Harry heard mild cursing follow by a loud moan as he picked his way through the thicket and foliage of the forest.

"...fucking insane." Harry heard Nick muttered audibly to himself. Harry took the chance to sneak up behind him, or rather stand near a tree and watch as Nick attempt to sit up with while gently massaging his head. "I am going to kill that little bastard."

Nick stopped massaging his head and dropped his to his side lost in thought. "Strange, where the hell is Adrian?"

"I'm sure he used his Ravenclaw mind and saw that sticking around is after all not the brightest of ideas." Harry wickedly said, his voice was barely above a whisper. Nick spun around so fast that his head became unbearable again, reminding him of his bump and making him groan once again. "What kind of brother would leave his one and own sibling behind?"

"We have a - uh…little sister." Nick grunted as he tried to stand on shaky legs.

"Don't worry Mr. Anderson, I'll get your brother next." Harry secretively smiled, his eyes glinting with...wickedness.

"Who said I'm worried." Nick muttered, leaning against a tree. "As you can see Potter, I could care less about your death threats if it was not for my massive headache. Anyway, I can see two of you - that is normally, not a good sign." And just liked that, Nick fell backward into a "healing" sleep.

Harry didn't know what to make of this as his eyelids blinked rapidly by what just happened. This was not the torture that he had in mind. Well onto the next brother.

Draco pushed himself up from the beach, sand sticking to his wet robes and the sun threatening to bake him if he did not get up and search for shade.

"Why, hello Dracooo- " Gunter seductively purred as he appeared out of thin air, which means he came from behind some bushes.

"How the hell did you get out of those binds!" Draco whipped his wand out just as Gunter tackled him into the sand.

"Let's just say I satisfied my hunger, but for dessert." Gunter huskily whispered as he pinned both of Draco's arm to the sand and straddled the blonde's thigh. "You are so - fucking- hot."

"I am only going to say this once." Draco snarled, his eyes becoming silver slits that sent erotic shivers up Gunter's spine. " Get off me or suffer the consequences."

"What do we have here." Gunter gleefully whispered as he felt Draco's erection through his robes. "Are you happy to see me Draco."

A bell went off in Draco's head, a warning sign and then he begin to struggle, but Gunter had his whole weight on the pale blonde - whom was getting a little red.

"Yes, keep struggling. It's going to be such a rush when we get down and dirty."

Adrian didn't stop, not even when Nick tripped over the tree root. He was sure his brother was okay -okay maybe not, but better Nick then him. Someone had to survive to carry on the family name and Chelsea was just not the girl for it.

He ran for exactly ten minutes until he went through the servant entrance of Hogwarts and slammed the door shut only to *shout* aloud when he felt something graze his arms.


Adrian didn't have time to react when a hand clamped over his mouth.

"Were you followed?" A deadly hissed came from his left air.

"No." Adrian whispered back, his heart finally slowing down from the adrenaline.

"Where's Nick?" A soft voice was heard further along the entrance.

"MIA." Adrian replied as he leaned against the wall. "Man, I hope those morons didn't taste any of that whip cream."

"That's it!"

"What!" Blaise jumped in surprise. "And be quiet."

"We need to get back to our room, we have a chart of the destination where the port key goes. If we can get back somehow?" Adrian trailed off as he noticed how cramped the entrance to the backdoor was. "Don't tell me, it's sealed off."

"Yeah, unfortunately." Nile wistfully sighed from his corner.

"Do you know where he's at?" Blaise asked in trepidation.

"I don't know. Hopefully Nick is keeping him from finding me-us."

"Smooth dude, real smooth." Nile hissed. "By the way you scream like a girl."

"I do not!"

"Hey -hey, bicker later. We need to get Adrian back to his room and we don't exactly know where Potter is." Blaise whispered harshly to his boyfriend and semi-friend.

"If I'm correct, which is always, Harry would most likely be with my brother."

"How do you know."

"A gut instinct. All twins have one." Adrian smirked as he pictured Nile rolling his eyes in the dark.

"We can sneak out, head around the castle into the front entrance -"

"By the time we get to the dormitories, Draco would be back!" Blaise pointed out as he sighed in exasperation. "We can just run until the port key expires."

"That's not a very good idea, considering whom he is with." Nile murmured as he felt, rather then see Blaise's eyes go right through him.

"And why is that?"

"Gunter is a bit promiscuous without the added…drug." Adrian mumbled as he ran a hand through his hair. "Anyway, the sooner we get to my room the better."

"Every man for themselves?" Nile asked.

"No, you guys try to keep Harry off of me."

"How?" Blaise questioned.

Adrian lifted a brow, "You're a Slytherin. Think."


"Why thu fufk dud you bet me." Draco rolled his eyes as he held onto the end of the rope.

"You think that man evolved by now to speak perfect English." Draco seethed as he let the rope slip between his fingers and catching it before the other boy hit the ground; after he screamed off course. "Levt me duwn!"

"Why would I do something like that?" Draco lifted a fine brow as he played with the rope. "It's such a rush to be hanging upside down, you did wanted to feel a rush?"

Draco smirked as Gunter continued to struggle like a fish on a fishing line, only he was coiled -tightly- in ropes.

"Cuvme on Dwracu." Gunter pleaded, his brown eyes begging.

"You could of thought that before you decided to stick your disgusting tongued down my throat." Draco raised him higher until the sole of the boy's feet touched the branch of the palm tree.

"Youv liked 'et." Gunter said as drool started to come out of his mouth.

"Is that what you think?" Draco cooly whispered in the perfect 'you are annoying me - prepare to die' voice that he stole from his father. "You know what else I like Gunther?"

Gunter looked fearfully at the ground and back at Draco and he bit his swollen tongue. "Pwease don't."

"Oh yes." Draco tonelessly said as he let the rope go.

Authors Note: I know, I hate me too. Sorry for abandoning this, sorry if I left you all hanging. But life got in a way and I know that is no excuse, but if you take any science disciplines in college, you are bound to sacrifice a lot of things. For me it was time and writing and it sucked.
Anyway, there is one good thing that came out of my absence - is that my writing has improved. How many chapters are left. 1.5. I know - I could have finished it...years ago (literally) but things got in the way. But, meh, what can I do about it. Besides there is tons of talented writers on this site. So, it was no loss for you guys.