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The black jet screamed through the misty clouds at hyper sonic speeds, the watery clouds pealing away to let the machine breakthrough them sharply and silently, the sonic boom following long after the sleek shape of the jet was out of sight. Shockwaves forming around it tips and bouncy the watery drips around it ice slowly formed and crusted over on the wing before sonic shockwaves directed from the hull of the jet broke them apart into millions of shards.

A boy sat inside thinking hard. He had just left everything he had known…again. He found out that he was something, something that in the deepest corners of his mind he wished to be. Unique, Powerful, Superior, And when he traveled to those parts he found himself and what he truly was, a Hero. He wanted to be know for helping people, for being reckless and endangering himself for the sake of others. Hermione was right, he liked being a hero, he liked not thinking about himself but about other and helping them. He like being powerful, he liked being looked up to, he like being unique and he liked the attention, something which he had been denied for the nine years of his life. He wanted to see the look in the eye of his enemy, he wanted to see the terror he instilled, he wanted to see the look in the eyes of the ones he was helping and saving, he wanted to be respected, he wanted to be known as a savior, a banisher of the dark, the light, the hero, the teacher and student of good, the judge, jury, and executioner of evil and darkness. He wanted to be loved and to love back, he liked being hated and liked hating back, he liked fighting a war and doing things were others would have given up. He liked what he was becoming. He wanted to have strength, to have speed, to have agility, to have great flexibility, to have wisdom. He wanted to be hot like fire, cold as ice, quick as the wind and flow like the water. Harry looked at the two small shapes cuddled together sleeping in his lap, peaceful, and carefree, lucky and yet so unlucky.

"We're almost there Harry." Professor X announced, snapping Harry out of his reverie.

Harry smiled; he was going to like this. He was going to like being fully accepted and not the boy who lived. He was going to enjoy being plain old Harry Potter, or as plain as possible.

In the grounds of "Mutant High" the basketball court opened to reveal a hanger into which the Black Bird gently landed with a soft whoosh.

"Hey look their back." Called out Kitty Pride who noticed the jet landing. Everyone at the school knew that there should be another person joining them a having a very powerful mutation. There were even rumors that he was a wizard, and a very famous one at that who had battle numerous dangerous creatures, spoiled the plans of an evil dark lord and lived to tell the tale. They had been told that wizards and witches actually exist in secrete using their magic to stay away from the rest of the world, hide themselves, and detour others from going where they were using spells.

Kitty ran down to the hanger anxious to meet this person, with some other students.

As Harry stepped off the jet with his luggage floating behind him the room shimmered into a café. "I didn't know you guys can do magic too, that's a pretty good disillusionment charm."

"Actually it isn't a charm, thousands of mirrors, cameras and optic lasers are used to alter what you see." Scott explained.

"Cool!" Ingnis and Mico were looking around confused from around Harry's shirt; they could sense the jet but couldn't see it so they began to growl and use their abilities. "Calm down guys, its alright, just a little trick." This seemed to calm them down because they stopped growling.

"Hey!" Kitty called coming through the door, literally.

"Hi…"Replied Harry a little uncertainly. "I'm Harry Potter."

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to scare you, like I'm Kitty Pride." Kitty said walking up to Harry and shaking his hand.

"Its nice to meet you Kitty." Harry said looking into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Y-you too." She stammered back looking into his emerald green eyes that locked her in a trance. "Would you like me to show you around?"

"With you, that would be heaven." Did I just say that! Oh hell I've done it now.

"Like that's the nicest thing any guy has ever said to me, you're like too sweet. Thank you."

"Well what can I say; I know beauty when I see it." Harry said making Kitty blush.

"And I know I'm going to faint if you keep talking like that."

"Guess I'll have to be ready to catch you then."

"Guess so."

"Actually Romeo here has ta get checked out first." Logan said breaking the pair up.

"Like can I come?" Kitty asked hopefully.

"Of course." Harry replied not giving anyone a chance to say anything.

"Let's go then." Jean said walking out into the corridor.

"You can leave your things here; I'll bring them up for you." Beast said.

"Alright, Wingardium Leviosa." And Harry's things settled back on the floor.

"Like you are a wizard! Oh my god that is like so cool." Kitty exclaimed unable to believe her eyes. "But like are dragons real?"

"Dragons are big, nasty, mean, and powerful you bet your arse their bloody real. I had to go up against one in a Triwizard tournament." Harry said. "And it was the biggest one of the lot, me the one who shouldn't even have been in the tournament, two years younger then the other three champions had to go up against the biggest one. That's my luck for you. Harry Potter the Boy Who lived."

"So you like fought a dragon! Holy crap! What do you mean by the boy who lived?"

"Well I'll give you the shortest version of my life. When I was one my parents were murdered by the most evil wizard of all time, Voldemort. He caused terror throughout the wizarding community and world, people are even still terrified to say his name, it was dark times. Anyway he killed my parents and then went to kill me because as I found out last year of a prophecy that involves me being the only one who can stop him. So when he went to kill me too the killing curse which there is apparently no protection against rebounded off of me. I was said to have killed him and saved the world. I then went to live with my aunt and uncle who told me absolutely nothing, when I was ten Hagrid our Groundskeeper came to get me after they had failed to contact me through letters. He told me that I was a wizard and about my past and all about wizards. Well in my first year when it turned out there was a philosophers stone, an elixir of life and producer of gold.

Voldemort was still alive but was not much more then a ghost. He possessed one of my teachers to get the stone, the teacher did many horrible things like let a troll into the school my friend and I stopped it. I ended up facing and stopping him and stopping him from retrieving the stone that would allow him to live once again. In my second year an image of himself wreaked havoc upon the school by releasing a basilisk, a gigantic snake that would freeze you in a coma like state if you looked into its eyes. I killed it in the end with a sword and rescued my best friend's sister from Tom. In my third year my godfather escaped wizard prison and came to tell me, I saw the person who had betrayed my parents and led Voldemort to them. In the fourth year one of Voldemorts supporters came up with a plan. He captured our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and impersonated him. That year we were having a tournament with a champion to represent each school major school, there was supposed to be only three champions but the imposter put my name in. There were three tasks that I had to complete. At first we all thought that I was to be killed in the tasks. The dragon almost did the job in the first task, in the second I was supposed to save my friend who was underwater and being held 'hostage' by merpeople. I took the task for real and saved my friend and another girl who I was not supposed to. I finished last but because of my bravery I got top marks. Then the third task, that's where everything was leading up to. It was a maze that I had to go through to reach the trophy. I decided to tie with the other Hogwarts champion and we touched the trophy together. The trophy teleported us to a grave yard. During that night Voldemort killed Cedric, the real Hogwarts champion and resurrected himself back to life using my blood. I dueled with him, and somehow made it out alive. Last year I found out about the Order of Phoenix, an organization that fights Voldemorts forces who is founded by Professor Dumbledore. I fought Voldemort in the ministry of magic at the end of the year while I was trying to get the prophecy that was made for myself and him. My godfather was injured but escaped, I again fought Voldemort and used an unforgivable curse. So my whole life I've been trying to stay alive. It hasn't been easy at all. I've seen more death then anyone should ever see in their entire lives. And what I've told you is just the main points of my life, there is a lot more to it, like quidditch, I'm the seeker on our team, we've actually lost the cup a couple times cause I was in the hospital wing, funny really we've got the best team, I've only not caught the snitch first once but I always seem to be unconscious for the final game. So that's my life in a nutshell."

"He has had such a horrible life, Professor, I feel so sorry for him, it must so hard trying to stay a live. And yet he is so full of life and character, he is one amazing man." Jean thought to Professor X.

"He has just told Kitty the good version of it, not the reality of it, he hasn't told her the horrors he has seen and been part of. I've looked into his mind and I have to tell you something, he is extremely brave and loyal, he will be one of the strongest X-Men ever, we will see many great things from this young man." Professor X replied.

"Like oh my god, while I've been worried about tests you've been fighting for your life! Like it must be so hard, having people look up to you all the time, expect things out of you, and never getting to know the real you. It must be just so horrible." Kitty said sympathetically.

"You're the first person that I have ever met that has said something like that to me when they first met me. Most people gawk and stare at my scar…You're really a great person.

"Thank you Harry."

"I'm serious you're an amazing person, but my life isn't all bad, after going up against a dragon and getting the top marks for doing it you feel pretty good about yourself, its like hmm...I beat three other people who are at least two years older then me and who faced less dangerous dragons, cool. Then really it isn't that big of a deal when you look at it compared to all the other stuff that's happened to me."

"Like it would be the biggest deal for me let me tell you. So like how big is a dragon?"

"Well about the size of an average house. They are different breads some bigger, some faster, some stronger you know."

"Like wow, that's like totally so amazing, you have got to tell me about some of your adventures, and I like want to hear them from the beginning."

"How about over dinner?"

"We have dinner with everyone else and we can't leave the grounds, and its like so totally unfair" whined Kitty.

"That's what they told me at Hogwarts. You have got a lot to learn, I've possibly broken every rule at Hogwarts and have gotten away with most of them, going out in the middle of the night is nothing I haven't done a hundred times."

"Alright then like it's a date. But like how are we going to get out without being like noticed?"

"It's called an invisibility cloak and a Firebolt."

"Like what's a Firebolt?"

"It's a broomstick that you ride on."

"Is it fast?" Kitty asked a little nervously.

"It's actually the fastest one they have but don't worry you won't fall off."

"Okay." Kitty said a little unsure.

By the time Harry had finished the story to which Logan, Storm, Jean, Scott and Professor X were also intently listening to they had arrived to the hospital wing.

"Harry please take off your shirt and lie down on the bed please." Instructed Jean

Harry took off his shirt and lay down on the bed.

"You got some muscle on there on you boy." Logan said noticing that Harry had some very well developed muscles. "Finally another person with muscle around here. Most of the others aren't doing much at all…" (Now, remember Harry is changing and rapidly, so what holds for one minute may not hold for the next.)

"It comes with the territory I guess." Harry replied with a grin.

"Kitty." Called Storm "Could you pass that tube please….Kitty…KITTY PRIDE HELLO!" Storm called.

"Oh yeah…sorry what?" Asked Kitty going completely red at having been caught staring at Harry.

"That blue tube beside please."

"Like okay." Kitty quickly picked up the tube and handed it to Storm, while still blushing profusely.

Storm took the tube and place it into a large machine where the bed that Harry lay on obviously went into. "Harry we're going to take some scans, please do not move." Storm said as she slid the bed into the machine with Harry on it.

Inside the machine a series of lights flashed followed by some lasers going over his body. This lasted for about five minutes where Harry was not allowed to move a muscle.

When Harry came out he put his shirt back on and went over to where the others were standing around a large computer screen.

"So how am I?" Harry asked nervously.

"We have determined your abilities Harry; they are somewhat unusual, but quite powerful all the same." Professor Xavier explained, "You Harry can control the elements of earth in everyway. In ancient history we believed that there were only four elements; fire, water or ice, wind, and earth. Using different combinations we believed that's how everything was made. A warm wind was the two elements wind and fire, a cold day was the combination of ice and wind, and so along those lines we thought that's how the earth was made. Today we know it as false, but you have the ability to make it true. You have the ability to make a tornado of fire, or ice or water, you can control electricity, because it comes with the wind, you Harry can control anything that mother earth can create and more so like a tornado of fire, or a mist crackling with electricity."

"That is so cool" Harry exclaimed, who's mouth was agape unable to believe that he could control mother earth (in many senses).

"We will have to begin your training as soon as possible, and it will have to be intense training at that since there is so much you can do and learn. But for now go meet the other students and do whatever you wish. Professor Dumbledore told me that telling you the rules of the school would be pointless as he has told me you have broken every rule ever made at Hogwarts."

"Yeah that's true." Harry said grinning.

"Now off you go."

"Alright c'mon Harry, you have got a lot to see." Kitty said.

Kitty and Harry then went outside the school and through the grounds, Kitty explained to him the different subjects that he would be taking, how everything went around the school, which wasn't very different from Hogwarts, they took Ingnis and Mico for the walk around as they still liked to be with Harry all the time. They talked about their hobbies, likes, dislikes, friends, and basically got to know each other very well, Harry told Kitty all about magic and the magical world, she was completely fascinated by this as she always wanted to know more. Harry met a bunch of other people with cool and sometimes weird abilities. Like Rogue and Iceman who were dating but could only kiss for a few seconds because Rogue started to suck the energy and power out of Bobby, she could only touch some for a few brief second before she would start to such out their energy and eventually kill them. Bobby could create ice and told Harry he would help him learn and master his abilities, they also gave Harry a name Elemental and Harry promised to teach them how to ride a broom. The girls kept goggling over Ingnis and Mico who seemed to enjoy the attention they were getting especially when they used their little abilities to make the girls goggle over them even more. Rogue and Bobby left after a short while later to do some homework, Harry however didn't really mind as he loved to be alone with Kitty, he was so free and relaxed it was like a taste of heaven.

It was eight o'clock by the time Kitty had shown everything to Harry, they had missed dinner which didn't really matter since they were going out later that night. "So when do I get to see some magic?" Asked Kitty while she was playing with Harry's hair who was lying on the ground beside her his head in her lap.

"You know those dementor things that I talked about and that spell you use to get rid of them."

"Yeah those guys sounded like so totally freaky, taking away all happiness and sucking out your soul…euh."

"Yeah them, I'll show you the spell."

"Alright cool."

EXPECTO PETRONUM a large silver stag shot out of Harry's wand and began racing around.

"Hey what is that, it is so cool" Asked Kurt as he noticed the silver stag running around.

"That is magic!" Someone called out.

All the kids that were present were looking out the window fascinated by the silver stag; unfortunately it disappeared after a couple of minutes.

"What else can you do Harry?" Kitty asked wanting to see more.

"Well I was never very good at transfiguration but I'll try something's out."

Harry pointed his wand at a stone and muttered a spell which turned the stone into a snitch.

"Is that the little snitch that you have to catch?"

Harry nodded his head while answering, "Yep"

"It's so tiny, it must be like so hard to catch."

"It is believe me."

"So like you wanna go now? I'm hungry."

"That would be a good idea. Let's get going. Accio Firebolt. Accio Invisibility cloak."

"What did that do?" Asked Kitty when she did see anything happen.

"Give it about five seconds." Harry replied confidently.

Five seconds later a Harry's Firebolt and invisibility cloak were speed towards him, "Ahh." Screamed Kitty, ducking behind the now standing Harry. However just before the two items hit Harry he pointed his palm toward the broom, and they suddenly stopped. "Harry then quickly put the cloak around himself and Kitty and settled onto the Firebolt followed by a very nervous Kitty.

"Hold on to me, this cloak will make us invisible so don't worry about being seen."

"Okay." Kitty said wrapping her hands around Harry tightly. However when she did this all her fears were washed away by warmth flooding her body and the knowledge that nothing would happen to her while she was Harry.

They flew cautiously following the roads to the main part of the city, landing in a wooded park and carefully concealing the Firebolt and invisibility cloak. Then the two love birds went looking for a restaurant to in. Harry was in awe at being in a city full of lights, people, cars and a girl that he was beginning to have very deep feelings for, Kitty was the happiest she had ever been in her life, she felt whole when she was around Harry, it was just perfect. After some time of walking and gazing around they found a nice little restaurant to go in, the female waitress was very polite and didn't ask them what age they were, instead she lead them to nice table for two, and then went to get them some drinks.

"So what would you like to eat?" Kitty asked.

"Hmm…I think I'll have baked potatoes and a large piece of stake, with some that Greek salad. It looks pretty good, and you?"

"I think I'll have chicken breast rice and Cesar salad, I just love that stuff."

"What kind of wine do you like?" Harry asked.

"Excuse me?" Asked Kitty thinking she heard Harry wrong.

"Wine, what do you like?"

"Um…we're not allowed to have wine actually, we're only sixteen, well I'm actually still fifteen my birthday is in a couple months."

"Sure we are, I'll just get the best stuff they have then."

"Okay…try, but even if you can it'll be really expensive."

"Don't worry about it."

"Alright then."

A few minutes later the waitress came back and asked them what they would like to have, when she asked what they wanted to drink Harry confidently said "The best wine you have please."

"Would you like to buy the bottle?"

"Yes, please."

"The best wine we have is 'Early Harvest.'"


"Did you ever doubt me?" Harry asked Kitty playfully.

"I would never, you big show off." She replied with a smile.

"So what do you want to do after this, we have the whole night may as well think of some things to do."

"There is an astronomy center around here we could go there, then a movie theatre, some stores, we'll figure stuff out."

"I'm sure we will."

"I just hope they aren't looking for us."

"Don't worry, I just say you're showing me around and we got lost."

"Besides when's the last you got in trouble?"

"I dunno."

"Then you deserve to break the rules, even more so now with me around."

"We might as well stay in a hotel then."

"There we go, that's more like it, no worrying."

A couple minutes later their wine arrived with two beautiful glasses. The waitress poured them some wine each and told them that their food would be ready in about ten minutes.

"This is SO good, its lighter then water, I have never ever had anything close to something like this." Harry said.

"Ditto, you know this is like defiantly turning into one of the best nights of my life." Kitty replied.

Their meal came around ten minutes later like the waitress said and was very delicious, they had a little desert in the end, Harry paid quickly and the two left the restaurant to find something else to do.

"How about we like go to the observatory now." Kitty Suggested.

"Sure, lead the way."

The observatory was nothing Harry had expected it to be, he thought that it would be this big dome with a huge microscope thing sticking out. Instead it was a beautiful park with telescopes dotting the area, slow music was playing and the area was just romantic.

"My god, have you ever seen anything so like beautiful in your life?" Kitty asked as she gazed through the telescope.

"No I haven't" Replied Harry looking at her.

"But you haven't even looked at the stars yet."

"Who ever said I was looking at the stars?" Harry asked.

Kitty slowly turned to face him, and looked into those sparkling emerald green eyes "Now you have to…" She was cut off as Harry leaned down and kissed her softly. "…kiss me." She finished in barely a whisper after they pulled away from each other.

"Dance?" Harry didn't even think about the fact that he couldn't dance, but he asked leading her out to a small clearing.

"I'd love to."

They danced slowly to the romantic music kissing each other passionately the whole time, neither knew how long it lasted, nor did they care, all they wanted was for the night to last forever.

"Kitty, just to make it official, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes." She moaned into his mouth.

It was four in the morning and the happy couple Harry and Kitty had just had a very romantic night, after their make out session they went to a movie theatre, walked around, went to some shops, and just hung out and of course made out a lot.

"Now let's see, my room is…right there…right?" Harry asked, unable to really remember where his room was, he had only seen it once.

"Yep, I'll see you in the morning Hare Bear."

"It is morning though Kitten."

"I'll see you later then." Kitty said before kissing Harry once more and going a couple doors down into her dorm.

Harry slowly and very quietly walked into his dorm making sure not to step on Ingnis and Mico, took his cloths off and fell asleep on his bed, a large goofy grin plastered all over his face.

"YO HARRY, ELEMENTAL! WAKE UP!" Bobby yelled, trying to wake Harry up in the morning.


"Hey, ten o'clock man, breakfast."

"This place has coffee right?"

"Yeah, if they didn't, I don't think I could stand it."

"Good." Harry said getting up and finding some cloths to wear. "Give me a few minutes in the washroom and we'll go down."

"Alright hurry up."

After Harry had finished his morning things he and Bobby went down to breakfast, and found Professor X, Jean, Storm, and Scott waiting for them.

"Everyone if I could have your attention for one moment please." Prof X called out. He waited until the room went quiet before continuing. "Please do not do the following. Sneak off the grounds, by foot, in car, bike, or lets say a magical device that some of us may have, as I WILL know about it. Then do not drink alcohol if you are underage, even if it is the best wine the restaurant has, then please do not go out for the whole night and come back at four in the morning."

"Well don't worry Professors I would never do such a ttthinggg….Can I get some coffee?" a yawning Harry asked.

"We all know you wouldn't do something like that Mr. Potter." Professor X replied.

At that moment Kitty came in to the very quiet cafeteria. "Umm…what's going on?"

"The Professor here is telling everyone that they shouldn't go and do what we did last night."

"Like how deep in trouble are we?" Kitty asked looking scared.

"None, however Mr. Potter managed to break more rules in twenty four hours then all the people combined in this room, excluding yourself Miss. Pride, you get second prize. Consider this a warning you two, and everyone else."

"Alright, I really need some coffee can I go now?" Harry asked.

"Yes that's all thank you for your time everyone." Professor Xavier concluding the discussion.

The chatter in the room then began again as normal before Prof X had a chat with Harry.

"I told you we wouldn't get in trouble." Harry told Kitty as he handed her a mug of coffee.

"I don't think we'll be so lucky next time though, I thought we were gonna get detentions for a month."

"Well then we'll just have to be more careful next time then won't we, or just leave a note to Xavier telling him we're out for the night."

"Hey so are you two a couple or something?" Rouge asked coming walking up to the pair with Bobby.

"Of course we are, let me tell you it was the most romantic night of my life. We snuck out, and then went to fancy restaurant, Harry ordered the best wine they had, and we had a fantastic meal. Then we went out to the observatory and while I was looking at the starts I asked Harry if he ever saw anything so beautiful, he said no while looking at me, we then had our first kiss under a perfect clear night, the stars were shinning, we danced, we kissed, oh god it was like so totally amazing."

"Awwe, that is so romantic, I'm so jealous of you." Rouge said while putting emphasis, on everything she said while staring at Bobby

"Excuse me." Bobby said.

"Well you didn't take me out to any restaurant, we didn't have a romantic night, you just kind of asked me out when we were playing basketball, and Kitty here got everything a girl could wish for on her first date."

"It was actually just a dinner out, and then it turned into a date." Harry said

"So you guys had some wine nice wine eh? What kind was it?" Rouge asked.

Harry looked around cautiously, then pulled out his wind a tapped the end of it with his finger a couple times causing a bottle of 'Early Harvest' to pop out.

"You make beer come outta your wand and I'll pretend I didn't see anything." Logan said taking the bottle from Harry.

"I can actually cast a charm that will make you forget what you just saw." Harry pointed his wand at Logan. "I can do a whole lotta other things to ya too."

"He he, I like your style kid. I'm Logan, they call me Wolverine." Said Logan extending his hand for Harry to shake.

"Harry Potter." Then a can of beer appeared at the end of his wand for Logan. "I can only make things that I've bought before."

"So did you really go up against a dragon the size of a house?" Logan asked

"No, I went up against a dragon bigger then a house." Harry replied

"Hey are those two mutts running around yours?"

"Yeah, Ingnis and Mico."

"The one of them burned me and the other electrocuted me just for fun."

"Those are my boys; they must have thought you were playing with them.

"Actually I was."

"…and here they come now." Said Harry as he saw his two little friends running away from a ragging Scott swearing at the two like there was no tomorrow. The two however seemed to be enjoying themselves as they teased Scott sending tiny fireballs or bolts of electricity behind them which kept hitting Scott and making him even angrier.


"So?" Said Logan "I was gonna steal it anyway just to see the look on your face."

"POTTER! Go clean up the mess your little dogs made and keep them outside!"

"Clean it up yourself, and their names are Ingnis and Mico." Harry said.

"Stick in the but, calm down and clean up whatever these two little guys did. They're just pups, they don't even know what they are doing. Look at them they think you're playing with them." Argued Logan scratching a very happy Ingnis behind the ear while say 'Good boy' over and over again.

"You're taking their side? And where the hell did you get beer? This is a school."

"Yeah I'm taking their side, and got this 'Butter Beer' from a very reliable source." Logan replied

"Well that's just great isn't it?"

"Guess it is."

"By the goddess my roses have been inflamed and who is the perpetrator?" Storm asked as she came in to the room from behind Scott.

"Ingnis that was not a very smart idea let me tell you." Logan said to Ingnis who was now wrestling with Mico.

"Awwe, I can't get mad at those two, they are just so adorable." Storm said coming up to pet the two little trouble makers."

"I am outta here, this whole place loves those two little devils, and they can apparently do whatever they want around here, see ya!" Scott yelled storming out of the room.

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