DiScLaImEr AnD aN::::::::::::::I do not own any characters as everyone knows that already and it really doesn't matter if I own my own characters,'cus they are not the main character. Just the comic relief on Draco and Harry getting together. As for the American students, don't be shock. It may seem like they are all sluts, but hey don't flame me for that. I'm sure everyone thinks about the devils middle name(sex) 24/7, except me of course. And no, the american students are just your everyday average teens. Some sex maniacs, others cute little innocence virgins and etc...Nothing new except that I am not slandering my own nation and I know a bunch of other people did fics with transfer students and I think that's kinda old and stuff. I like fics with origianlity..hehe..alright that was a this particular fic is like a transfer one,sort of. Except no one is transfering and England was awfully close and Hogwarts is a safe school, so that is where I sent them..You'll see why. Although there is other alternatives I could've used but I didn't.


The Great Hall was loud once again, since over the summer it seemed to be lifeless. The Golden Trio was in there sixth year with a couple of new found knowledge that got around the school like fire. Well the fact that a couple of people decided to come out of the closet which was a hilarious discovery, well according to one certain raven haired lion, Harry Potter. It was funny seeing peoples faces as they heard that the Gryffindor Golden Boy was bisexual and was currently no longer innocence, Cho Chang made certain of that. The funny situation was that half of the school was either gay or bi and that suited them just fine since Harry revealed his sexuality. He had boys and girls hitting on him from left and right, but he could never top the admiration everyone gave Malfoy, his enemy. Everywhere the blond git went, he would turn every head whether it's in the hall or a class. Harry admitted that Malfoy was sexy, but he cursed himself afterward. Hot or not, he still hated Malfoy or did he. Harry pondered these thoughts furtively as he stared at the Slytherin table where their Ice Prince was sitting at the top end with the other sixth and seventh years. Harry shook the thoughts out of his head as he finally focused on what his friends were saying.

"This is great." Ron said through mouthful of food, kind of disgusting thought Harry. "Voldemort hasn't attack any muggles since he came back.

"Ron, sshh." Hermione scolded.

"I think Dumbledore wants to say something." Harry said. They looked at the headmaster as he cleared his throat for the hall to get silent. Harry suspected it was something important. It wasn't the speech he gives every year he already said that earlier after the sorting.

"Please be quiet, "Dumbledore now stood up and his eyes were twinkling. This can't be good. "What I am about to say is surprising. We have been monitoring the Dark Lord for quite some time now. His group of death eaters has recently attack a fellow wizarding school. Seeing that this school is overseas and won't be able to rebuild itself quickly. The students has been scattered across the country and thus it would take time to find all the children, and we hope they are alive. The Ministry have found at least two dozen students in the nearby forest,we suspect they are the remainder of their fellow classmates but we dearly hope not. Until we do find the rest of the children, the two dozens would be staying here at Hogwarts. Please accept them. They are not custom to our way of...thinking. We will re-sort them into houses as they come in from the hall, which is any second now." Dumbledore was right. The students walked through the door as though they were summoned. More than half were boys or lets say, eight of the students were girls. They looked around in awe. Harry felt the same way his first time here.

"Students welcome to Hogwarts." The Hogwarts students were looking at the new kids. Some looked like they were in their fourth year, while the rest were either sixth or seventh years. "We have the hat ready to sort you for the remainder of the year, until everything comes in order. The house you will be sorted in will most certainly tell you the rules, I suspect no one in here would want me to repeat Professor Mcgonnagol. Please sit on the stool when your name is called." Dumbledore sat back down and Professor Mcgonnagol got up with another list of names and went to the front.

"Alright let's get you seated." The kids started to whisper among themselves. Some were giggling and casting sly glances at Malfoy who was puzzled. This made Harry feel extremely jealous. They seem to ignore the Professor. Finally the group broke out laughing. And the oldest of the group came to walk to the front of the teacher table. He was grinning. He was tall and slightly built with green hair that was dyed. His robes were messy. He did not look very well coordinate, just shabby. He stopped in front of Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eyes. They were having a staring contest until the boy decided to speak.

"Aren't you that dude that was running after this. What the hell was name." The kids brow went into deep thought, "Hey Andy who was the dude that attack the school last year." Andy answered.

"I think his name was Voldemort."

"Ah, yes. Voldemort. Aren't you Mr...what was your name again. I didn't quite catch it." The boy had mock humor in his voice and the Professors did not like that."Well we don't have all day you know."

"Yes . I had gone after the Dark Lord, although this is not relevant-"Dumbledore was rudely cut off from his sentence.

"Ha. Told you assholes it was him."A boy this time with blue dyed hair, who seemed to be the twin of the other. "So pay up losers."

"For all we know you could be lying."

"I am certainly not." He imitated the British accent and Hermione's jaws dropped.

"Harry, I think they are Americans." The students heard her and they all turned to look at Hermione and their eyes fell on Harry. Harry shifted uneasily on his chair.

"So that's Harry Potter." A girl stated.

"Harry Potter." They said in unison. Harry was blushing. The twins with the weird hair color approached the table. They had half grin plastered on their face.

"So Harry, right?" The one with green hair said. "I'm Nick and this is my brother Adrian."

"Uh...nice to meet you."

"Well?" Nick asked.

"Well what?"

"Why are you famous?" Harry almost fell out of his chair.

"You don't know."

"If we did, we wouldn't be asking you."

"Don't you two idiots know anything." A blond girl said."He saved the whole wizarding world."Harry was reminded of Hermione. The twins looked at her.

"Oh is that all." Adrian said."Man, I thought it was something like he was a snowboard champ around here."

"Or the top skater."

"Wouldn't it be cool if he was . Or maybe he's the-"

"I swear you guys are totally clueless morons. He is the boy who lived."

"Yeah so. We lived also."

"He was a baby when he got that scar."

"Yeah, we were babies too and we survived our mothers birth. I mean who wouldn't."

"You are both so annoying. You know that."

"But that never stopped you from screaming your head of." Harry suspected there was a double meaning to this and so did the other students. But the girl never blushed. Strange.

"Oh really. You got proof." She crossed her arms. Professor Mcgonnagol was getting angry by the minute.

"Well yeah. Remeber the orgy last night." She raised a brow.

"As I recall you were also screaming a name." Then she started to imitate Adrian, "Oh Andy, right there. Come one. Andy oh Andy." Everyone started laughing and so were the twins.

"Bet it turned you on Leslie?"Adrian smirked and Leslie grabbed his collar and roughly pulled him close. Their faces were mere inches apart as they glared at each other, flirtingly.

"Damn straight it did." She huskily said. Then they kissed in public or more important they were trying to devour each other. Adrian put his hand around Leslie's waist and pulled her close. They toppled onto the Gryffindor table with Adrian on the bottom. And Leslie was nipping him on the neck and biting his lower lips. Adrian slid his hand into her blouse while she slid her hands into his pants.

"Alright you two that's enough!" Professor Mcgonnagol shouted."Get over here now." But the two ignored her. It was plainly clear to everyone minus the American students that they were going to have sex in public on top of the Gryffindor table no less. Nick and his friends made it more worse as they urged the students on. They did not hear Professor Mcgonnagol and Snape approach them or see them as the two Professors separated them. Snape held Adrian none to gently by the arm and Leslie was held the same way.

"Fuck. Can't you see we were busy." Adrian glared.

" that was a disgusting display. We do not act like this here in Hogwarts and I 'spect you to start acting like a gentleman."Mcgonnagol said.

"Hn. Someone needs to get laid. Believe me it would help get rid of your stress."He playfully said. Mcgonnagol looked aghast.

"You young man will be the first to get sorted." Snape pulled him along roughly and forced him to sit on the stool. The halls waited until the sorting hat shouted 'Ravenclaw.'Harry was dumbstruck, he was sure he would be placed in Slytherin. Snape escorted him to the Ravenclaw table. His brother was also placed in Ravenclaw, which was really surprising. Leslie went there as well. Then the make out session started, although it was Leslie and Nick this time. The majority students went to Ravenclaw, about five were in Slytherin. Hufflepuff got one and the Gryffindor gained two new students who were in their seventh year. They sat by Harry and his friends.

"Hello. I'm Nat. That idiot is Michael."Nat was a beautiful girl who had violet eyes,long raven hair and perfect ivory skin. Her mouth was red, she was stunning. "Excuse me. I got a payment that is long over due and I am about to collect." She licked her lips as she stared at the Slytherin table. She got up and walked quietly to the other table. The Slytherins stared at her in awe. She winked at some and blew a kiss at Malfoy. Harry glared until she arrived at her destination. She stood in front of another extremely pretty girl with short chesnut hair and blue eyes. The sized each other up and Nat said something. The other girl smirked. Nat leaned closer and whispered something. The girl was smiling and Nat winked at her. Then all hell broke loose when the two girls started to kiss. Everyone stared in disbelief. Nat yanked her lover from the chair to give her a much better french kiss. Nat held the girl by the face while the other mover her arms around her. There was some whistle and hooting from every guy in Hogwarts. Then someone shouted, it was one of the new students from the Ravenclaw table. He had raven hair like Harry, but his eyes were blue and like Harry he was tanned from playing too many sports, except that he did not wear glasses and his hair was spiked.

"Nat, Terry. You two are pathetic."The hall clamored down and the girls stopped kissing and playfully glared at the speaker.

"And your point is, Rocky?."

"Go get a room and while your at it. Take these three with you." He pointed at the Anderson twins who were devouring Leslie whom was in the middle. It looked like they were having a threesome with their clothes on.

"But Roky."Terry prettily pouted.

"You five are. How should I put this. Totally fucked up."

"If your mad about last couldn't help it.

"Damn right I am. You ruined my evening with Gunter."He glared at the two girls, "And Eve."

"Aw. Well make it up to you."

"Oh really."He sarcastically said. Before they could reply again. Dumbledore spoke.

"Students. Interesting as your love life is. We do not tolerate that here or anywhere else. Mrs. Reva please return to your seat. "Dumbledore's eyes were no longer twinkling. He seemed angry over something. Harry would be too. But the students were too interesting. He wondered if America had orgy twenty four seven. "And tomorrow would be an extremely long day, having the new year start with interesting things and the Dark Lord is on the rise. We are too be extremely careful this year. Now Prefects, I think it's time to show the students to their dorms." The students were ushered out and Nat was furiously walking alongside the golden trio and Michael was teasing her non stop. Ron and Harry's ears were read with embarrassment.

"So Harry. Do you got a girlfriend?" Michael casually asked. Harry turned beet red.

"No..um Why?" Harry stutterd. Michael was an attractive young guy. His hair was short and it was dirty blond. He was a bit on the small side, about three inches smaller than Harry. His hair was curly which almost made him looked like a girl, almost.

"He prefers guys." Ginny said.

"Oh, really..."Michael had a thoughtful expression. Harry panicked. What if Michael was gay and asked him out. From what he seen at dinner, who knew what these students had on their mind. Before Michael could do something, Harry thought fast until a thought strucked him.

"I'm not going to be your boyfriend." There Harry, that was not so hard. Michael started laughing. Did he gone insane. Nat was also giggling. The trio stopped wondering what was so funny.

"What?" Harry was too confused. Michael toppled over laughing, apparently he found something amusing. Nat calmed down after a while.

"Geez, you British are too full of yourself. Just because your pretty doesn't mean that your god."Nat said. Harry blushed deep red."Attractive and beautiful as Michael is here. He is pretty much straight as a board and some of us are just experimenting before college."

"You..you guys don't have serious relationships?" Ron asked. Nat burst out laughing again and Michael doubled over again.

"God no. We don't believe in that kind of thing. It's kind of stupid. Why would you want to tie youself down forever when there are a bunch of fishes to catch in the river. But we're not bias about love. It could happen who knows. But we live far different than you guys. This place is like the middle ages." Hermione gotten angry.

"Oh you think you're better?" Nat smirked.

"We don't think we know."

"Look who's full of themselves now?"

"Oh. I'm not conceited. Just merely stating the obvious."

"Which is."

"Wouldn't you like to know." Nat purred at Hermione's ear and this made Ginny extremely jealous, but Hermione was blushing. "For now. Let's just say. As long as were here. Hogwart's won't be the same. Believe me you won't be so high and mighty after were finish with this school. Come Michael." Nat picked her friend up by the arm and followed the rest of the first year to the dorm.

"What did she mean by that?"Ron asked.

"I don't know Ron."Harry said.

"Well, I for one don't like them."Hermione said.

"Yeah they seem a bit wild there."Ron agreed. Harry frustratedly sigh, until he saw a flash of platinum blond hair headed for the dungeon.