Hi guys. This is my first fic, so go easy on me ok.

It's a Ty/Kai, but will also contain max Rei and Kenny. Also Tala and Brian.

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Revised October. 2008


Bryan's violet eyes followed Rei as he came over to celebrate the victory in winning the tournament with his team mates. Tala walked across to join him. "Let's go." Brian ignored Tala's words, his mind still focused on staring at Rei. "I said let's go!" Tala repeated more harshly before turning and storming out of the stadium. Brian followed at a slower pace, his face expressionless.

How could he have been beaten? NO ONE had ever beaten him before. Someone was going to pay. Dearly. Rei had pulled off the impossible. Had stood up to everything he had thrown at him, and here he was, still standing. Oh yes, someone was going to pay.

Once outside, Tala stopped and glared at Brian. "We better stay low for a while, Biovolts going down," his eyes narrowed "I ain't going down with them."

Brian smirked "You just did."


Brian's mouth looked as if it was smiling. "I said, you just did. You lost to a kid. A big mouthed brat." Then Bryan silently added to himself - At least Rei was worth a fight.

Tala narrowed his eyes dangerously at Brian, "Watch your mouth Brian. You didn't feel the power that Tyson controlled tonight. No one can stand up to that much power. Him and his friends, perhaps we should join them.."

Brian snorted, "You think I wanna join with those losers. No-way. I want revenge, and I will get it!"

An idea was forming in his head.

"So you think they will accept you do you?" Tala looked down thoughtfully and sighed, then answered softly, "Who could say no to me?"

Brian smiled deviously "Well lets say when you use that charm of yours. No-one."

"Woo hoo! YES, YES, YES!" Max shouted punching the air. Tyson grabbed him in a bear hug. "My god we won! We actually won!"

Kenny was wiping sweat and tears from his face, "Ok you guys, now we have to think of our next match." He left the other boys to jump about. Kenny took his job seriously. "Dizzy can you tell me how we won, and how are we going to live with Tyson after this?" Dizzy answered laughing "Well chief, it looks like you're not! Tyson will let it go straight to his head. The only place it can go since its so full of air!"

Kenny chuckled and sweat dropped at the same time.

"That was a great battle, my friend" Rei's voice flowed over to Max and Tyson.

"Rei!" Tyson shouted and ran over to him and Mariah. "You saw the match then, bud?"

Rei smiled at his younger team mates enthusiasm. "Of course I did. You're my friend and I needed to know that you were safe."

Mariah smiled at Tyson too. "I couldn't keep him in the hospital, he just had to come and see the battle for himself!"

Tyson grinned back. "I knew you would be ok, if I won the match. And now, I am indefeatable!" Tyson launched himself at Rei into a hug like the one he had already given Max.

"Ooff!" Rei gasped as Tyson made him fall backwards. Luckily into the arms of Kai.

"I'm sorry Rei!" Tyson exclaimed, "Did I hurt you?"

"Thanks Kai. No Tyson, you just caught me off guard." Rei smiled down at his younger friend.

Kai rolled his eyes to the sky before glancing at his team. "Tyson don't even think it." Kai suddenly announced staring at Tyson. The others grinned knowing what Kai was talking about.

"What?" Asked Tyson innocently, before turning quickly around to wave at his fans in the crowd, when he bumped straight into Mr Dickinson and landed on the floor.

"Well, well my boy, you seem to have done it again!" Chuckled Mr Dickinson as he helped Tyson up off the floor. "Biovolt is finished. Thanks to you boys!"

Crowds of fans were now closing in on them. "Lets get you all out of here." Tysons Dad exclaimed nervously from behind Mr Dickinson. The Blade breakers and crew all hurried out the exit, Tyson reluctantly being pulled along by Kai and Max.

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