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Anyway, the fic takes place in the US. Youkai and humans aren't exactly friendly with each other, but they tolerate each other for the sake of peace. There is no real warfare going on but all that will change in later chapters. The prologue takes place 5 years before the actual story begins. More will be revealed later, but for right now, enjoy!

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Warning: This chapter contains a lot of obscenities and violence! Beware! Don't say I didn't warn you.


"Did I not say to wash the dishes from dinner!" the inuyoukai bellowed in a drunken rage. The veins in his neck bulged defiantly and pulsed as if they were alive with a will of their own. His usual weathered and leathery face was twisted with vexation. The tips of his pointed ears were a flaming red color, same as his face. "Damned hanyou scum! All of you are lazy and filthy and don't belong in the presence of real youkai!"

The recipient of his anger flattened the ears atop his head in a fruitless attempt to block the raging of the obviously pissed off demon. Schooling his emotions so that none of them displayed on his face, he answered in a monotonous voice. "I didn't get a chance-"

"Ahhh, he didn't get a chance," mimicked the female inuyoukai in an obnoxiously high pitched tone. "You're a lazy, bastard hanyou. Always was, always will be. I don't know why they keep you around."

'How can they call me lazy?' he thought angrily, 'I do everything around this fucking place. I cook, I clean, I do all of the dirty work around here.' He wanted nothing more than to tell these shitheads off, but he held his tongue. Their time would come. Sooner if not later.

"An afta all we do for your ass," the older youkai slurred in obvious disgust, then took another swig of his Corona. The hanyou watched him in silent repulsion as thin streams of alcohol ran down from the corners of his mouth and dripped into his lap. Disgusted, the half-demon shifted his gaze to the floor. Their filthy stench was making his stomach queasy and doing numbers to his sensitive nose.

The youkai belched loudly, then hurled the empty bottle at the wall. He flinched as it shattered into a million pieces and fell to the floor. Later he knew he was going to be held responsible for getting the remnants of the bottle up. "May I be excused?" He saw no point in staying in their insufferable presence any longer.

Staggering to his feet, the older youkai glared at the him with unfocused eyes. "And you know what else I'm sick of?"

"What's that?" the female youkai asked taking a long drag from her cigarette. The half-demon wrinkled his nose in repugnance as she blew a ring of smoke at him, forming a smoky halo around his head. He hated the sickening sweet stench of those damned things, but not as much as these youkai's disgusting scents.

The youkai glowered at him with his red, possum-like eyes. "I'm sick of the way you act around us. Like you better than us or something! I don't give a damn that your daddy was the great Inutaisho. Your mother was a human." He spat out the word with bitterness. "Don't walk around here when you're no better than that wench of a mother of yours."

"Don't speak of my mother," the young hanyou replied through clenched teeth. He could feel his youki swirling around him in anger. Nobody had the right to talk trash about his mother, especially this vile demon and his bitch. He flexed his claws, seriously wanting to rip them limb from limb.

The bitch eyed him with contempt as her flat, colorless lips curled up into a vicious snarl. "He's right ya know. Your mother was as stupid as she was ugly. I don't know what the hell your father was thinking when he abandoned his mate to be with a filthy human. Worthless bastard. I'm glad he's dead. We don't need any more youkai soiling our race with your revolting breed. To think that the once revered taiyoukai Inutaisho stooped so low as to mating, no rutting, with human scum. "

He snapped. "Shut the fuck up! You don't know shit about my family!" His eyes began to cloud over with redness as rage built within himself.

"You sure about that?" Her twisted snarl grew more malicious. "I do believe that it was your half brother that released all this information to the world, inevitably sealing your father's demise. To think, that all of the bad things that happened to you and yours was by the intention of your elder sibling."

A low, threatening growl emitted from the hanyou's chest. He knew it was against protocol to slaughter these fiends who were supposed to act like a surrogate mother and father until he became of age to be on his own, but they were testing his patience. "Don't talk of what you know nothing about," he replied calmly though the rage inside him was practically clawing to get out.

"Listen smart ass," she retorted, her voice rising yet another notch, "don't take that tone with me." Then she took a long drag of her cigarette. "Why the hell did we get stuck with this arrogant idiot?"

The male youkai sluggishly waltzed over to him, stopping inches in front of his face. Hot, smoldering breath surged over the hanyou's face. "I think we should report him for disrespecting us. They can teach him a lesson he'll never forget."

"Oh, he thinks," the half-demon hissed angrily, "didn't know you had enough active brain cells to do that."

"Why you little-!" The youkai charged at him like a rampaging animal, his face twisted in a mask of fury. With his nose flaring and red eyes wild with rage, he brung his fist back and launched it at the stiff bystander. Using liquid smooth agility, the hanyou easily evaded his sloppy attack. Dodging the youkai's lethargic fists was not a problem. He knew he was faster than his aggressor. His profession demanded it. And the fact that his opponent was too intoxicated to see straight made it even easier.

Stumbling, the youkai slammed into the wall. The impact shook the entire complex, coincidentally making various objects come crashing to the ground from their perch on a range of shelves. Shaking his head in an attempt to recover, he whirled around, eyes ablaze with fire. "Stop runnin' away and come and fight me like a real youkai, hanyou!" he snarled, then he charged again.

Smirking, the young half-demon once again evaded the onslaught of fists that the man threw his way. It was just too easy. After a few minutes of attempting and failing to strike his opponent, the slightly overweight youkai sank to his knees, heaving and panting like a dog. AN: Well he is a inuyoukai It was obvious that he wasn't used to excessive exercise.

'For a youkai this is extremely pathetic' the hanyou thought trying unsuccessfully to repress the urge to laugh at the older youkai's futile attempts to bring him down. It had been a long time since he had laughed. Too long. "You're as slow as you are stupid."

"Stop…(pant)…(pant)… laughing at me," he growled, clutching his sides. "You're just like that wench of a mother of yours."

His laughter immediately subsided, his golden eyes beginning to glow an even deeper red. His tolerance for these creatures was wearing thin. He was tired of being a tool to them. Tired of living a life where he was constantly in a state of alertness; where he was looked down on for the faults of his father and being a half-breed. He was just tired of it all. It was about time he moved on. The hanyou turned on his heels and walked toward his small room, which only consisted of a futon, dresser, and a lamp. 'For all the money they are making off of me you'd think they'd be able to afford better accommodations for us' he thought bitterly. After gathering a few belongings in his all purpose knapsack, he slung the bag over his shoulder and started for the front door.

"And where the hell do you think you're going?" bellowed the male and stepped in front him, blocking his path to the door.

"Get out of my way," he said restraining himself from putting the man in coma. Killing a person that wasn't marked was an intolerable offense. He shook his head, slightly confused. Why was he still thinking like that? That was the past. No longer would he be some puppet for them to toy with and control.

"You ain't goin' nowhere. Though I'd rather eat shit than have you living with me, orders are orders." The youkai grinned, revealing his beer-stained, yellow fangs and the rest of what little was left of his teeth. "Besides, you can't escape. Even if you do try and get away, they'll hunt ya' down and drag your ass right back here. Just like they did that your filthy human mother."

Something inside snapped inside the hanyou. Moving with a speed that could barely be detected, he launched his fist full force at the youkai's face. A sickening crunch reverberated within the small apartment as his fist obliterated most of all the bones in the his nose. The youkai howled in pain, covering his clawed hands over his face, in obvious distress as blood began to gush from his nostrils. But he was far from being finished with him. Nobody talked about his mother and got away with it. With his eyes bleeding red and his fangs bared in hatred, he delivered a spinning roundhouse kick to his skull. As the hanyou landed gracefully on his feet after distributing the fatal blow, he smiled treacherously as he heard the satisfying crash of the youkai's body landing unceremoniously to the floor.

Not in the least bit disturbed by the amount of blood steadily seeping from the youkai's barely recognizable face, he stepped over the motionless heap and walked over to where he had dropped his knapsack. After withdrawing a familiar object from his bag, he turned to face the unconscious figure on the floor. He unsheathed Tetsusaiga from its holding. With one swoosh, the dull, rusted blade transformed into a massive, glimmering fang. The blade pulsed with energy, almost begging to be unleashed.

"Don't." His ears swiveled in the direction of her voice. He jerked his gaze from his blade to the woman holding a cell phone. "Don't make me call them. You know I can't let you leave, or kill my mate no matter how disgusting and ugly he is."

His eyes narrowed. She was as bad as her mate. Although he hated and most of the time flat out refused to kill females, she left him with no choice. He needed a head start before they found out he was missing. Time was running out, they would be calling in a few minutes for their daily check in. Using his god-like speed, he ran up behind her, before she could react, and thrust the large fang into the small of her back. She let out a gasp before sinking to the floor in a puddle of her own blood. After severing the male youkai's head from his body, the hanyou quickly wiped off the blood from his fang and sheathed it once it was back in its original form. He wrinkled his nose in disgust, abhorring the smell of death that had a tendency of lingering in the air once he had finished a job. Grabbing his knapsack, he put the sword inside for safe keepings and exited the apartment.

The freshness of the air outside was a relief to his senses. Darkness had already fallen. Florescent streams of light filtered through the haze of thin clouds that tried unsuccessfully hide the moon in its entirety. Those who had been lingering about earlier that evening had receded back into the depths of their homes. Everyone residing in the complex worked for them and were expected to be in their quarters by a certain time. Quietly shutting the door before the stench of death seeped out, he sighed in relief.

"You're leaving aren't you?"

He turned around at the sound of the familiar voice. "Kikyo, what are you doing out here?" Like him, she too had been recruited by them. But she, unlike him, was used for her miko abilities and was probably one of the few humans that dwelled here.

"I just wanted to see you." She bowed her head sullenly at the prospect of not seeing her friend anymore.

The hanyou smiled down at her. She was the only person he would miss in this godforsaken place. She understood him completely and without a doubt. They both were the same. Both performed duties administered by the same heartless youkai and humans alike. Both were without any loved ones. Both were lonely. His smile faltered as he realized he would be leaving her alone. "I'd take you if I could."

"I know," she replied softly, tearing her gaze from her feet to look him in the eyes.

His heart sank seeing her mask of indifference plastered on her face. Lately she had been doing that; concealing her emotions. It had to be the doings of her surrogate parents. He sighed. "I will come back for you. I promise." The mask slipped as a small smile proceeded to overcome her features. Her pale skin practically glowed under the moon's soft light, giving her a sort of ghostly appearance. 'No doubt she will become a beautiful woman when she gets older,' he thought grinning to himself, 'my beautiful woman.'

"Good-bye, Kikyo." He pulled her into a tight embrace, placing a chaste kiss on her forehead. "I'll be back before you know it." Reluctantly, he turned to go. No more following orders, no more killing, but most importantly, no more pain. And once he had found his place in life, he would come back for the only one who cared about him.

"Goody-bye, Inuyasha," she said quietly to herself, then waited until he was out of sight until unleashing the flood of tears that had gathered in her eyes.

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