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Chapter 23

Before anyone had the chance to answer Piper, the double doors burst open.

"Piper" Leo's voice was tinged with panic and filled with concern as he rushed into the room and over to his wife.

"Leo" She called to him and he reached down as the two embraced. "Thank you for saving me" She spoke softly and directly into his ear so only he could hear the words.

Her whisper sent tingles through him. She was alive and she was talking to him. He'd never loved her before as much as he did then. They moved out of their embrace, kissing tenderly as their faces moved past one another. They both felt the love that coursed through them, filling them and giving them a reason to just...be. They were too aware of how close she'd been to never being here again and they were so grateful that they were just able to hold each other.

Leo stood up and it was only then that he realized there were other people in the room; Doctors, nurses, her sisters and they all looked uncomfortable.

"Where's my baby?" Piper was starting to panic. True, she was exhausted but she wasn't stupid. She knew there was something they weren't telling her.

"Piper...we...they..." Phoebe glanced at Paige; she coughed and looked nervous, mixed with total sorrow.

"Mrs. Halliwell?" The double doors burst open again. This time a doctor came walking into the room she nodded and he moved closer to her bed. Paige, Phoebe and Leo made a gap for him to stand so they, along with Piper's bed, made a sort of circle.
"I'm Doctor Given, the pediatrician for this hospital. I've been looking after your baby, your daughter" he added with a smile.

"Is she alright?" Leo asked a worried frown creasing his brow.

"She's stable. Because she was so early she's in the baby ICU in an incubator and we envisage her remaining in one for a couple of weeks."

"Why, you said she was stable?" Phoebe asked.

"She is but she's having a little difficulty breathing on her own."

"Can we see her?" Piper was anxious to see her baby.

Doctor Given exchanged a look with Piper's doctor before nodding his head.
"Of course. But only the two of you." He motioned at piper and Leo. "You can watch through the glass if you'd like?" He asked Phoebe and Paige who nodded eagerly.

A nurse brought a wheel chair over and lowered the bar on one side of Piper's bed and she, with Leo's help, sat in the chair and Leo pushed her out of the room, with Phoebe and Paige close behind and all of them following Dr. Given.

In the hospital room that they'd just exited, some very confused Doctors and nurses were left behind.

"But how..."

"She was dead and now..."

"Now she's not. All her stats show her as being perfectly healthy."

"All she is is a little tired."

"But how..."

None of them understood what was going on. They were all thinking the same thing though: 'it's a miracle', but they'd worked in the medical profession for long enough to know there was no such thing as a miracle, that didn't stop them wondering though. The sisters and Leo knew exactly what they'd left behind in the operating theatre. They also knew that they'd have a lot of explaining to do soon but they didn't want to think about that now. Now was for the newest edition to the family, they just hoped that the rest would sort itself out later.

They'd gone up a few floors in the lift (elevator) and along a few corridors. The numbers weren't important. What mattered is that they were going to see their daughter and their niece. Dr. Given slowed down in front of a single door and pointed Phoebe and Paige to the left of it and motioned Piper and Leo through it.

The room was dimly lit and quiet. There were only two babies inside; one in a small hospital blue bonnet and a smaller one in a tiny pink bonnet. Leo needed no direction from the doctor; he knew where to go and pushed Piper over to their daughter.

"Hi there" She whispered lightly and gently put her hand through one of the holes on the side of the tank and brushing a finger down her baby's hand. It hurt both Piper and Leo to see their baby in the incubator, knowing they couldn't hold her and seeing tubes sticking out of her tiny body, but they love they felt for her in that moment eclipsed everything else and they just stared in wonder at the being they had created. Piper leant back on Leo, who stood behind her, both of them wearing matching expressions not at all dissimilar to those on Phoebe and Paige's faces as they gazed through the wall sized window at their new niece.

"So, does she have a name yet?" Dr. Given asked.

Piper and Leo glanced at each other and she nodded her head, allowing him to tell the doctor. They had talked about this back when life was relatively normal and had quickly decided on a name if the baby would be a girl.

"Charlotte Patricia Halliwell" Leo said as he looked at his new daughter as she slept innocently and he felt now more than ever a desire to protect his family and get them out of the hell they'd been in for the last few weeks. But he felt with a sickening degree of knowledge that it was going to be anything but easy.

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