hadn't lived anywhere other than San Francisco. "You're lying."

Prue once again slammed harshly into the wall, but this time twice. Andy knew that she would be knocked unconscious soon, she should have been already.

"An-"Prue tried saying but blood took control of her words, erupting from her mouth.

"I'm not lying Andy. She was here when she was little."

Prue was sure her skull was cracked; there was nothing else to explain the consistency of pain she felt. Every bone in her body felt stiff. But she forced herself to get to her hands and knees; she had to stop whatever it was that was attacking her. Maybe it was a bear. Or a tree. Do trees even attack people? There branches could be a great threat to anyone, you could easily be thrown a mile into the air.

All she could taste in her mouth was warm blood; even when she spat it out of her mouth more came to replace what had been lost. She must be a vampire; why else would blood be in her mouth, even if she didn't remember whether she had bitten someone or not.

"Prove it," Andy crossed his arms. He wasn't going to be fooled by Isis.

"You want prove? Ok." Isis turned to Prue. "Come here."

A weird noise entered the air, all mixed together, it sounded so weird. What was it? Prue couldn't understand where it was coming from.

Something dragged Prue away, the stones hurt but it was kind of fun because she got to watch the white clumps in the sky fly away, but something wet kept on falling down.

Isis brought Prue to her feet. "Tell Andy that you were here until you were five, that you knew me a few years ago." He had to hold her arm to keep her from collapsing on the floor.

Prue could make out three people standing near her; the one standing right in front of her was really handsome. She couldn't have looked too good herself, with blood all down the front of her dress from her mouth. His brown eyes where on her, and they seemed to make everything clear in her mind.

"Andy!" That was what she had tied saying before, he was Andy.

Isis kicked the back of her leg, her knees buckled and she was face down on the ground.

"Aren't you going to let her answer?"

He kicked her ribs until she turned over. "You lived here before didn't you?" His patience was running short.

Andy tried to heave himself through the air between him and Isis but it still prevented him from getting anywhere.

Prue moaned, only receiving another kick. Isis bent over her.

"It seems that to get answers I'm just going to have to break you first."

She didn't feel anything, she could only see a grim face above hers but slowly it came, growing inside. An icy feeling spread through her body, like it was in her bloodstream. It swirled around her heart and it felt like the life was being pulled out from her. She couldn't breathe, the frozen hand controlled everything, and she couldn't remember anything.

There was something missing, it felt like half of her wasn't there. Her stomach, with every other part of her body felt weak but she rose to her feet, she was a slave to the man standing at her side.

Andy and Briar where both surprised to see Prue's eyes completely white. She was Isis's now.

"Prue tell Andy how you grew up here."

In a flat tone Prue told Andy everything that was fed into her mind. He listened in awe, all of it was true.

"You were here as well, you were right about knowing Prue since you were a toddler, you were with Prue's family, then when they moved up there they cast a spell on the family you live with now to make them believe you had always been with them and they were your family."

Andy glared at Isis, but had a terrible feeling in his gut. He concentrated on the wall of thick air in front of him, and sought inner calm within himself. He imagined the wall breaking, and the air returning back to its proper state. He tried stepping where the wall was and nothing happened. He immediately wrestled Isis to the ground.

"What has he done to you?" Briar asked looking at Prue, but not expecting an answer.

"Protect me Prue!" Isis yelled while fighting Andy.

"If Prue's evil then she can't be a Charmed One," Leo said looking at his feet.

"Are you telling me that the Elders are planning to just have the power of three?" Grams was infuriated.

"It's not like its going to be the first time that was thought, when Prue wasn't found it was just going to be the power of three."

"But we know where Prue is now!"

"Yes but its more than likely that Prue's going to be turned evil."

"She can only be evil if she's killed someone innocent."

Paige gasped as she remembered what Andy had said. He had seen her killing a woman. That didn't mean that she had, yet.

"What?" Leo asked.

"I think we need to get to Prue." She hadn't told Grams or her sisters about what Andy saw, mainly because she wasn't sure about it because Andy had been the one who had seen what happened.

Patty came from up there, once again. "I'm coming if you're going to be getting my daughter home."

"How are we all going to get there?" Leo wasn't so sure about this at all.

"I can orb Piper and Phoebe there," Paige suggested.

"We're going now?"

"There's no point in waiting around for Christmas."

"This is going to be very weird," Phoebe said as Paige took her hand and Piper's. The three girls watched Leo orb away with Patty and Penny but when Paige tried orbing nothing happened.

"Paige, aren't we supposed to go?" Piper said.

"I'm trying alright." Paige tried to orb again, but still they didn't go anywhere.

"Shouldn't they come back seeing as we haven't gone anywhere?"

Andy managed to stand up and draw out his sword before Isis got up as well.

"It's true Andy; you were always the good little boy while I tried to play tricks on people with Prue."

"I remember," Andy said furiously. "You wanted to turn Prue evil then, I realize that now, but you couldn't so her fake family decided to wait until she was older."

"And now she is."

Andy jumped forward wanting to send his sword straight through Isis but he just dodged out of the way.

"Who's my real family then?"

"You are the Shadow. Your family is the Rahl's," Briar said.

"Then I can free Prue," he hadn't meant to say it out loud.

"No, you're not going to do that, she's mine." Isis walked to Prue, put an arm around her and they vanished.

"You have to help me get Prue," Andy said to Briar as Lucio came to his side.

"With pleasure."

"I need to get to my real family."

"I know exactly were they are living."

"You're the son of Commander Rahl?" Lucio asked, astonished.

"You had better believe it," Briar grinned.

"Commander?" Andy knew that they were his real family, no matter how much it hurt inside, he still had memories of them and knew they weren't who is family are now. But he didn't remember his father being a commander.

"Nathan Rahl is the commander of the army in Aren. He's one of the most powerful people in the whole if Emory Tara."

"And an enemy of Isis's." Briar added.