*****Accident Exposure*****

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~*Chapter 1*~

Piper, Phoebe and Paige were in a local baby shop looking for clothes. Piper was 6 months pregnant with her third child. Wyatt, 3 and Melinda 1, were at the manor with Leo and Alex-Paige's new husband. Paige and Alex lived next door to the manor, in Dan's old house and Phoebe had moved out of the manor too, on the news of the new arrival. She now lived opposite the ancestral home.

The shop was on a busy main street. Its front was one big window, enabling people on the pavement to see the entire interior of the store. The sisters had been shopping for about 3hours and this was their last stop before lunch. They were looking at some new clothes for Melinda.

"Oh Piper this is so cute! You have to get it for her" Phoebe was almost squealing as she picked an outfit off the shelf.

"She's right; Melinda would look adorable in it!" Paige put the outfit with the other clothes they'd picked out when a high pitched scream that came from the back of the shop, ripped through the air.

The 3 of them turned their attention to the direction of the noise. Towards the back of the shop and standing about 8ft tall, was a demon. He was built like a human but had a face that was the deepest blue imaginable, with blood red markings and coal black eyes. Its sinister mouth showed double rows of pointed yellow teeth. Its hands were big; about the size of a car wheel and the same blue as its face, but this time the color was translucent, showing red bones underneath. Its nails were black and claw like. He thrust out his hand and aiming at the nearest person to him, threw a trail of fire. It was the woman's scream as she dived out of the way that alerted the girls that the shop was very full and all the customers were shouting, none of them understanding what was going on.

"Piper- freeze the shop!" Phoebe shouted over the chaos as the demon aimed its rampage towards tem.

"But the window..." Piper protested.

"Just do it!"

Okay, okay" and with a flick of her wrists, the demon, the scared inside the shop but the three of them, was frozen. Out on the street, though, shoppers still walked up and down. It was a Saturday and it seemed like the whole of San Francisco had picked the same street to shop on. Freezing it all would have taken a lot out of Piper, and even if she could do it, it would have been to risky incase someone came round the corner.

"Okay-so what no?" Paige asked her sisters.

"I dunno. Can't you just blow him up?" Phoebe asked Piper.

"No. flame throwing is an upper level demonic power, he'd be too strong."

"Paige, can you astral and see if this guy's in the book" Phoebe asked her younger sister, referring to Paige's new power of Astral Projection.

"I can try." And with that Paige put her head down and within a moment, her conscious self was looking through the Book of Shadows in the manor's attic, whilst her physical self remained in the shop.

With a loud roar, the demon unfroze. Its eyes burnt with the anger caused by being frozen by a witch. It whipped its head around furiously, looking for a vent for its anger.

"What do we do?!" Phoebe screamed.

"Fight, and don't let it touch Paige" Piper yelled back. Piper missed phoebe's nod of agreement because she had become fixated on the Demon. Its gaze had fallen on a small boy, no older than 5 who were frozen mid scream next to a shelf of baby shoes. It didn't take Piper long to realize that this child was the Demon's next target, and without a second thought she ran in front of the boy just as a stream of fire came out of the Demon's palm. A weak pink shield came from Piper's stomach and deflected the fire but it was not strong enough to neutralize the force of the attack. Piper went flying through the air and landed just behind Phoebe with a sickening smack. It was at that moment that Paige's astral self re-joined her body and she took in the scene of Phoebe running to Piper who was lying unconscious on the shop floor. The demon was getting closer to them. Paige ran over to her sisters.

"Phoebe, grab her arm. I've got the spell" Paige took Piper's other limp hand at the wrist and was reassured to fell a faint pulse. She recited the spell she had memorized and the demon exploded, and was vanquished.

Screams filled the shop as the rest of the customers had unfrozen in time to witness the vanquish. Phoebe glanced to the big shop window and saw nothing but face after face, each wearing a similar expression of confusion, horror and amazement. They, too had all seen the vanquish. A TV film crew had their camera lens pressed against the window. It was the same crew they'd seen filming a piece on the new library as they had entered the shop.

Everywhere Phoebe looked she saw people. It was confining, suffocating even. The people inside the shop were running towards the door. They were shouting to one another. All of them were scared; none of them understanding what was going on. Inside the shop, noise could be heard from the outside as people banged on the glass and shouted about the events, attracting even more people. It was chaos. And in the middle of it all lay Piper. Unnoticed by most, but screamingly obvious to her sisters. She lay sprawled on the floor, crimson blood seeping out of her nose, mouth and ear. She was barely alive.


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