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Lainie Introduces Herself

It took less then twenty minutes for Mutant X to surround the apparent stranger. The young woman in question was completely unfazed by the amount of people milling about her.

"Your name is Lainie? "

"Lainie is my nickname. My dad has been calling me that since I was about three."

"Who are your parents? "

"I can't tell you that. "

"Why not? "

"Adam, I'm not going to risk destroying my future. I like my future. I'm happily married with four children."

"Then why are you here? "

"I was told I needed to be here to help Shalimar and Mutant X."

"You're a mutant."

"And proud of it."

"What classification are you?"

"Adam I can't tell you that. It would give away who my parents are."

"Who are your parents? "Jesse asked.

"I can't tell you that exactly. But, I am a child of Mutant X at least one of you four is in one of my parents. That is all I'm saying for now. Can I go up to one of the spare bedroom and get some sleep, I'm kind of tired?"

Adam nodded and gestured toward the stairs, "Take any room that you like."

"Thanks, " said Lainie as she picked up her bag and made her way up the stairs to one of the old bedrooms.

"Well Adam what do you make of her?"

"My gut says she is on the level, but I will run some scans on her tomorrow to make sure. Why don't you guys go back to bed will talk more about in the morning."

They all turned to go their respective rooms when the phone rang. Jesse paled a bit. "That could be about Lexa."

Jesse ran over to the computer terminal to answer the phone. "Hello?"

"Is this Jesse Kilmartin?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"This is Dr. Bartholomew Tyler at Byler Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. Do you know an Alisha Keary?"

"Yes I do what's wrong ?"

"Mr. Kilmartin, Ms. Keary has been in a terrible car accident. She just came out of the operating room and while we are hopeful, it doesn't look good she left us this phone number to call you."

"But she is OK right?"

"Mr. Kilmartin I'm going to be completely honest with you. It's a miracle she lasted through the surgery, she's been asking for you. I think she needs your help with something."

"With what? "

"Her three month old son was with her in the car. Miraculously he wasn't harmed at all. It will put her at ease to know her son is taken care of."

The Jesse went very pale as he did some quick math in his head. "Let me have the address. I'll be there tomorrow, I'm not sure what time. If there are any changes call me here or at this number," said Jesse as he rattled off his cell phone number.

"Jesse? Are you okay?" Emma asked.

"Alisha has been in a car accident and she's really bad off. She also has a son, who's three months old."

"Three months old, ooohhh." Emma said faltering on the last syllable.

"Ooohh is right." Shalimar agreed.

"I need to try and get some sleep and they have to go to Lexa. Then I have to get to New Orleans. I'm hoping Dr. Marcus will let Lexa come with me."

"Jesse . . ." Shalimar started.

"I know, but if something happens to Alisha and her son is my son, Lexa needs to agree to raise him with me if that happens. I need her to know."

"I'll have the Helix ready for you first thing in the morning."

"I'm gonna try and get a few hours of sleep and then I'm gonna go see Lexa."

"I think Jesse has the right idea, let's all go get some sleep." Adam said as he turned back toward his room.

"Adam what a minute you trust her?"

"Brennan, she knows the codes. You guys know how we rotate the access codes and always someone who knows the codes would be able to work backwards to know what codes we are using right now. So yes, for now, I trust her."

"C'mon Bren, let's go back to bed. You can interrogate her in the morning." Shalimar says she pulled Brennan toward their suite.

Everyone saw that Adam and Shalimar had a point, so they all trooped off to their various bedrooms. None of them quite sure what the morning would bring.

Several hours later

"Jesse it isn't completely safe."

"I know Dr. Marcus, I just need her there for me and for us. I don't want us to be making possible life changing decisions long distance. We will be in a hospital, I will make sure that she is in bed resting with her feet up when we aren't."

"All right I'll release her. But, the minute you get back. I want her here for a checkup. I want her on bed rest, so if she isn't laying down she's to be sitting down."

"Is there any danger of the bleeding starting again."

"No, but the blood loss was a shock to her system. I wanna be sure she's rested before she starts going at 100mph."

"So no sex?"

"I would say give it at least 24 hours but if she's feeling up to it then there's no problem with you two having sex. No marathon sessions and if she's feeling at all off you should hold back. Give me fifteen minutes and I will get her released OK ?"

"Okay, I'll go take her, her clothes." Jesse said as he turned toward Lexa's room.

"So can I go home?" Lexa asked all traces of the trauma from the day before almost gone from her face.

"Sort of."

"What do you mean sort of? Didn't Dr. Marcus say I could leave? I'll be good, I promise. I'll stay in bed all day if you stay there with me."

"Yes he said you could leave, but I need to talk to you first."

"Is something wrong, someone hurt?"

"Not at Sanctuary. Lexa, I got a call last night from a hospital in New Orleans. Alisha has been in a very bad car accident and has been asking for me. The doctors don't think she's gonna make it."

"Jesse you have to go to her."

"I want you to come with me."

"Jesse why? I can just stay in our suite in Sanctuary."

"Because, I'll worry about you, and there is something else. Alisha has a baby, that was with her in the accident. She has a son who is three months old.."

"A son?" Lexa did the math in her head. "He's yours."

"He could be, the timing is right. Lexa I didn't know."

"Of course you didn't know Jesse. You'd never not acknowledge your child."

"I want you to come with me. If he's my son and something happens to Alisha. I'd want to know you'd be willing to rise him with me. He wouldn't be ours, not biologically."

"Jesse he'd be yours. How could I not love something of yours. If something happens to Alisha, of course we'll take him and I'll raise him with you. Hopefully, Alisha will recover fully and we'll find a way to raise him with her."

Jesse pulled Lexa close to him in a hug. "Thank you, " he said into her hair. "I love you so much. I'm sorry, I just wasn't sure how you would handle this." He let her go and handed her the bag he had placed on the floor. "Why don't you get changed. Emma is dropping us off in New Orleans, from there we'll rent a car and get a hotel room. We can check in and then go sea Alisha. I packed a few changes of clothes for you. I wasn't sure what you'd want to wear."

"Jess, we will make it through this. We also still need to talk about the surgery and the fact that I lied to you . " Lexa moved her finger to have Jesse turn is back so she could get changed.

"Yeah we do . But, right now, let's deal with this then then we can talk about the rest." Jesse politely turned his back to her.

"Are you really mad?" Lexa asked as she put on fresh underwear under her hospital gown.

"No, the Lexa how was I supposed to raise our children if you weren't there to do it with me?"

"I didn't think of that. I just wanting give you that little girl so badly." Lexa said as she slipped into a pair of black and red stripe lose leg drawstring pants. She then turned her back toward Jesse and took off the hospital gown and she put on her favorite red halter top. She topped it with a thin black sweater duster. For shoes Jesse had included a pair of red thick sold flip flops. Lexa hated to admitted but the Man knew how to pull together an outfit for a women.

No sooner had she stepped into the flip flops and Dr. Marcus stepped in and smiled at her.

"All dressed I see."

"Yeah, it's OK if we go?"

"Yes but I want you resting with your feet up as much as possible during this trip. No running , no fighting and if you feel at all off in any way shape or form you're to call me immediately."

"Yes sir!" Lexa said with a snappy salute.

"All right get out of here. I want see you when you get back."

"We'll see you in a couple of days then. Jesse let's go."

An hour later Jesse and Lexa stood on top of the building Emma had just dropped them off on. They picked up their bags and after Jesse phased them through the door they walked down the stairs and onto the street below.

"Okay Maestro, where do we go now?"

"Well Alisha is at the Bywater hospital, which is on Bywater avenue. There it is supposed to be a car rental place not far from here. Aha! There it is. "Jesse pointed to an Avis sign one block ahead. "Let's get a car and see what happens as we get closer to the hospital."

"Am I getting the car or the hotel room? Don't look at me like that, we're in this relationship together which means we share all the expenses. You know I just realized that I never got to ask Dr. Marcus if we could still have sex."

"Oh NO! A few days without sex. Whatever will we do? I guess we'll just have to play chess or some kind of card game."

Lexa slapped his shoulder, "Like you won't miss it."

"I did without that for eight weeks and what I missed most was holding you at night. Here we are . I will get the car rental you can get the hotel room. In we will split what is left between the two us afterwards."


It said Jesse less than ten minutes to arrange an SUV. He then got directions to the hospital, a recommendation of an inn to stay at, and a place to eat some brunch.

"It's just after eleven o'clock Jess. Let's get some food and then we can hit the hospital . I am starving !"

"You get the directions to the restaurant ?"

"Yep ."

Jesse toss her the keys, "You can drive. All, doctor and get an update on Alisha." he said as he climbed into the red Jeep Cherokee.

Lexa got into the driver's seat and got to the restaurant with then another ten minutes. She had them sitting down with some iced tea in their hands in another five. "I'm glad I left my sweater in the jeep." Lexa said as she took a sip of the cold tea. "It is so hot down here. Jesse would you stop worrying he's a doctor I'm sure he will return your phone call as soon as he can. Let's eat something and then we'll go see Alisha. Do you think she might like some flowers?"

"We'll get some when we get there."

"What can I get you folks ?" The waitress named Mabel asked.

"How about two orders of eggs Benedict with the works. Do you have any fruit salad ?"

"Yes sir, made with cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon."

"We will have two of those as well, we'll just drink our iced tea."

"Coming right up."

Lexa waited until the waitress left and then asked, "What is really bothering you Jess ?"

"That if this child is my son, I've lost 3 months with him I can't get back."

"Jesse, he's going to love you. You make it kinda hard not to. We'll talk with Alisha, maybe she had a good reason. I'm going to go powder my nose before the food gets here. I'm also gonna call this little B & B I know and see if they had a cancellation. It's within five minutes of the hospital. I'll be right back."

Jesse nodded,

A few moments later Mabel came back with their plates of food and refilled their drinks. "You enjoy your food now."

"Thank you." Jesse said as he took a bite of food, and then realizing how hungry he was began to really dig in to it.

"Hungry babe?"

Jesse looked up at her with his mouth full of food and nodded.

Lexa put her napkin in her lap and began to dig into her own plate of food with gusto. "Mmmmm, this is so good. I didn't realize how hungry I was. By the way I called the B & B. They had a cancellation we can check in whenever we want."

"Where is it?"

"It's called The House on Bayou Road. They have a cottage and that's what is free. I told them we might need a crib.


"What? If the baby is fine, we can take him back to the inn with us. WHy pay to have him stay in the hospital. He can stay with us until Alisha is out."

Jesse reached out over the table and grabbed her and gave it a squeeze. He waited until she looked him in the eye. ""Doesn't it bother you?"


"That I may have a child, a son with another woman.."

"It bothers me a bit, but neither of us we're virgins when we got together. We also agreed when we got back together this time, that we were starting with a fresh slate. You never hid from me that you and Alisha got together after I left and that you broke it off when you felt you were using her feelings for you.. We agreed to not hold the past against each other. Remember when we first met? I wanted no part of creating a child. I risked my life two months ago to give us that very chance. Do I wish that it was me who could have given you your son? Absolutely. Do I hold it against you ? No. If Alisha has given you your first child there's nothing to be done.

"But I know that if, no when I get pregnant, you'll be there for me. Like Brennan is for Shalimar. You'll see my belly grow, and you find the foods I have for my weird cravings. We'll argue on whether or not find out if the baby is a boy or a girl, and then we'll argue about the names. And the first face that baby will see after being born is yours."


"And even if it never happens, I'll know that's how it would have happened."

"Lexa, we will have a baby of our own. You and I haven't gone through all this, not to have children of our own."

"Good. Are you done eating now?"

"Yeah. Why don't you get the car. I'll get the check . I'll meet you outside in a few."

"Okay, " said Lexa as she leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

Thirty minutes later they walked hand in hand to the hospital.

"She's in room 421" Jesse said.

"Jesse are you ready?" Lexa asked as she climbed out of the SUV.

"When they finally reached room 421, after a quick stop at the gift shop for flowers, they ran into Dr. Tyler.

"Jess, I'm going to go in and give her the flowers, let you and the doctor talk things through." Lexa said as she went into Alisha's room.

"I'm glad you were able to make it so quickly Mr. Kilmartin."

"It isn't a problem Doctor. How is she?"

"Well she'll recover from the injuries sustained in the car accident."

"I hear a but,what's the bad news Doctor?"

"Normally I wouldn't be able to reveal this to you, however Ms Keary has authorized me to share her medical information with you."


"Mr. Kilmartin there is no easy way to say this, but Ms Keary has cancer. Bone cancer to be specific. It apparently was diagnosed soon after she gave birth to the baby."

"But she'll be fine right? With all the advancements in cancer research, and everything they have now?"

"There have been many advancements, they work best when the cancer discovered early. Due to the pregnancy when the cancer was discovered it was already at stage three."

"People still can live with stage three."

"Mr. Kilmartin, it's metasized."

"To where?"

"Her pancreas and her brain."

Jesse felt his heart stop when the pancreas was mentioned. "How long does she have?"

"Mr Kilmartin this isn't an exact science."

"How long?"

"She'll be lucky if she makes it six months."

"Does she know?"

"Yes, she knows. Your son, if you'd like to see him, is in the nursery. He's absolutely fine. You can go see whenever you want."

"I need to see him, but Alisha right now comes first. Has she seen him since the accident?"


"Can you bring him to her room?"

"Sure we can, but only for a little while. We'll also process the paperwork so we can release him to your custody."

"Thank you," said Jesse as he pushed open the door and saw Alisha and Lexa talking.

Except for the bandages, you'd never know the woman in the bed was dying. Jesse went over and kissed Alisha on the cheek.

"Hi Jess, Lexa and I were just getting reacquainted. Good to see you two are back together."

"Alisha the doctor says you're doing good."

"Liar, I know what the doctor told you. So have you seen him yet?"

"No, someone is going to bring him by for a short visit."

"Jess, I'm sorry. I was going to tell you and then right before he was born they found the cancer. I thought I'd keep him as long a I could and then I'd send him to you when I got to sick to take care of him."

Jesse didn't really want to talk about the fact that their son would grow up without Alisha. "What did you name him?"

"William, for your grandfather, I've been calling him Liam for short."

"William huh?"

"I know you loved your grandfather. I decided to name him after min as well. His full name is William Jacob Keary Kilmartin."

"That is quite a mouthful." Lexa said.

"Jesse, I want you to take him with you when you go. You and Lexa will need to raise him."

"Alisha I'm not taking him away from you."

"Jesse you know what the doctor said."

"I don't know what the doctor said." Lexa interjected as she saw the look on Jesse's face.

"I'm dying Lexa. I have maybe six months to live. It's cancer in my bones, brain and pancreas. I'm not going to live to see my sons' first birthday."


Adam finished running his tests on Lainie. When he got the results he double checked and triple checked the results. "You're. . ."

"Yep, I know." Lainie said with a wink and a grin.

"This is unreal. Why are you here?"

"I'm needed Grampa Adam. With Brennan, Shalimar, Lexa, Jesse, Emma and Michael."

"How so?"

"Only Lexa and Jesse are stabilized. You know it was only by a fluke you found that old storage facility that held more of Lexa's and Leo's DNA. With that you were able to stabilize her, just in the nick of time I might add."

"But why?"

"Adam you know Brennan's expiry date is coming up fast. That's why I'm here, you can use my stabilized DNA like a bone marrow transplant."

"So you aren't going to tell them?"

"What? Tell them by the way Daddy I don't exist yet, but I'm you're future kid. Oh yeah that will grow over real well."

"You are quite the piece of work."

"Yeah I know, you've been telling me that since I was two."

"I have?"

"Consider whose daughter I am?"

Adam nodded. "So you can stabilize Brennan what about Shalimar, Emma and Michael?"

"Michael is almost already stabilized and with the results you get from Brennan's stabilization, you'll be able to stabilize everyone else."

"Shalimar's baby?"

"We'll be fine. We're all going to have happy endings. Even you Adam."

"Even me? I'm happy just as I am."


"What about Danielle?"

"I think you need to contact her."


"Would you just do it?"


"My God Adam you sound like my four year old. Would you just do it. I'm going to go work out."

Thirty minutes later Shalimar and Brennan found Lainie working up a sweat. When she took a break Brennan tossed her a bottle of water.


Brennan and Shalimar exchanged a look and took a few steps closer. "We don't want to know all about the future, " began Shalimar. "But, could we ask you about the baby?"

"Depends on what you want to know."

"Is it okay healthwise. I know Adam says it's fine, but the tests could be wrong."

"Your baby is born perfectly healthy and is adored by all of Mutant X. In fact all the babies born into Mutant X beat the odds."

"We all have families?" Brennan asked as he put his arm around Shalimar.

"Yep. This was the best place to grow up. Secure, safe loved. I remember my Dad waiting at the bottom of the stairs as I got ready for my first prom. The look in his eyes when I cam down the stairs was a sight I saw only one other time."

"Brennan looked at her and asked, "When was that?"

"The day I came downstairs wearing my wedding dress."

"You're married?" Shalimar asked, "Do you have children?"

"Yes I do, in fact all of the original MX-ers are grandparents."

"We're grandparents! I'm not even ready to be a mother yet, let alone a grandmother."

"Shal remember I'm from more then 25 years in the future."

"Okay, I'm breathing now. So what do you do?"

"I'm a doctor and M.D. actually?"

"A doctor?"

"Yep I was home schooled so well that I finished high school at fifteen. I finished college at eighteen and medical school at twenty-three. I had to take a year off between my first and second year of medical school."

"Why?" Brennan asked fascinated.

"I got pregnant. I got married at eighteen and when I was nineteen became pregnant. I had some complications which required bed rest for me. I was able to finish my first year but I had to wait until the baby was born, so I took a year off and then went back the following fall term."

"How many children do you have?"

"Four, but my husbands trying to talk me into one more."

"Do we have more children after this one is born?" Shalimar asked as Shalimar caressed his belly. "I don't need to know how many?"

"Yes, you two have at least one more child."

"Do Jesse and Lexa really get married?" Brennan wanted to know.

"Yes they do, and before you ask so do Emma and Michael."

"So everything is perfect."

"No! There are some bad times there is death, and hardship. You two have a few doozies when it comes to fights. But, you all survive and have found contenment. We don't have to hide who we are anymore. You know that two mutants are now able to have a healthy child 90 of the time."

"Are we good parents?" Shalimar asked.

"Yes, you are wonderful parents. You're also a great Aunt and Uncle to your nieces and nephews."

"Is Alisha's baby, Jesse's?"

"Yes he is the father."

"So she's going to be okay "

"No she isn't."

"What?" Brennan asked

"I'm telling you this because Jesse already knows. Alisha is dying she has cancer."

"Oh God!" Shalimar exclaimed. "How long does she have?"

"Doctor's have given her maybe six months, but with Adam's help she lives to see her son's first birthday. She dies a few days after that."

"Nothing came be done?"

"Adam does everything he can. The doctor's think it'' be miraculous if she makes it six months. They are bringing here to live so that the three of the can raise the baby."

"So she knows?"

"Yeah she knows."

"This won't affect Jesse and Lexa will it?"

"Nope, they will get exactly what they want. Not exactly the way they want. But they get it."

Brennan saw his opening and took it, "So is the baby a boy or a gilr?"

"Brennan!" Shalimar said as she punched his shoulder. "We said we didn't want to know."

"Well I just thought it would be nice to know."

"You know my Dad said the same thing. My mom told me that he talked and read so much to her belly when I was born I was looking around for his voice."

Shalimar felt a nigle of fear. "Why are you here Lainie?"

"I'm here to help all of you. Well not so much Jesse and Lexa they are already stabilized."

"So you're here to stabilize me." Brennan said.

"Pretty much."

"Can you tell us more about you?" Shalimar asked.

"It depends on what exactly you want to know."

"You said you were home schooled?"

"Yeah adam thought it might be for the best as they weren't certain when my abilities would show up. It was the same for Liam."


"Jesse and Alisha's son. He was home schooled as well. He runs the Keary-Kilmartin Enterprises. He's also married with children of his own."

"You said you were maried as well?"

"Fourteen years. My Dad did not want me to get married."

"Did he think you were too young?"

"No he just didn't want me to get married. I was very much a Daddy's girl. Still am actually. He likes to believe my children were found under blueberry bushes."

"Why?" Brennan asked.

"Because in his mind his little girl is not in any way shape or form having sex."

"Is he a good man, your husband?" Brennan asked.

"Yes he is. He's a good man, husband and father. Of course it took a lot of convincing for my father to believe that."


"Well my husband looks like his father. His father created some problems for you guys."

"Really who was he? Never mind you probably can't tell us."

"That's right I can't."

"Hey you want to join us for dinner? We're going to get some Thai food for Sahl's cravings."

"I love Thai food, the spicer the better."

"Let's go. Is Lainie your real name?"

"Nope, it's a nickname my Dad gave me when I was young."


"Yep, are there any bookstores around here?"

"Yeah there are a few."

"Good because I need some books, since I'll be here for awhile and I can't be without books."

"Like to read do you?" Brennan asked.

"I love to read. I learned to read by the time I was two-and-a-half. My dad read to me all the time. He wasn't quite sure what to do with a girl, so I got it all. I love to read. I played dress up and had tea parties. I'm also have a second degree black belt in tae kwon do, I play basketball, I'm also one hell of a kickboxer."

"Tea parties and Tae kwon do?" Shalimar asked. "Well that's well rounded."

"My Mom insisted."

"She sounds great."

"She is, she's been the best Mom. I don't think I've told her nearly enough how great she is. I'm starting to get hungry myself. Let's go before I start gnawing on my arm."

As if on cue Shalimar's stomach started growling.

"Ah the stomach speaks and so we go." Brennan said with a grin.


"Jesse?" Lexa called from the bathroom.

"I'm in bed."


"I'm waiting for you."


"Yeah I thought we could watch a movie, snuggle and maybe talk."

"I really like that idea," Lexa said as she came out of the bathroom wearing a peach toned tank and short set.

Jesse felt the spit dry up inhis mouth. "Very nice."

"I bought it at the little boutique that was just down the road. You like it?"

"Very much."

"Good I bought it in five colors." Lexa said as she climbed into the bed next to Jesse. She put her arms around him and snuggled close to him. "You know it's all right to be upset Jesse."

"I know I just feel empty right now."

"What do you want to do?"

"Bring them both back to Sanctuary. We've got that extra room right next to our suite. We could set alish up and that Liam can spen every night with him. You never know Adam may be able to give her more time."

"Jesse he can't cure it."

"You never know."

"Jesse I do know. I had the records sent to Adam and Dr. Marcus."


Lexa shook her head against his chest. "Dr. Marcus knows of an experimental treatment that might give her a few more months at best, but that's it."

Jesse closed his eyes and wrestled with the helplessness. He wasn't able to control the bile that suddenly rushed into his throat. He launched himself out of the bed and into the bathroom.

Lexa got up and went to the bathroom. She wet a washcloth and after Jesse stopped the heaving she flushed the toilet for him and handed him a small bottle of mouth wash. "Rinse your mouth you'll feel better."

Jesse took the bottle and proceeded to rinse his mouth out.

Lexa scooted herself on the ounter and brought Jess between her legs so she could use the washcloth to wipe his face.

"You are really good at this."

"This what?"

"Taking care of me."

"Tit for tat and all of that. Why don't you take another quick shower and then join me in bed."

"Okay, Lexa about the plans for Alisha."

"I think it's a great idea."

"You do?"

"Yes, if we're going to be raising Liam he needs to be around both of us. He needs, his mother as long as he can have her. I'm sure Adam can get the room ready for her. We can buy an SUV and use it to drive the four of us back to Sanctuary. She'll also going to need help with setting up her business to be run in her abscence. She'll also need to tie up any and all loose ends."

"I love you, Lexa."

"I love you too. I'm going to love raising that boy with you. He already looks so much like you. I'm going to pop in Pretty Woman. You come and join me as soon as your done with your shower."

"Lexa I don't want to wait to get married."

"Pardon me?"

"I don't want to waste anymore time. We can call Emma and have her arrange it. She really should start her own business. I want us if you do."

"Okay. I'll call Emma in the moning and have her get the ball started. No go take your shower."

Twenty minutes later Jesse was towel drying his hair and dressed in black sleep shorts, then he climbed into bed beside Lexa.

Lexa moved around so they could comfortably recline in the huge bed.

"Where are we at?"

"I fast forwarded to where they are having breakfst the next morning. He's about to ask her to be his beck and call girl."



"If you want after the wedding we can start on that family of ours."

"Well not right away."


"Well for one we'll have Liam. I also need to have Dr. Marcus check and make sure the scar tisue isn't growing back too fast."

"And once he give us the green light?"

"We'll be at it like a pair of bunnies. Then when I get fat and have cravings, you'll be flying all over the place to get what I desire."

"You plan on having weird cravings?"

"You bet, Ice cream with sardines and fudge sauce, just like on 'I love Lucy.'"

"Blech! How many kids do you want?"



"Yeah hopefully two girls and a boy. That way Liam can have a brother and the girls will have each other."

"So four in all."

"Yeah, I mean Liam might become a business mogul, the girls could be god only knows what and at least one hopefully will continue in the grand tradition of Mutant X."

"This is so surreal."


"Because before we got together the first time, you had zero desire for children."

"And you wanted a hundred little Lexa's."

"But four?"

"I like even numbers."

"What happens if we have three girls."

"Then I guess I might give a try to having five."


"I want to give you a son too."



"Come here," said Jesse as he drew her close to his chest and entwined their legs together.

Lexa snuggled close, "I missed this so much."

"So did I? I got used to sleeping next to me."

"How upset with me are you."

"About the surgery."


"I'm upset that you didn't trust me with the idea. I would have supported your desire to have the surgery. I could have been there. We could have decided if we were willing to risk it."

"I didn't want to get your hopes up."

"Is that the truth?"


"What's the truth?"

"I was afraid."

"Of what?"

"That eventually you'd regret marrying me if I wasn't able to give you children. I couldn't believe I was enough. I'd never been enough before, not just me."

"And now?"

When I called you that last time right bfore I went on for the major part of the surgery. I realized that you really wanted me. Babies or not."

"You've always been wanted."

"No I haven't, not by most of the men in my life. Not by my parents. No one wanted just me, until you."

"Lexa I did some checking after you first told me about your parents giving you and Leo up. I found something out. About ix months after they surrended you. They tried to get you both back. They were told you were now under a need to know basis. They weren't allowed to know."

"Are they still alive?"



"Yep, you also have siblings."


Your parents left the military right after they were denied acess to you. About five years later, your mother became pregnant with twins again. If you want I can give you the address. You could go see them."

"I'd have to tell them about Leo."

"No you wouldn't."

"Jess I have to tell them. He was their son."

"Before you came back, I wrote them after I found their address. I told them what happened. Our mother wrote me back, thanking me for informing them. She asked that I tell you, when you're ready they'd like to see you."

"They want to see me?"

"Since the experiments they tried on your parents, created you and Leo. I had Adam put them in the underground. Just in case your brother and sister started developing the mutant gene."

"Where are they?"

"They live in Lousiana."

"Here in New Orleans?"

"No, they live in Baton Rouge. We could go see them if you want. Alisha is trying to gain her strength back so she can spend some time with Liam."

"Maybe in a few days."

"Okay, we can also hand deliver the news of the wedding. Are you mad that I didn't say anything?"

"I don't think I would have been ready to hear the news before now."

"You getting tired?"

"Yeah turn off the TV." with that she turned over on her right side.

Jesse turned off the TV and after covering then with a light blanket spooned behind her.

A few minutes later they were both sound asleep.