A/N : Another of my 'it-just-popped-into-my-head-so-I-wrote-it-down' poems, which seem to come to me on Sundays...strange coincidence, I guess. Anyway, this is Buffy's thoughts about Spike when he was holding her all night during the season 7 episode 'Touched'. I watched it again today, love those final three episodes, though it sucked that Spike (and Anya) died like that. Oh well, hope you like the poem - all reviews welcome. Oh, btw, Joss owns BtVS and all the characters.

My Guiding Light

My head upon your shoulder, makes you shiver in the dark
And I wish that I could tell you, what I'm feeling in my heart

You hold me and you love me, and I know that it is real
It took so long but now I know, I understand what you feel

I think sometimes I love you, and I know it's you I need
You make the world a better place, make it bearable for me

When my friends all turned from me, sent me out and on my way
You were there to comfort me, knew exactly what to say

You always believe in me, when I feel I can't go on
I used you and abused you, but you let me carry on

Yet you are not an angel, not in any way at all
But you are everything I need, there to catch me when I fall

And now as we both lie here, and you look into my eyes
I know the end is close to us, and tomorrow we could die

This is when I should say it, just open my mouth and speak
But how can I make promises, on a future that looks bleak?

And so I'll wait and go to sleep, in the safety of your arms
Knowing til the morning light, that we will not come to harm

Then maybe I'll have courage, in myself and in the fight
And find the words to tell you, your love is my guiding light