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Chapter 20

Black Dranzer rose up out of Tyson`s blade, spreading it`s wings to fill the stadium with his overwhelming dark power.

Drigger`s amber eyes glinted as he roared his challenge to the black phoenix.

Black Dranzer screeched in reply and swooped down on Drigger`s back, talons out.

"Kill him!" Screamed Tyson, who stood panting on the platform with blood dripping down his front. His pearly black eyes staring intently at the beyblades revolving around the dish. His only purpose to destroy Brian for hurting his friends. Hate controlled his moves.

Rei was horrified at the result of Drigger`s `Tiger Claw` attack. Never before had Drigger or he caused another blader an injury. And now it just happened to one of his closest friends.

Max watched his best friends fight each other with a force he had never seen before. He just wanted it to stop.

But how?

Tyson was blading as if he was possessed. Rei had to continue to fight to defend himself.

There was no way out.

Every time Drigger attacked Black Dranzer, the result showed itself on Tyson. Kai watched in despair. Frozen, unable to help either of his friends.

Tyson grew weaker. The awesome power being drained from him by the new Black Dranzer was exhausting him dangerously. Hate was relentless. It fuelled Tyson and the blade on.

The blades swirled around the dish, crashing into each other. Black twilight versus White lightening. Pushing and grinding, trying to force the opponent out.

Drigger gained the upper hand. Shaking Black Dranzer off and then striking out at him with his sharp claws. Tyson fell to his knees in a pool of gathering blood, unable to stand on his feet any longer.

The black fire within his soul still burnt brightly. Clouding his vision and sanity.

Rei screamed "Drigger retreat!" looking at the obviously nearly beaten Tyson, "I will not fight you Tyson. If you continue, you will die. Please stop." Tears began to fall down Rei`s cheeks as he pleaded with Tyson to stop the battle.

The words hit death ears. To overcome with hateful madness.

Black Dranzer screeched in rage at Rei for trying to end the battle, and flew straight towards him.

Suddenly, a blue flash streaked across in front of Rei, ramming Black Dranzer into the wall of the stadium. The building rumbled with the impact. Bits of plaster fell down onto the hysterical crowd. They screamed in panic and wild delight at the devastation their co-operation was causing.

Kai moved forward to stand on the platform next to Rei. He had launched Dragoon, at the bit beast's request, just in time. It was an unfair battle, but they had no choice now. Tyson did not recognise them.

Kai stood tall next to a weary Rei. His concentration on the blades, trying to stop Tyson`s from spinning, without harming the blader. Voltaire had promised them Tyson back if they won, but if that included killing Tyson to win, then Kai was having none of it. He would save Tyson. He had promised Tyson. He would not let him down.

The three beyblades revolved around the dish. Two against one. Every hit drew Tyson`s hate out of his body, fleeing into Black Dranzer, making the phoenix swell and grow.

The mysterious cloaked man stepped up behind Tyson and grabbed the back of his cloak with a gloved hand, pulling him onto his feet.

"Now!" He hissed "Release the power now!". His course voice full of excitement.

Tyson lifted his arms dramatically, obeying with renewed energy and shouted "Black Dranzer, Black Fire Ball Attack" he was completely out of control.

Black Dranzer reared his head and dived towards Rei and Kai, opening his beak, he shot black flames towards them.

Once again, Dragoon protected Tyson`s friends from harm. Taking the full brunt of the force, his blue glow flickered as it burnt into him. He roared his rage and pain at Black Dranzer.

As the black fire hit Dragoon, some of the flames were repelled back at the Dark Blader, and both he and Tyson felt its force, burning their skin and clothes. They both screamed in agony, the man letting Tyson go to put the fire out on his own cloak. Tyson promptly fell to the floor and lay still. Eyes closed and not moving.

The hooded man held up his burnt gloved hand and attempted to call Black Dranzer to return to the blade.

Kai stared at Dragoon. He was still flickering like a candle about to burn out. Perhaps this battle had been too much for him, without the bond with his blader.

What had Dragoon sacrificed to save them?

Rei, exhausted, fell to his knees. Max rushed up to his side, and supported him in his arms. Tears pouring down his face.

Boris`s voice echoed through the stadium once again "And I declare the winner to be .. Tyson, `The Black Blader!".

The crowd went wild, cheering and stamping their approval. The sound revolved around the stadium like thunder. The Blade breakers eyes widened in confusion. No one had won yet, then they noticed that Rei`s blade had stopped spinning and was resting in the centre of the dish.

Dragoon roared his defiance; this battle was not yet done. He charged the still spinning Black blade and knocked it out of the dish, Black Dranzer still had not returned to it, having ignored the Dark Blader.

The stadium fell silent as the blade flew in slow motion up and out of the dish, all eyes upon it.

It twisted slowly 360 degrees, then landed with aloud BANG at the Dark Bladers feet, next to Tyson`s head. It was broken in half.

Black Dranzer gave an ear-piercing shriek as he suddenly broke into millions of pieces, scattering everyone with light. They covered their eyes.

Then there was an explosion.

The building groaned and creaked. People panicked. It was mayhem.

The hooded man swiftly picked up the fallen, broken blade and disappeared out the door, and away from the now smoke filled arena. Tala followed him, unseen.

Brian was grinning with delight at the carnage before him. His evil laughter getting louder and wilder.

Kai glanced up at his Grandfather, crimson eyes glaring at him in hatred. Even Voltaire had not predicted this outcome, and Kai`s look sent shivers down his spine.

Kai turned his attention to his fallen teammate. Rei was unconscious; the intense battle had been too difficult for him this soon. The emotional torment too much for him to bear. A cruel trick from Brian and Voltaire. But he was `uninjured`, and Max was looking after him. Kenny at his side, still clutching Dizzy.

He focused his attention at the scene before him. To Kai, the stadium was silent, like an old movie. Not real. The grey smoke was clearing. Dragoons blade was still spinning. Drigger`s was still where it had stopped, and Dragoon was circling it protectively.

Kai`s eyes crossed the dish to the platform that Tyson lay on.

His heart leapt and stopped.

He felt sick.

His legs turned to jelly, but he made his way over to where Tyson lay in the pool of his own blood. He was on his back, face twisted to one side. Blue hair stained red at the tips. His once tanned face now pale against the crimson background. The frenzied scowl gone, replaced by a look of peace. His black clothes that were given to him by Voltaire, were now shredded, by Drigger`s attack, and scorched.

Kai didn`t touch him.

He couldn`t.

Instead he whirled round to look at Brian, who was still laughing gleefully.

"You Bastard". His voice cold and deadly.

Brian stopped laughing, the crowd had gone silent, forgotten about panicking for the moment. Watching Kai instead, with apprehension. All that could be heard now was Max whispering to Rei, and Dragoons blade veering protectively around Rei`s blade.

Kai`s voice was colder than ever before. It sent more than chills. It threatened an artic snowstorm.

His eyes promised immense pain, and finally death.

Brian narrowed his violet eyes; the smile wiped from his face, and took a step forward.

"You and me. Now" he challenged.

Kai accepted. "You and Tala should never have started this Brian. It`s the last mistake you`ll ever make"

"Tala? This was all my doing. That idiot is second best. I am the best blader around. Voltaire looks to me now. Tala isn't even here is he! Run off like the useless coward he is!" Brian retorted back; infuriated that Tala was still being praised for `his` work.

They both set their blades free; they whipped around the stadium, the dish forgotten. Dragoon watched over everyone intently from above. Still flickering.

Sparks flew in all directions as the blades crashed into each other. The chase so intense that the naked eye could barely keep up with it.

Brian's fighting style was erratic, the madness of hate driving him insane. Leaving his defence wide open.

Kai remained cool.

Calm, knowing his purpose.

To destroy, and avenge the merciless way his friends had been treated.

Dranzer crushed Brian's blade into a pillar, grinding it to a halt. Brian gasped in shock, then turned and fled out the stadium without his blade.

Angry mummers began to fill the hall, and then silence as a defiant roar quieted them.

Kai recalled Dranzer and Dragoon to him, catching both blades at the same time.

A new sound began to throb through the walls.

A helicopter.

Then suddenly, hundreds footfalls could be heard. Like men charging into battle. Then a hundred armed BBA guards rushed into the arena, arresting the Biovolt staff, including Boris and Voltaire, who had been glued to the events the same as everybody else.

It was over.

Mr Dickenson strode in followed by Tyson`s dad, and Saska. They hurried over to the boys, who were now stood crowded around Kai and Tyson.

Rei was awake again, and leaning heavily on Max and Kenny for support. Kai held Tyson in his arms, cradled like a baby.

Never had Kai cried before.

But his mask finally melted and he let the salty tears pour down his face, dripping on to Tyson`s cloak. Both he and Tyson now covered in Tyson's blood. It was still warm.

"NOOOOO..." he whispered in harsh anguish, the tears falling onto Tyson's worn, singed face. His face moved closer to Tyson`s face, touching foreheads together. Tyson`s skin was burning hot.

Kai wanted to confess his love.

Why did this have to happen?

They had fought and argued for so long.

Why did Kai have to find out too late?

The others stood in a circle around them, all of their hearts breaking. Thinking they knew what Kai must be feeling. But never knowing to what extent.

None of them felt as if their hearts had been ripped out.

Like Kai`s.


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