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Found on the desk of the deceased fourth emperor of Konan, Seishuku Saihitei, the sea snake of the Suzaku seven warriors.

My dearest Miaka,

for the past few months, you have been in my arms. You have sought your safety there and, of course, that I gave you.. And now, you are gone from me. You have come back from the very man who gives you your pleasure and loves you in return.

My dearest Miaka, allow me to tell you about my feelings! Let me share to you how much I love you, how much I want you to be near me, how much I want you to stay in my arms forever and ever. Miaka, I love you. I am not afraid to tell this to the world, nor am I afraid to be denied of your love. I want to tell you, I love you so much that I could die in your arms if ever you shall ever love me back.

My Miaka, my sweet, sweet darling! You are loved severely by this man, who was mad by such a feeling to write a letter for you.. Miaka, I love you! I love you no matter what! Even if I die, even if you have forgotten about me, even if you are happy in the arms of another man, Miaka, I will always, always and forever love you. No other thing can compare to my love for you! My love is strong, Miaka.

You are so beautiful, Miaka. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen! Not only your outer beauty is beautiful, but also your pure golden heart! You are like the light that comes from above and gives life to the things surrounding us.

My love, allow me to write to you such passionate words. Allow me to love you, to adore you even from afar! You don't need to love me back! Even though I am depressed of my rejected feelings, Miaka, just let me love you, and I shall live!

My Miaka, I shall never forget you, my love. You shall always reign inside my heart. You shall be the only owner of this pathetic ugly soul. Miaka, let me call out for you. Let me love you!

I'll always love you Miaka. Forever. and if it is even possible, I shall live another life loving you.


Okay, Brief explanation. supposedly, this was written after Miaka departed for Hokkan. I must tell you that I think Hotohori went a bit insane. You know, his heart's broken, the one he loves dearly is away, his friends are gone he's lonely, and his empire is about to come in ruins. I know Hotohori's a strong guy, but I think it he became insane. That's why he married that girl whom I hate very much. Anyway, I think he was forced to do that. Now don't tell me that it's not true! let me dream okay?! anyway, I'm going to pass this one. It's not my best, but this has served as a draft for my homework. the only thing though is that in the letter, the guy would've committed suicide from too much passion.

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