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Natural Instincts

The war was finally at a complete and utter stand still. In every essence of the word and definition the world still shuddered in the after-effects of the last gruesome attack. Blood constantly pooled and dribbled down broken bodies and limbs in every retching direction, as the city stood in shambles and destruction in a captivating yet demonic embrace of red and black. The sickly sight and smell of decomposing flesh of multiple colors and life altogether nearly rotted out anyone's senses.

To just think upon all the mutilated and ravaged corpses would bring most hiding and rebelling against it all into a frenzy of coughs and chokes from all the rotting and fly/maggot infestations. The constant munching away at what was once a perfect specimen of life and happiness, only to be replaced with a gross chomping and slurping sound made thousands of stomachs to gargle and protest.

Not even the puncture wounded, flesh burning and flapping about on unhinged bodies, with lips and faces smeared with there own life force, while looks of hurt and silent screams of soulless faces, still bared on them in hideous memories. Bile would fill the coves of darkness in all areas making the smell almost even more pungent, if it was possible, as the unquestionable act of slaughter plagued many's thoughts and dreams from here hence on.

Greasy coats of smoke and battle, highlighted what little was standing in the sweet ashes of disturbance and cruelty. The shifting cement and broken wire lines sparked the darkening area in hypnotizing arrays as the shadows played across the distressed area in almost glorious music. The shambles of a once true building as an OZ mech. slammed un-mercilessly into the outer edges, leaving the cruel indentation and default of it's riffles or energy weapons spewed upon the blackened walls, lighting the tiny web-like cracks.

Fingers would restlessly trace the tiny creaks in the walls, and dribble in the coagulating blood with curiosity and regret. Screams erupted thoughout the city in magnitude, as all around would follow the cries to another whimpering survivor. People became dependent on one another as fearless groups salvaged what little they could and scrambled to save what little they had left. Though most would move on from this horrid event…no one…no one would forget or let it be forgotten.

Many would stare at the portrait of war with whimpers and shaking heads as they scrambled about with hope for safety and loved one's. Who didn't survive found the bliss of peace while those alive would suffer many hardships for the rest of their lives in darkness. Depression, relapses, drug dependants, mental illness, and suicide would become major players in the near future for all who saw this day and all would weep for there lives and loss. Still, each side never gave in or disintegrated the theories and stories of the whole encounter of the cities and world demise.

Both sides disputed and prepared for the inevitable conquest and destruction of the opposing side with as much force and angst that could drive the purest soul mad with utter disbelief and distaste at the whole picture. Many not taking sides after the first battle and horrorfull massacre, or not plain not really caring on who won any more as long as the whole war and blood shed disengaged and transformed into the much awaited and promised…peace.

Little did the wishing prayers of all figures learn is that all the fighting would continue for awhile with more deaths and deceit in the background. Fighters for peace would flutter the Earth and Space in minimal proportions, but the inevitable demise of Oz and all there to suffer there once beautiful Earth were in there last moments, or so they thought. Many heroic beings salvaged and rebuilt what was destroyed, even if done slowly, but was done with heart and love in remembrance. All in all, the war continued on even if in relapse and quiet time, but all knew and could feel the trouble and dwellers of evil making plans and shadowly setting them in motion.


For the first time in the longest period, Heero finally felt a little relieved and slightly wistful. His Gundam, Zero, was finally not laying in ruins with deep gashes needing immediate repairs, and the others were no where to be seen, made his day uneventful and a tad boring but on a very bright side. His mind was lavishing in the idea of total silence but deep down inside, in the darkest part of his soul he was scared of the total and utter privacy everyone seemed to hand him. /Why are they always shunning me away?/ Heero sighed heavily biting his lower lip a tad out of a new habit. Known as the perfect soldier, a machine built for killing, and that's what everyone seemed to see him as. He was far from that though. He still had feelings no matter how hard he closed himself off from them or as many drugs the *_good_* doctor pumped through his system.

Heero unconsciously brushed a piece of his messy hair out of his face letting memories of past pains and hardships flood his nerves and senses with a slight dampness beginning in his grey-blue orbs. He flinched slightly as every prink, prod, slap, punch, kick, or even the most horror filled treason on his body, let alone anyone else's unwilling body, was replayed dizzyingly to the boys mind.

Closing his eyes tightly, Heero fell across his bed mumbling something incoherent and resting his hands behind his head, trying desperately to forget his current train of thought and relax with what little time he had left. Yawning, and thinking of his horrible existence, as he knew it made him feel worthless and used like a finely grazed piece of meat. He couldn't help but feel so out of place everywhere he went let alone everyone he met due to his tormentor…uh doctors…training and curses of his existence. Never a reassurance of things done right, never a hug or smile for his difficult accomplishes through the tuff days and years they forced him into their grips of what to be and how to be it. Always a glare or snarling slap when done wrong or even right and they dissected his young frame into tiny pieces, changing and incorporating what wasn't essential in his eyes. The pain of it all and scars accumulating across his pinkened flesh were always disgusting reminders of what he was...or made to be...but that wasn't him after all was it? Heero traced a few darkened patches of forced scarred flesh with shaky fingers and tears.

Sure Duo, Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei claimed to be his friends but they where just as clueless about the real him as everyone else, maybe even worse in some major instances. Hell, even Relena's despicable contact and chasing him like an un-kawaii bitch, treated him better than most, and that was very disturbing to the young man as newly taken feelings returned. What was the real him? The thought plagued his mind like a flesh-eating virus, never letting him go and slowly devouring every essential part of him. The blue eyed wonder, long forgot what it was like to truly be happy and free in the sense of normality from all the wars and deaths the fluctuated about him. All he understood now was kill or be killed, survival of the fittest, and that was upsetting to the boy for he didn't want to survive if he couldn't be his true self.

The cobalt eyed boy turned to his side and stared out the window, as his tears and reflection graced the glass plane with perfect ripples of color and light with abided sadness. It was tranquilly dark out and all the stars above shimmered and glowed eerily yet with an unquestioned beauty. The moon was full and he marveled at its crystalline look in the sky making all his thoughts be forgotten and air seem to chill. Breathing deeply he stared at the moon some more getting lost in its currents and magic.

No matter what Heero stated, he loved the moon and space more than anything else in his entire despised life. The Zero pilot after all was the heart of outer space and that's where he belonged and truly believed he should remain, even if the Earth felt slimly homely and safe. /Why the hell am I here then?/ Shaking his head he sat up and walked over to the window with burning cobalt orbs. /I want to be there./ Gently he traced the outline of the moon with his fingertips. /But they need me here. The war…/ The caress he made on the cool window sent shivers down his spine in majestic transparency, as his vision was blessed with silver heaven. /One day…One day…I'll be up there again. Soon…/ His body ached for something he didn't quite comprehend and yet felt so homely all in one, as he arched into the cool grasp of the moonlight and glass precision.

Heero finally able to take his blurry eyes off the pleasant glow of the moon walked swiftly over to his laptop and turned it on with a ever present click of the button. His silent footsteps were the only movements in the whole household making him seem like a mouse as it stealthily inched away from the pursuing cat. They were once again in one of Quatre's mansions and at the moment he couldn't figure out which one nor did it really matter. /Oh well./ He sighed again and sat down in the uncomfortable chair staring at the monitor in front of him as the screen lit up and pressed him for multiple passwords. Quickly, and swiftly he checked for new missions, while smoothly shifting his feet across the floor. None was the reply he wasn't sure if it was good or bad. /More time to think…/ Heero grudgely thought.

Checking his e-mail for the hell of it was disgusted at the sight, mostly all from baka-Relena. /How the hell did she get my email address?/ He gagged at the girls persistent, and deleted every last message from her without reading them and sent a nice worm/virus hybrid to her computer. /If she wasn't so important for peace I would kill her, damn it./ He promptly changed e-mail address *_again_*, setting up virus and walls for protection from that brat who kept following him like a lost puppy, was truly despicable to women all around with her carelessness and stupidity. /Couldn't she take a hint?/ He mumbled and proceeded to think of the stability of the future prime minister and researching fair mental housing for the girl, as good and excellent were to much for the girl in his opinion on her life. Poor was just pushing it in his mind, so fair it is.

While still on the computer, skimming through old logs and mission reports, to pass the time, Heero heard the door open with a loud shriek. He winced inwardly at the sound. /Sounds just like Relena's constant screaming and whining./ He grinned at the realization at how many evil sounds and objects could be compared to the girl and then frowned. Heavy footsteps could be heard outside his door with soft voices to go along with them. He could hear Duo picking on Wufei, which wasn't unusual, with mirth and eagerness in the braided pilots' voice. Quatre and Trowa were quiet, but for the blonde that was slightly strange, making the Zero pilot ponder the occurrence. Then his ears picked up pilot 05 lash or punch out at Duo and Quatre's quick interception of the violence. The ordeal eased his mind greatly as all normality in his new friends returned. He learned long ago to tune them out, while riding his own thoughts and world and that's what he did once he realized they where all fine.

"Can't be too sure…" Heero whispered to himself, whiling trying to believe it himself.

Tiring of staring at the screen, eyes almost crossing from staring to long, Heero rubbed his much-abused eyes and promptly switched off the computer. As the laptop hummed into silence the tank-top clad boy smiled sadly and trekked his fingers across the warm contours. Feeling at the passion his equipment held him and gave him, Heero almost cried out that that was his only real friend and confine, even if it could be picked, scrambled, and taken away.

The brown haired boy pushed the chair out of his way roughly and trotted back to his bed where he fell into the soft, cushiony, bed spread. He rubbed his hands all over the soft fabric savoring the feel under his hard hands letting the tingles take him away. /So soft./ Without thinking he got under the covers and he hastily fell into deep slumber letting all thoughts and events lull and damage him even in the scape of dreams.

The pilot 01 was so immersed in his nightmare yet passion filled dream that he never noticed the moon glimmer and radiate like no other in accordance to his weeps and struggles. It was pulsing and releasing a sweet song for his ears only with angelic whispers and gentle touches of heavenly bells and chimes. A smile tugged at his red lips as the melody reached his ears in perfect harmony and righteousness. Heero felt so warm and loved when the sounds mingled with his body and mind, so unlike what his life was in reality making waterfall tears trickle down his pick cheeks and strong chin.

A glowing figure materialized and stood above the sleeping figure in a ghostly rain of smoke and glitter, brushing his hair delicately from his face with loving fingers. The women had bright, blazing blue eyes that seemed much older and seen more things than seemed possible for her seemingly age, as they stared worriedly at the sleeping pilot. Long, flashy blonde hair fell down her back in mounds, with two perfectly styled buns on-top of her head encased and ensured her in immaculate glamour and silver crown, ruffled against her white/silver dress, making her shimmer even more.

/Perfect./ She thought and pulled her hands away with almost regret and longing. She didn't really want to remove herself from his soft skin, but she came here for a reason, even if he was the center of it. Leaning over the sleeping boy she gently caressed his cheek with her delicate fingertips and brushed her glossy, pink lips against his own. She couldn't help herself from wanting more and more as the tension and brilliant thirst the boy before her gave her, she deepened the kiss with skilled gentleness and savageness making the other moan in her mouth. Hearing his moan drove her further into oblivion of bliss as she nibbled his lower lip cutely and gracefully lapsed at his lips and pushed her tongue into his overwhelming mouth; tasting the sweet nectar that was Heero and loving every second of it. Her fingers unconsciously brushed through his bangs and caressed his scalp as she moved into the boy's warmth and body as if she was a part of it.

With a groan and purr of pleasure from both parties she grudgingly stopped the kiss and stared at the boy before her for what seemed like eternity. /At last I've found you again, my love./ She quickly but softly kissed his lips leaving the boy gasping and rubbing against her. This time through the delicious embrace a bright, strangely familiar light came from her mouth and into his awaiting one, making her mission successfully with a mummer of longing and joyousness. The blonde caressed his cheek again and started to fade when she saw the flutter of Heero's eyelashes.

The edges of his eyelids opened a tad, showing the world a pleasurable blue with so much more as the girl smiled sadly and kissed his nose cutely. Blinking a few times, Heero cocked his head to the side and glanced at the gorgeous figure before him. Each stared into the others eyes, neither one daring to speak or break eye contact for fear of losing the other. Before he could rub his eyes or pinch himself to make sure the wasn't a lovely dream she disappeared in a flash…


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