Silent Tears

Author's note: This is just an idea, I don't know if I will continue it. I just thought I would let you guys read it and tell me what you think of it.

Chapter 1: It Hurts.

"How can he do this to me?"

A gentle voice came from a well known brunette in a café, as she hopelessly wiped her tears from one of her vibrant green eyes, trying to understand what exactly was going on around her. But all she received were more questions. In the booth she sat in she was surrounded by two of her childhood friends.

They were all a little at a loss of what to say and do around their friend, as they sat near her, trying to comfort the friend that always went out of her way to make them happy. Rei sighed, her mid-night black hair, which was cut to her shoulders, was kept in a ponytail. She wore black, tight, fitting jeans and a red-wine color shirt that clung to her upper torso like a second skin. Her violet eyes entranced anyone who dared to look into them. In a man's mind, Rei was an exotic beauty, but her heart belonged to Chang Wufei, one of Quatre's friends.

She narrowed her eyes as she remembered that her love was one of his best friends. She carefully glanced towards Makoto, and gently rubbed her, consolingly on her back. "Mako, after all this time you don't understand men. Even though he is polite, this one, no one understands."

Makoto looked with irritation, towards her friend, her emerald colored eyes sparked with anger she had been suppressing for years. "Rei, this man's name is Quatre and is, while we're on the subject, married to me!"

Usagi grasped Makoto's hand that lay on the table. "Mako please don't be angry with Rei. We are only trying to help."

The brunette's shoulders fell with defeat as she turned her eyes away from her friend's piercing gaze.

Usagi was one of the most beautiful women Makoto had ever seen. There were times she was even envious of the blonde. If the woman's looks didn't capture you, the size of her heart would. She was the most generous person she had ever seen in her life. Her outside appearance was that of a thin straps, yellow sundress with daisies decorating the dress. Very little make graced her angelic face, while dazzling, blue, sincere eyes stared at you. With so many men looking at her, the only one that held her attention was Chiba Mamoru, her husband for six years now.

Rei sighed as the brunette remained silent, lost in her own thoughts. Makoto stared out of the window, to watch people scurrying away as the rain fell on them merciless, of the café where she, Rei and Usagi decided to meet, after she had called them both because of…because of her…situation.

With just the thoughts coming back to her of what happened, Makoto used most of her self control from keeping from crying like she had done hours ago when the three had first met. Instead, she turned to stare at her mirror image with focus and froze as she looked at herself. Was she too boyish for him? Or was it that she was quiet? Or was the reason him? Her thoughts grew deeper and deeper as she continued to stare at her image with a disgusted glare.

"Earth to Mako!" Usagi's slightly high voice pulled her back to reality she wanted to escape so badly from. With confusion, Makoto stared at her friend's face, while Usagi was shaking her head with sympathy, and slight disappointment. "Remember who you are sitting with Mako. I can read you like a book. I know what you are thinking." She paused to squeeze Makoto's hand slightly as she looked into her eyes with compassion and firmness. "It is not your fault!"

Unconsciously tears began to leak from her eyes as she looked down at her free hand, which lay on her lap. "Usagi, it's true, it's my fault. I mean look at me. I'm not surprise Quatre turned to another woman."

Anger flared inside Rei as she listed to her friend, without thinking of it her fist raised and hit the surface of the table, startling both females by her side. "You've got to be kidding me Mako! That is not enough for any man to turn away from his wife! Just because he can't leave one of his secretaries alone does not mean you are not beautiful. You are! He is just a stupid guy for not to seeing it!"

Usagi shook her head in agreement. "I completely agree with her Mako."

"I'm not positive about that, guys." Makoto replied softly as she shook her head negatively. The raven haired female at her left sighed in frustration, while Usagi looked at Makoto with sorrow. When it came to love or friendship, Makoto was always vulnerable. As sensitive as Ami and her intelligence maybe even more so. But when it came to anything else, Mako would stand up and not take any of it. She was the type of person who would never look for guilt in others but herself. No wonder Quatre got away with what he was doing, and made her think that it was her fault the affair happened.

Usagi took both of Makoto's hands in hers, forcing her too look into her eyes. "Makoto, I know it's not like me to say this, but in your situation…he is not worth you're pain. No man is worth this kind of pain, Mako."

"What are you trying to say Usagi?" The brunette whispered as she gazed at her oldest friend.

"Leave him Makoto!" exclaimed the other woman as she picked up the hidden message Usagi was trying to tell their tall friend. "Maybe if you do, he would realize what a fool he was and ask you to take him back. Leave him Mako; there are plenty to choose from out there."

Makoto shook her head firmly. "I cannot leave him guys. He means everything to me. What will I do without him? I can't leave him, I just can't."

Rei and Usagi were stunned, actually stunned was an understatement, as they looked at their friend. They couldn't understand why. Why would anyone want to stay with a man that hurts them? In frustration Rei let her head fall down onto the table. "I will not believe you of all people are letting this happen!" Her head rose back from the table to confront her friend of 18 years. "Why do you want him back after all the shit he had done to you! Have you completely gone mad, Mako? The Makoto I use to know would never do something like this!"

Makoto leaned in her chair as she listened to her friend, with tears in her eyes. When there was silence she spoke. "Rei, you and I know that when it comes to matters of my heart, I am weak. I always was vulnerable, just like when Freddy dumped me, I stood in the rain crying until Ken came to take me home. I CRIED for days. When I found out Motoki loved Rita I was crushed. Remember when I danced with Tigers Eyes?"

Her eyes looked into the violet ones that held tears. "He promised me he would come back to give me the last dance. I stood out in the rain waiting for him the whole day and night. After all this time, I have gone through so many heart breaks. I have never had a mother to tell me about the signs of love or the dangers of it. I never had a father or grandfather chasing all the untrusting men away. I don't know anything when it comes to love, flirting or dressing up. If I lose my husband, it will kill me, more so than you will ever know. Look at me. Please just open you eyes and look at me. Honestly, why can't you see why Quatre turned to another?"

Usagi sighed, she wanted to grab a hold of Makoto and shake her until she came back to her senses. She did not want to give in to Makoto but she had told them to be honest. So she was going to be honest, "Mako, true to all that you have said about vulnerability, but you are no longer that 14 years old girl, who used to fight because of something small, neither are you that abnormally tall girl. That was 14 years ago. You are an attractive lady now. You've came a very long away."

Before Mako could disagree, Rei spoke. "Mako…I've seen the woman who stole your husband. I admit, she is beautiful, but you have everything she has. The only difference is that she does not hide it with clothes fit for men. You are always hiding your self with those cloths, shapeless ones. And you always have the same hair style and I've known you since we were both ten and Usagi nine. You need a new style of..."

Rei cursed herself as she realized that she brought out the fears of Makoto being unattractive. Her friend was not hideous, mousy maybe but not revolting. If Mako would dress a little more feminine like and..."Wait! I have an idea!" She exclaimed as she looked at both women who looked at her puzzled. She gazed at Mako; she could hardly contain the glee in her eyes. "Are you willing to do anything to get him back?"

Makoto nodded with irritation. Rei only continued to smile; only this time her smile grew wider. "With the rest of the girls help, we are going to help you seduce your husband. He wouldn't know what hit him!"