The two sisters waited as their father stood up and was about to make an announcement. One girl had a pink dress on and emerald eyes. She had scarlet red hair and a happy face. The other one had lavender eyes and a silk purple dress. She had natural jet black hair and a more serious but happy face."Oh, Starfire I'm so excited!" "I will finally take the throne!" Blackfire said. Starfire smiled as she knew Blackfire was waiting for so long for this day to come and now she will finally reach her goal.

"Today, I shall announce that the person who shall take the throne shall be. ... . Starfire!" Blackfire stared. A tear fell out of her eye but she remained silent. Starfire felt bad for her sister but Blackfire just got angry. and that was why Blackfire had stolen all those gems and made Starfire look guilty.

Blackfire was finally released she stared at the sky and thought about Robin. She didn't mean to hurt Starfire , she was just jealous. Her eyes turned a shade of neon violet and and flew to the teen titans tower.

"ROBIN!" Starfire screamed, "THERE IS AN UNinvITED creature iN HERE!" Starfire's eyes were emerald green and she was throwing her starbolts at the filthy cockroach. Robin came in a hurry and quickly stomped it and threw it away. Then the door flew open and the teen titans stared. It was Blackfire. "Hello sister!" she said. But before Starfire could do anything, Robin lunged toward and Blackfire. He took out his metal stick and twirled. "Think you can come back and hurt us eh?" "WELL NOT ANYMORE!" "TEEN TITANS GO!"

Cyborg used his sapphire blue sonic boom against her but she quickly did a back flip and dodged. "Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" Raven chanted. Black beams came out of her hands and attacked Blackfire. Blackfire struggled furiously asand her eyes turned violet. Then beams shot out of her eyes and hits Raven to the floor. She started to attack cyborg and he also fell. "I don't want to fight!" Blackfire said. "Yeah right!" Robin answered. "NO I MEAN IT!"

"ROBIN!" Starfire yelled. "Please stop, I think she means it." Robin stared but went back to the teen titan tower. "Starfire, I only made you look like a criminal because I was jealous of you." Blackfire confessed. "It is alright sister, I forgive you and I feel bad that you were not able to take the throne even thought I told them I didn't want the throne." Starfire said. "I know, but you don't know how it feels like when your the only one who has black hair and violet purple eyes, everyone else had orange hair and emerald eyes, brown hair with orange eyes, and blond hair with blue eyes."

Suddenly the door exploded, and there stood Silverfire.