The tears remained choked up in her throat. She felt her heart snap in half, watching his sacrifice to the team. The shock of what this meant nearly paralyzed her. She just stood there, frozen. The tears still could not flow, until now...

"Hey, you ok? Princess?"

She blinked a few times before her eyes adjusted to the fire in front of her. Just a dream, she realized. No. A dream is a work of fantasy by the subconscious. What persistently runs through her mind was reality.

"Still getting nightmares, huh?" Her companion looked up at the two moons hanging overhead. "Don't worry yourself sick. We're going to get him back to normal in no time. Just have to get through this forest first..."

She sighed as she reclined against the tree stump that served as her support for the night. The Forest Prison, the home of the Guardian of Life. It surprised her at first to discover that this dimension could be the location of Odoryuk. But then again, Filgaia was dying, so it was fitting in a way that the Guardian of Life was absent.

Her companion noticed her falling expression as he always did, and reacted the only way he knew how. "Hey, don't you be going all silent on me too now to make up for him." Her expression did not change at his mention.

"It's alright, Jack. I'm ok." It was arguably the biggest lie she told in her entire life, but if Jack realized this he didn't question it. As her eyes slowly closed the events of the living nightmare became real again, snapping them open again instinctively. "Just having a hard time falling asleep, that's all.." She leaned further against the stump, her head placed in such a way that the moons were directly above her. One moon with a gentle glow that warms all underneath, and one moon that pierces the soul like a demon's spear.

Jack placed another log into the fire. "I don't know about you, but I'm beat. I have no idea how much longer this maze goes on for, but I do know I'm going to want to be wide-awake for whatever we run into. Good night Princess, and make sure you get some sleep yourself too, you hear?" She nodded. "Good. Take care." She watched as Jack unrolled his sleeping bag - good thing Hanpan thought ahead for what might be needed in the forest - and crawled into it. Minutes later all that came from Jack's direction was the sound of faint snoring. And at that moment, all that came from her direction was the sound of her heart beating fast enough for herself and for him.

She gazed softly to the moons above. Were these the same moons as her home world? "I guess it doesn't matter all that much," she muttered to only the night sky, "but surely the village is under the same moons and..." she trailed off into the soundtrack of the night, but if anyone heard, if even the Guardians heard her voice and mind, they would already know what follows.

"...and so is he."