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It had been two weeks since the `Battle of Death`.

Kai stood staring out of the window, hands resting in his pockets. Fingering the two blades kept there.

His expression concealed his thoughts once more. Crimson eyes looking blankly across the city skyline, lost in his silent memories, just as Tala had threatened he would.

Two weeks.

Had it really been that long?

Sighing, Kai turned to the only reason for him to stay.

Tala had followed the hooded man out of the stadium. He needed to know his interest in Biovolt, and Tyson`s bit-beasts. And just how did he `command` Tyson the way he did?

He finally caught up with him a week after the tournament, at the airport. Tala approached him from behind, keeping his own face hidden. He too was on the `wanted` list by the BBA and the Police.

The hooded man turned quickly when he felt a hand pull on his cloak. Seeing whom it was made him smile.

"Ahh, Tala. I see you got out as well?" The voice was hoarse, and rough.

"You recognise me?" Tala was surprised. He no longer had pointy red hair. He`d had the sides cut short, with the top longer and now hosting a loose perm.

"Yeah. Nice hairstyle. What do you want?" The man glanced about him in suspicion. Expecting there to be a trap of some sort.

There was none.

"I want to know how you made Tyson do `that`." Tala started, "But not here, and I can get you what you need to replace your lose."

The hooded man`s eyes glinted with interest. "You mean you know how to capture it?"

Tala nodded. "Of course. I am enhanced you know. I can do, or get, anything I want."

Again the hooded man looked suspicious, "Oh, so what do you need me for? Why are you offering me help?" The question was sneered in a low hissing voice.

Tala moved back a step. "Ahh, well that would depend on how desperate you are to ..." He paused, looking nervously at the security guard who was looking in their direction, talking into his walky talky.

"Umm, lets go. I think we have things to discuss. Don`t you?" The hooded man finished for him. Tala nodded his head in agreement.

Together they left and disappeared into the night, and no one heard from either of them again for quite a while. (But that's another story!)

Rei and Max were sitting in the hotel room.

Both had recovered quicker than the rest of the team. Which was surprising, seeing at how unwell Rei was before the match.

They sat on the sofa, leaning against each other lost in their thoughts. They were so close now, their own bond fully formed and unbreakable.

Both wished that Kai would recover and be his normal self soon. Not that he was normal to begin with. Now he just stared out the window all the time. He never seemed to eat, or sleep. Kai just stared. He hadn`t even spoken to anyone since the battle.

Mr Dickenson told them that if Kai didn`t snap out of it soon, they would have to get him a shrink.

Yeah, thought Rei. Like Kai would open up to one.

The only person the boys felt Kai would talk to, was..well..it was Tyson.

Kai had not even left the room. Two weeks he had stood in that room, refusing to leave his place by the window. People got used to him being there. No one tried talking to him now. There was no point.

Tyson`s dad had gone back to do some research on the rocks.

Saska stayed with Mr Dickenson, the two becoming very close. She was extremely curious about the bit beasts, and Mr Dickenson was intrigued by her mystical powers.

Kenny had fixed Dizzy, and she was now able to recount the battle to him. He studied it over and over. Hoping to find out anything that would help them catch that mysterious hooded blader, who had, in their eyes, become hugely to blame for what happened to Tyson.

He flew around the darkness, fighting anything that moved.

Not in his body, yet not out of it either.

He couldn`t remember his name. Or why he was here. All he knew was that he had to fight. He had a burning desire, he couldn`t control.

Neither seeing nor hearing, the lone figure suddenly felt a breeze cross his skin.

Not in this strange world he had come accustomed too, but on his flesh.

It felt strange; he had forgotten what `touch` was like. It had been so long.

Gradually, his senses started to come back. He became aware of cotton sheets surrounding his unresponsive body, which seemed to be bond up tightly across his chest.

He felt numb; his head was fuzzy, as his drifted back into consciousness.

Hearing, he had forgotten how sensitive his ears were. It sounded like there were millions of insects buzzing somewhere close by, and something was beeping steadily.

Then he tried to shoo them away, he couldn`t even move his hand.

Why did it feel so heavy?

He tried to shout at it, but all that escaped his lips was a slight groan.

Kai swung around at the sound.

"Tyson!" he whispered sharply, striding to his side. He clasped Tyson's hand in his own.

It was the first time Kai had touched him, since Tyson had been wrestled from his grasp at the new Biovolt Headquarters. But he had not once left the room.

Kai Hiwariti had been afraid.

Kai stared at Tyson`s face for any sign of waking.

Tyson groaned again, the buzzing in his ears getting louder. Especially now that Kai was breathing heavily down his neck.

The warm breath of Kai spread it`s way through Tyson`s pours into Tyson`s brain. It triggered him into action.

He took a sudden deep breath.

Then coughed franticly as the air filled his lungs, not being used to that amount of air.

"Whoa, steady now. Calm down Tyson" Kai soothed the younger boy, with worry, and joy in his heart.

"W..wh...where..?" Tyson whispered, it was spoken so softly, that if Kai had been any further away, he would not have heard him.

"It`s ok Ty, your safe now. We won. Your back with me, Kai" Kai spoke reassuringly to his teammate. Squeezing his hand Kai hoped Tyson knew who he was. They still had no idea what Tala had done to Tyson. Or that hooded man, and Voltaire was not giving anything away.

"Urgh.." Was all the response Kai got. But Kai smiled in relief. He new his Tyson was going to be alright.

"Ty, I want to tell you something I didn`t know, until it was almost too late." Kai took a deep breath himself, and prayed that Tyson was listening, "I love you Tyson Granger". He whispered it, because it sounded strange. Kai was not used to uttering `those` words.

But he was going to get used to it.

Tyson squeezed Kai`s hand with all his strength. Kai barley felt the pressure, weak as it was. But he did.

"I love you Tyson" he repeated.

Tyson`s mind revolved, he heard the words, heard his name being called.

Then things began to play themselves in his head. The past events were on fast forward. Tyson began to shake with the horror of what had happened to him, and of what he had done.

"Tyson, Tyson, Tyson, Tyson" Kai repeated his name again and again, holding his hand tightly, trying to get through.

Tyson heard someone calling his name.


He slowly opened his eyes, blue once again.

"Kai?" He whispered, looking at his captain with love, "I heard you call my name".

Then he slipped into a deep sleep. Peace and contentment filling his heart and soul.

Kai was finally his.


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