A Shove in the Right Direction

Title : A Shove in the Right Direction

Author : Charlie Brown

Email : charlie_girl_brown

Status : WIP

Category : Sam/Jack

Spoilers : Paradise Lost, Fallen

Season info : Season 7

Sequel info : None

Rating : G

Content Warnings : None

Summery : An old friend plays matchmaker

Disclaimer : I'll only say this once - I have no money. Please sue me so I can get some fame!

Author's Note : This is a response to the 2001 Matchmaker Challenge as well as the 1999 Married Challenge

A set of beady eyes watched SG-1 emerge from the Stargate and descend the small staircase to the grassy surface below. A stout man was crouched behind a large shrub, hidden from view of the foursome. Of course he knew that it was a possibility that they would happen to come to the planet that he now called home, he just didn't think that it would be any time soon.

"Well I'll be damned!" He whispered to himself. He was quite shocked to see Daniel Jackson, because, as far as he knew, the man was dead. Then again, he was also well aware that these people had all been dead before. "Why can't they just stay that way?" Not that he really had anything against the group, it was just getting hard to keep track of.

Teal'c scanned the horizon, he seemed to sense that he was being watched.

"Everything okay, T?" He heard the Colonel ask.

"It is nothing, O'Neill." The big man relaxing somewhat (not much though, after all he is a Jaffa), followed his leader over to the MALP. Since it had come through some four hours ago, triggering the sensors that were in place, he had made his way to the stone ring to case the visitors. He had been waiting for over two hours before the gate had reactivated. For a while the MALP had whirred and swiveled, sending back telemetry, then Jack O'Neill and his campers had stepped through. They were currently gathered near the DHD.

Feeling that this was a good time to slip away, the observer quietly departed.

More to come...