Title: Words Left Unsaid
Remus/Sirius - Eventual slash - Canon up to GoF
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Chapter One: The One ( Remus' POV )

I'll be the one...

I guess you were lost when I met you
Still there were tears in your eyes
So out of trust and I knew
No more than mysteries and lies

There you were, wild and free
Reaching out like you needed me
A helping hand to make it right
I am holding you all through the night


With a soft sigh, the sandy-haired werewolf dropped onto a comfy, yet worn chair in front of the fireplace. His golden-hued eyes darted for a moment to the man resting soundly on the ratty sofa, a woolen blanket pulled up to his chin. Calloused fingers closed tightly about the warm mug of tea in his hands as his gaze moved back to the flames dancing within the hearth. 'Oh Sirius...what a fool I was to think you would betray James and Lily...' He let his head drop back against the chair as another sigh escaped him, his mind drifting back to the first time he'd met Sirius Black.

A bright smile curved Remus' lips as he ran up to the bright red Hogwarts train, happily dragging his trunk behind him. He'd been so shocked to get his Hogwarts letter; even his mother had fainted at the news. After all, who would have expected any school to allow a werewolf among innocent children? If he could be allowed in school, then maybe...just maybe he'd be able to have friends.

Through the train he went, searching until he'd found a seemingly empty compartment. Stepping inside, he caught sight of a boy sitting within the shadows, staring out the window. He tipped his head slightly, sandy-brown locks shifting over his neck a bit. "Um...do you mind if I sit here?" The boy jumped slightly at the sound of Remus' voice, his head jerking up to reveal luminous black eyes. The werewolf could have sworn there were tears within those inky depths, but he dared not ask.

For a moment, the two boys simply stared into each other's eyes wordlessly. Then the other boy finally spoke, his voice reaching something within Remus that he simply could not fathom, "Uh..sure, I don't mind at all. My name's Sirius...Sirius Black." Dragging his trunk inside, the young werewolf dropped onto the seat across from Sirius and gave him a hesitant smile. "Nice to meet you...I'm Remus Lupin." Both boys exchanged a smile, and from that moment on, they were friends.


A whimper drew Remus from his memories, and he glanced over at the couch once more. The blanket had fallen to the floor as Sirius thrashed about, caught in a nightmare. The werewolf blinked and set aside his lukewarm mug, immediately going to the couch. Gently he took his whimpering friend into his arms, drawing him close. Another whimper escaped the former prisoner before he began to calm in Remus' arms, his gaunt and thin frame curling against the warm body. Remus' arms tightened about the sleeping man, holding him close.

'Don't worry, Padfoot. I'll never let you go..'

I'll be the one
Who will make all your sorrows undone
I'll be the light
When you feel like there's nowhere to run
I'll be the one...

To hold you and make sure you'll be all right
'Cause my fear is gone
And I want to take you from darkness to light.


Motes of dust danced within a ray of sunlight...a ray that happened to be hitting Remus right in the eyes. He scrunched his eyes closed tightly for a moment, not wanting to awaken yet. But the sun was not going to go away on the whims of one wizard, and so with a sigh, he opened his eyes. The warm weight on his chest made him glance down, and the sight of his sleeping friend made his heart swell. He smiled gently, brushing an errant raven-hued lock out of Sirius' face.

Lifting up his wrist, he glanced briefly at his muggle-style watch, noticing that it was just seven o'clock in the morning. He shook his head slowly, carefully extracting himself from the sleeping wizard's arms. Silently he rose to his feet and stretched with a wolfish grace before turning to spread the woolen blanket back over Sirius. There was much to be done before his friend woke up. A grimace of distaste curved his lips as he glanced around the hovel he'd been forced to take refuge in along with his fugitive friend. He'd had no choice...none whatsoever, if he wanted to keep some precious secrets from Dumbledore. He could be a great ally, but the man had no compunction about using someone if he felt the need. 'If only I could bring him to Moonlight Crescent Manor... but no such luck. This will have to suffice...I am a wizard after all.' Shaking his head to clear it off such thoughts, he scooped up his wand and got to work.

Three hours later, the cottage was beginning to look a bit more habitable. No longer was the furniture ragged and worn, now replaced with much more comfortable pieces. The room was now free of dust and bugs, and Sirius was covered with a warm goosedown comforter. The delicious scent of food wafted from the equally bespelled kitchen, filling the small cottage with the heady aromas. Remus grinned happily at the things he'd accomplished and twirled his wand idly in one hand.

It was past time for Sirius to awaken, and the werewolf simply couldn't resist dropping a water balloon over the man's head. The haggard man spluttered awake, his wide black eyes finding Remus clutching his stomach and laughing uproariously. The former Marauder glared at his friend, wiping water off his face and flicking it at him,"Oh, you think that was funny, do ya?" Remus wiped tears from his eyes, nodding as he laughed. Without warning, Sirius leapt off the sofa and pounced the werewolf, knocking him to the floor. An impish grin curved his lips as he began to tickle the pinned werewolf, knowing it to be his weakness. "UNCLE!" Remus screamed breathlessly, his golden eyes dancing with laughter as he squirmed underneath Sirius. Finally the animagus stopped tickling him, laughing merrily himself. For a moment, they simply stared into each other's eyes, their laughter becoming softer and softer until it stopped. The werewolf gave his friend a smile, "It's good to have you back, Sirius." Sirius sighed softly and climbed to his feet, offering a hand to him. "It's good to be back. Taking his hand, Remus got to his feet and threw an arm around his friend's neck, "I'm starving, Padfoot...let's go eat." And with that said, the werewolf dragged the other into the kitchen before a protest could be uttered.

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