Life's Little Secrets

Hello everyone, this is a story that just kinda popped into my head while I was watching Buffy, lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and please review, I would really appreciate it! )

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On with the story!

Chapter one

Dawn Summers sat on her bed, writing in her journal. She had a lot to write about. And her latest subject was her boyfriend, Ryan. There was so much to say about him. For starters, he was hot. He reminded her of a model. She had been shocked, when he had asked her out. It was a funny story, really. But Dawn was cut short as a wave of nausea suddenly over took her. She quickly jumped off the bed, and threw her journal down, running to the bathroom. She slammed the door behind her, and leaned over the toilet seat. Everything seemed to empty out of her, and soon enough, all she was doing was dry heaving. She sat up, and leaned up against the wall. She was breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath. Sweat was glistening on her forehead, and she felt exhausted. This had been happening a lot lately, and she wasn't sure why.

Actually, it had been happening every now and then for the last three weeks. She had just dismissed it as an upset stomach, but when it kept happening, she started to get a little worried. If it was the flu, then why wasn't anybody else catching it? Oh well, if it happened again she would make a doctor's appointment. She didn't really think to much of it, or at least not enough to tell Buffy. Everyone would be fawning over her, oh poor Dawnie, she's sick. She hated the fact that not just Buffy, but the scoobies, treated her like a child. She was far from it, she was sixteen, not two. They thought she was an innocent little child, but in all actuality, there little Dawnie was growing up, right under there noses.

She had her own secrets too. Like the fact that she had lost her virginity. They had no idea, and she liked it that way. Could you just imagine their faces if they did? She didn't need them knowing everything about her life. Ryan was her first serious boyfriend, and her first. She cleaned herself up, and went back into her room. Maybe Ryan would call soon. At that thought, she smiled, and went back to writing in her journal.

So, I know this wasn't all that good, maybe jumbled up and stuff. But I can promise that upcoming chapters will be better. Anyway, please review and tell me what you think. Oh and this takes place around season six. Okies bye for now!