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Now this is a Harry/X-men(maybe other Marvel characters) crossover. Now I am planning on this being a Harry Potter/Kitty Pride story, of course it may go through several relationships. Now I know that I am going to get a couple flames saying how Harry and whoever should be together, so let me just make this for the record, the pairings are NOT set in stone, they might change with the story especially the Harry/Kitty one. I am still making a controversy in my head on what power(s) Harry should posses. Now I am thinking controlling the elements, now maybe in the magical world controlling the elements is not a mutation but Pyro is considered a mutant is he not. So please when you review tell me if you like the powers and if you don't make some suggestions. Oh and one more thing I think I'm going to make it so that Sirus did not die in 5th year, it makes it easier for me without explaining all the hurt. It's not going to make a lot of sense to those who have not read the books, because of things I'm not going to include. Oh and god someone I need one of those people that help me with my story hell I need a couple of them. Oh and one more thing I am not sure but if anyone reads the comics or has seen the movies and this was mentioned, what age is it when mutants start showing their powers, I think its 15-16 could anyone verify my thoughts on the matter. **********************************************************************

Goodness how Harry loved days like this, so mild and bright, with that sweet scented breeze that sent chills down your spine. He didn't have a lot of happiness in his life, and the sunny weather was one of the very few things that brought him happiness, so why not enjoy it while it lasts. How Harry loved nature, the feeling of flying in the wind, the flowing of water down his back, the warmth that the fires at Hogwarts provided, and he even loved the cold, freezing feeling of ice and snow, Along with all the other wonderful inventions of mother earth.

Harry was lying down in the green grass of number four privet drive, with his eyes closed thinking of certain things.

Harry wondered to himself, that he was certainly going to have to perfect his magic skills, to even have a chance against Voldemort (if you don't know who this is I cant help you, move the mouse pointer to the X at the top right of the browser, click the mouse button, shut down your computer and walk away, never to come upon the world that is Harry Potter again), Harry understood that he might not live through his Hogwarts years. But he'd be damned to go down without a fight.

He figured that maybe he could get some help from Dumbledore, to help him with that. He was quite sure that he would agree that Harry needed training. Even though he hated to leave this beautiful world that is nature, he had to go inside to write Dumbledore.

He ran up the stairs to his room, on his way to his set destination he happened to cross his fat-ass cousin Dudley trying to beat a top score on some new video game, pathetic thought Harry. Why play a video game when you can go outside in the bright sun.

Then he was so fortunate, since his room was right next to his aunt and uncles to here sounds that he sure as hell did not want to here, like his aunts taunts to his uncle like " move your fat ass Vernon, faster" and the sound of skin slapping skin. Harry loved nature but he did not want to imagine, the acts that his guardians were performing, and he also did not want to hear sounds that sounded like a dying cow coming from his aunt.

For the remainder of the trip to his room, he encountered no resistance. As soon as he reached his room, he quickly pulled out his quill, ink, and a blank piece of parchment. Then he quickly scribbled down a note to Dumbledore telling him the situation.

Dear Dumbledore,

I have thought of ways that possibly can help us both. I realize that you are probably keeping a close eye on me, and I quite understand your concern. I would greatly appreciate it if maybe you could bring me to Hogwarts. You could possibly train me for my battles ahead. This would make it so you would not have to watch me so closely, because I would be in the confines of Hogwarts, while also you or other professors could train me for future action. It would also help me greatly, because I am very depressed here, it would give me something to do and wouldn't have to watch my back everywhere I go.

If you agree please reply, your student

Harry James Potter

Harry quickly rolled the parchment as to not wrinkle it and rapped a ribbon around it. He then attached the parchment to Hedwig's leg, who was faithfully sitting on his desk getting patted every once in a while, the entire length that he was writing the letter.

"Alright Hedwig, I need you to take this letter to Dumbledore. If he agrees, to this we'll be out of this god forsaken place soon." Said Harry

Hedwig just hooted in response and flew off.

As soon as Hedwig left, Harry not minding the sounds of dying cows and whales blubbering, went back outside to immense himself once again with the beauty that was nature. He immersed himself so much that he fell asleep, until the rude awakening from a snow white owl.

"alright, alright, alright all ready. You didn't have to bloody peck me to death you could have done something else to wake me from my nap. I love animals Hedwig but you are really pushing it!" Harry exclaimed, Harry then looked down at his snowy white owl Hedwig and saw that indeed she did have a letter attached to her leg. He quickly untied the letter and opened the letter to see what it had to say.

Dear Harry,

I quite agree that your idea would be the best for everyone. At 9:00 A.m. on Friday of this week, I want you to touch this letter. You will be transported to Hogwarts. At this point in time we are currently in the middle of debating which classes you will take during these summer holidays. You will of course have DADA: with Professor Lupin, Transfigurations: with Professor McGonagall, Charms: with Professor Flitwick, then we shall add some other classes to your curriculum they shall be Dueling and Occlemacy( spelling): which I shall teach you, and lastly I believe you need some expertise in the class of Potions: with Professor Snape. Remember touch this letter at exactly 9:00 A.m. on Friday.

Professor Dumbledore

"Its about time even though the thought of getting taught by Professor Snape doesn't appeal to me, I guess its better than nothing!" Harry exclaimed to no one, Then Harry reread the letter noticing he would be stuck at the Dursley's for another 4 days, considering today was Monday.

Harry was still thinking of how perfect it would be to be back at Hogwarts, when the T.V. that was in the Dursley's living room interrupted him from his thoughts, "today marks the sixth attack on American mutant holding facility's from a terrorist Mutant group that call themselves "The Brotherhood". The American government is trying as quickly as possible to pass acts that would limit the freedom that mutants possess. Other governments around the world are trying to pass laws as the Americans are!" exclaimed a newscaster in a loud British accent, "although these acts would be going against the American constitution, and the number of mutants ranging from estimated 30-40 million in just America. So it is unsure whether or not these acts/laws are going to be passed."

"Mutants and wizards aren't really that different are they" Harry thought, "mutants are just muggles they are different, some have special powers while others happen to look different, while wizards are a group that have a wide spread ability's right?"

Harry didn't want to think on it anymore his head was starting to hurt. So he calmly opened the door and went through the Dursley's living room and up the stairs to his room. "thank god Vernon and Petunia, aren't going at it anymore, I don't think I could take much more of those noises with out vomiting."

Harry was getting tired so he laid on his bed and feel asleep. He left the real world and drifted off into the strange, twisted, disgusting world that was his dreams. ************************************************************************

Oh, and one more thing, I realize this is short, but I'm in desperate need for ideas so please someone, anyone help me!