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Natural Instincts
Chapter 6

A crisp, silent wind ruffled and drew the long, gorgeous, flowing brown locks in a whirl of spiral like twisters, in a completely closed off room. Multiple amounts of cool shivers slithered down the boys spine, tackling and clenching at his chest making small gaps of surprise erupt from him slightly parted, rosy lips. Long eye lashes blinked repeatedly as fingers rubbed wide blue/violet eyes in a state of utter shock. His chibi like face was consumed in an emotion of shock and disbelief as his weary eyes nervously glanced at his other partners response to the current situation at hand. Three other stares enchanted him in a sweet icy glare of confusion and terror. Duo inwardly shuddered at his friends reactions making his whole world seem a little less impossible. The 02 pilot's arms wrapped around himself in a state of protectiveness as he watched Wufei, Trowa, and Quatre sway and growl on heavy mind and feet. /I guess they saw it too, but saw what?/ The brown haired boy quarried as a small link encased the hold on a deep, forgotten presence in his troubled memories. Duo furrowed his eyebrows moving his view back to the empty bed that once held Heero in it's warmth and grasp.

Duo's bangs licked at his face, creating soft tickles across his cheeks making the whole atmosphere seem even more illogical. The Deathscythe pilot's knees felt wobbly and yet still at the same time. The boy's mind raced with uncertainly as wide violet eyes blinked one last time as he dropped to the ground in a crumbled heap of delicate proportions, letting the soft carpet sooth the fall and hardships on his knees. Dainty yet masculine fingers brushed across the bushy, dirty pattern of fabric as a warm tingle enveloped his mind in a tremor of overflowing pictures and equations. Past, present, and future swallowed the boy as he silently wallowed in there nature.

Head filled with unknown yet familiar thoughts and sounds as a green shirt, spandex clad boy with yellow sneakers and a killer glare scurried and buried its imprint in his long term memory. Duo gritted his teeth and bowed his head, twisting it in the carpet over and over again as his body felt overcome with meaning like no other. A small, oh so tiny voice vibrated in his mind, seemingly making his migraine increase in intensity ten fold. A single, wishing tear of pleading and diversity winded down his slightly pinkened cheek, leaving a tiny trail of salt encased water as a pinkish red tongue dashed out and licked the tiny speck away as the offending drop of life wound its way near his parted, chapped yet glossy lips.

/D...u...o...h...e...l...p...m...e...!/ Duo's mind ringed in panic as cries of help inched closer and closer to his heart, making small grunts escape his parched throat.

"Wha?" Duo stated aloud in a gruffly voice making the other return there quizzical attention to his strange behavior.

"You all right Maxwell?" Wufei asked actually sincere as his dark black eyes narrowed in his direction.

The 02 pilots licked his lips shyly trying desperately to think of something that wouldn't sound to lame. Blowing up on his bangs making them feather about him, Duo sat up and grinned impishly at the trio.

"Sure Wu-man I just thought I heard something. Hehe! Guess I'm just hearing things." The braided boy replied giddily as much as he could muster.

"You sure?" Quatre asked softly as his light blue eyes danced across Duo's frail body trying to pull the truthfulness in his words free.

"Yeah Q-man just kind of confused and uncertain at what just took place with Heero. I have never in my life seen anything similar to that and I don't think I want to again." Duo shivered as his words took effect in the others.

"What did just happen? And where the hell did Yuy go?" Wufei raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms as he looked for answers.

"No idea, but it's bad, real bad." Quatre softly answered bowing his head in defeat and anguish of a lifetime.

"Why do you say that koi?" Trowa rubbed the blondes arms gently as his green eyes asked with confusion and interest.

"I don't know I just feel it. Heero is..." Quatre stopped and shook his head rapidly, letting his hands smack at his forehead in anger. Trowa frowned and pulled his loves arms back down and intertwined their fingers giving his sweaty palm a small squeeze.

"I agree with you Q-man, for some unknown reason Heero is going to need us for what I haven't a clue but we can't let our bud down after all the times he's saved our asses." Duo smiled a sad smile and peeked at the empty sheets once more.

"Arigatou Duo-kun" Quatre sighed and gripped his green-eyed koi's hand tighter as a wave of pain and love entered his being, nearly making him faint in its pure intensity.

"Strange but I also feel he will need our help soon. All I can say is Yuy better have a damn well good explanation for leaving like that. That was fucking freaky even for me." The 05 pilot grunted and sagged against the bedroom wall.

The others looked at him and then burst out laughing at his demeanor. Each were caught up in the moment letting for the time being there problems with Heero to deflate into nothingness and letting the warmth of humor sooth there souls.

"What?" Wufei quarried, ruefully.

"Ha Wufei actually agrees once. It's a miracle." Duo raised his arms in the air and shook them. " Do you need to see a Doctor? I think Sally Po is available and close to this safe house." Duo giggled and made a kissy face.

"Shut up BAKA!" Wufei hissed trying hard to hide his blush, making his palms clutch by his side in an intense grip.

"Awe, come on Wu-bear I'm sure she'd love to see you." The 02 pilot continued on his bashing with only a tad of his usual sense of humor. /Oi, I wish Heero was here./ His mind once refreshed the reason for his half-heart in the pestering.

"Baka's all of you." Quatre and Trowa looked at the two and held onto each other as they tried desperately to stifle their own laughter.

Duo clutched at his stomach as he pointed and laughed at the Chinese pilot with a mirth and sadness in his voice. A small trickle of tears dripped down his pale face as his laughs slowly turned into body shaking sobs. Wufei just shook his head and rolled his eyes, making his tight ponytail rub against his back.

/Duo!/ The gravely, boyish yet mannish voice echoed throughout his veins and brain in a sweet flow of vibrations once more.

The braided boy sat down once again and set his chin on his knees, his fingers dug into the fuzz, gripping and pulling the tiny strands out in an angered fuss. A huge wave of pressure surround his mind once more almost sending the boy riling back. Whispers of hurt, pain, anger, love, light, and dark succumb his subconscious like a web of deceit. Duo's lips quivered as the tiny voices become one large one that meant almost the world to him. A soft growl like speech of worry urned it's way in him and clouded his eyes and blossomed and seeded in his heart.

"Heero?" Duo's lips murmured as his shaky voice was carried visibly and flowingly away from him like an angel's whisper of light. "Where are you?" The distraught boy asked as the others quickly churned silent, watching with wide worried eyes at there braided friend.

Violet eyes closed in pain as Wufei walked silently over to the fallen boy and crouched next to him placing soothing arms around his slender frame. The Chinese pilot dropped his head on top of the American and held the trembling boy close as he listened curiously as the 02 pilot babbled nonchalantly about Heero. The black haired boy shook himself and Duo in a comforting fashion like a mother lulling her newborn to sleep. His sweet lips whispered comforting words in hopes of relieving some of the violet eyed boys sadness as well as his own. Wufei clutched the boy closer into a comforting, warm hug as tears flowed freely down both teenagers faces. The 05 pilot blinked his own water filled eyes and chanced a glance at the other two. Raising an eyebrow in a seemingly form of the question 'What the hell happened?' he only receive a pair of green and blue sad eyes with shaking heads. Sighing loudly Wufei continued his menstruations on the broken Duo with a heavy heart of his own to deal with.

Green eyes dabbed with a sultry blue basked in the rooms darkness seemingly to make them glimmer in the moons clutches. Long fingers danced across a warm back in tiny patterns making the other move in closer to the crafty yet oh so enjoyable feeling take over the feeling of shock that swirled and traveled down his very veins. Pale finger clutched over his heart as his face grew pale and clammy, making the sudden comfort outmatch the hurting his space heart threw at him at a deathly pace. Quatre looked at the others and then at Trowa as long arms wrapped comfortable around his slim waist.

"Are you alright koi?" Trowa kissed the blonde's cheek gently, letting his warm lips caress and suckle the others soft flesh, sending several sensations of pleasure down the 04 pilots frame.

"Not really." Quatre turned in Trowa's clutches and looked deeply into the others forest green eyes for what seemed like a lifetime.

"..." The banged boy raised a eyebrow and frowned slightly grabbing his love closer to him so there breaths mingled and consumed both of them in a lust filled cloud of never-ending pure and undivided love.

"It's just...I can feel Heero yet he's happy now but I sense a great power out for him." The blue eyed boy grabbed Trowa's shoulders with a vice grip letting his small fingers crush the soft skin beneath, nearly making his quiet koi cringe at the assault. "He'll need our help as well as others, I don't know who yet, but his disappearance like what just took place is really affecting all of us, Duo most of all and all the conflicting emotions is really drawing my strengths to there limits. I just don't know how long I can shut most of it out before..." Quatre buried his head in the glorious curve of Trowa's neck.

"Shh...it'll be alright you'll see. Heero will be fine and so will the rest of us. Just be patient love, everything will work out I know it will." Trowa stated sweetly as his hands cupped Quatre's soft, slightly chubby cheeks.

"Promise?" Quatre placed his smaller, paler hands on top of the 03 pilots.

"I promise." Trowa lowered himself to Quatre's height and stared lovingly into his koi's bright blue orbs. "I won't..." The brown haired boy rubbed the blonde's cheeks with his calloused thumbs in a circular motion sending shivers all along Quatre's spine. "let anyone..." He closed his deep green eyes and blew on the other's glossy, red oh so kissable lips as his own inched ever so closer just barely touching. "ever..." Trowa licked Quatre's lips and outlined them with his pink tongue gently, pulling and nibbling the bottom curve and then blowing on the wetness making the 04 pilot shiver and moan. "hurt you..." He delicately kissed the other boy's honey like lips, of his angel, savoring every ounce of the koi he loved, as bodies munched together to make one with tongues dancing and clashing one another in a fire wave of pure bliss. "or the others..." Trowa breathed out heavily as he dropped both of there hands to there sides with fingers still intertwined tightly. "Nothing..." He oh so swiftly butterfly kissed Quatre's neck all the way up to his ear in which he proceeded to lick and suck at the gorgeous curve making the blonde turn his head to the side and purr. "will ever happen..." The Heavyarm's pilot whispered in his ear before giving in one last twirl of the tongue and proceeded to kiss the juncture between his neck and shoulder. "to you..." Trowa bit slightly in his precious flesh as the other whimpered in delight and clung and rubbed against the taller pilot making there arousals touch and create sweet friction in the confines of there clothing sending both to planes of passion and moans of desire of true love. "my love I promise." The banged boy gasped out as he moved his hips against Quatre's and kissed the boy passionately and longingly as hands danced across each other without a worry on who saw or cared as each was carried into there own special realm of heated flesh and never-ending friction of wanting and lust love.

A set of violet and black stared dreamy eyed at the two as Quatre jumped up and wrapped his legs tightly around Trowa's waist eliciting another frenzy of heavenly groans.

"Wow, I never knew they had it in them." Duo commented with a sly smile splayed across his tear stained face.

"You've got that right." Wufei cringed slightly at the sight and then warmed to the pure love that was entering the room and souls from there remarkable display of affection.

"Kawaii!" Duo sighed and closed his eyes trying desperately to tune out the grunt's, groan's, and purr's as another crystal tear dripped down his cheek and chin.

The tiny drop was wisped away in a warm yet cool breeze as the sweet song of innocence and knowledge whimpered into his virgin ears. /Don't fret Duo-kun, I'll see you again and all will be well my friend./ Heero lipped out in the depths of space as he watched the world turn on it's axis. Twirling his wrist the once and yet still perfect soldier sent rays of light down to his friends and companions in a show of appreciation and love, with a true smile splayed across his handsome features.

Unbeknownst to the group on Earth, small star like sparks ventured toward them incased in a clear like substance as they surround them and cradled their bodies giving all support. Each object of space and love laughed about Duo and the others in a playfulness pose as each took hold of one of the pilots. The star sparks twisted and dug there way in the sweet, sweat stained, pale yet flushed flesh, making the boys gasp in the coolness of the encounter.

Blonde hair braided into two twists on each side of her head blew gently in the open window as her elbows dug into the side of the sill. Relena, sighed and closed her blue orbs as she dropped her head into her hands and let the cool wind carry her worries away. Her feet danced across the wood floor as her toes played with the barriers of the chair in which she sat upon. The girls long, flowing night gown bristled around her in a spectacle of color at an almost blinding approach.

"Oi Heero come back to me." Her red lips purred into the night as a smirk and hearts grew in her eyes and face.

"Heero..." She murmured his name lazily as her blue eyes opened and stared at the stars in the sky with longing and hope with the like she had never seen before.

The moon and stars shimmered all around her in a beautiful array of colors and lights, making the girl urn for a touch of space. Relena raised a hand and played her fingers about as she pleaded to feel the joyousness of the stars above that held such warmth and love. The silver moon smiled down at her and then frowned and turned away as rays of dark light surround the girls aura, blurring and contaminating her being without her knowledge. Clouds surrounded the giant block as the prime minister watched unnoticeable of the changes before her with a gentle smile played across her young, soft features.

"Heeo koi.." The blonde whispered into the night as her words were drifted away by a devilish wind.

Shaking her head, she gracefully stood up and pushed away from the great window and practically twirled over to her oversized mirror, with the spandex boy on her brain. Plopping down in the cushion, giggling and light headed, Relena picked up a brush and began the task of riding her hair of knots. /One...two...three.../ She counted each stroke of the brush as it glided easily through her locks. Her blue heavenly eyes closed slowly as the girl basked in the soothing feeling the brushing brought forth. Relena almost reached one-hundred when her attention was pulled from her favorite topic...Heero and herself...when a loud knock came from her bedroom door. /Hee-kun/ Her mind raced.

Jumping up hopefully, the blonde dropped the brush and glanced at her reflection praying she looked presentable for her long lost koi. Prancing to the door swaying her hips in practice with great ease, Relena clutched the cool door knob and began the slow ascent of it opening. The oak door opened with a loud creek and groan of protest as blue eyes saddened at the figure before them.

"Hello Miss. Relena." A deep voice replied as he took her hand in his and kissed it.

"Hello Darien." The girl blinked and let the dark clothed man in with a hug and kiss on the cheek. "What is it that you want this time?" Relena quarried good naturally as she walked seductively back to her mirror and grooming area, and returning to her hair brushing.

"Right to the point my dear where's the fun in that." The black haired boy smirked as his dark eyes glanced around the room.

Darien walked over to her and twisted a piece of her soft locks in between his fingers, he then brushed his lips gently against hers in a small lip lock. Licking his lips, he walked slowly over to her bed with his boots clunking on the floor all the way. Pushing his sword out of his way, the prince sat down on the soft mattress and crossed his legs.

"Just tell me or leave." Relena sneered and wiped her lips clear of his spit.

"It's about your Hee-koi, I know how to get him for you lovely." Darien grinned wickedly as Relena dropped her brush and looked wide eyed at him with her mouth in the 'o' shape.

"How?" Relena whispered almost unnoticeable as she twirled a lock of blonde hair in nervousness and glee.

/Knew that would get your attention you little bitch./ The boy laughed to himself and stared manically at her as his plans would soon fall true.


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