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Young Love

Chapter One: - Introduction.

Sam walked across to her hall of residence; curious about whom her flat mates were going to be. It was freshers week at Colorado University in Colorado Springs. Many of her friends had gone to the University in Denver. The University had strong links with the Air Force so it seemed logical for Sam to go there instead of Denver, due to her sponsorship. It was commonly known that every year two or three Flyboy's would be taught at the University. She entered the flat and was greeted by two people.

"Hi, I'm Sam Carter"

"Hey, I'm Daniel Jackson"

"And I'm Janet Fraiser."

Sam grabbed herself a bedroom on the opposite side of both Daniel and Janet. That left just two rooms spare: one next to her room, and the other next to the kitchen. It wasn't long before they were joined by two more men. Both of whom were in United States Air Force uniform.

"Kowalski you're a goof" the taller of the two said. They noticed that they had an audience. The taller smiled and said

"Hey I'm Jon O'Neill"

"I'm Charlie Kowalski" The shorter stockier man said.

"Hi" the trio chorused.

"I'm Sam" Sam said. She blushed slightly when Jon's eyes ran over her body. Daniel and Janet introduced themselves, before Daniel started to talk again. Jon and Charlie each grabbed themselves a room. Charlie went to the room next to Sam but was quickly removed by Jon, who grabbed him by the back of the neck and threw him out of the doorway. Charlie grumbled but moved to the other room.

"Food" Daniel suddenly yelled making Sam and Jon run into the kitchen.

"What" Jon said confused.

"We need food. Do you guys wanna come shopping for food"

"Jon you know what I eat" Charlie said to his friend "I eat anything"

"And everything" Jon quickly quipped back. Charlie jokingly punched Jon. It was obvious to all present that the two Air Force Officer were the best of friends. Jon, Sam, Daniel and Janet walked down towards the local shops.

"Okay, you get what you want and I'll pay for it." Jon said. When his three companions looked at him he said

"Air Force pays for my keep" Daniel and Janet went off together to get what they wanted while Sam and Jon went round together. Sam was curious about the tall Irishman. It was blatant that he was Irish thanks to the deep Irish accent he spoke with. Sam kept sneaking looks at him as they were grabbing stuff form the shelves.

"Would you stop watching me please" He said gruffly. Sam blushed and looked away, hurt by the tone of his voice.

"Hey I didn't mean to sound so gruff. You can watch me all you want" he said softly noticing that he had hurt her feelings. He took her chin in his hands and gently turned her face so that he could look into her eyes.

"Okay, here's the deal, you can look at me all you want. I'm sorry if I've hurt your feelings. I know I don't seem too friendly but making friends never was my strong point. I do want to be your friend but I'm not a very open guy."

"I could never make friends either. I'm a genuine military brat so I know what it's like having to make friends all the time. I want to be your friend too. Here's the plan, we finish the shopping, and then we go somewhere quiet so we can talk. What do you think of that?" She said quietly to him. He smiled and they continued to walk around the shop grabbing the stuff that they wanted. Many of the younger females, well those under 55, were glancing appreciatively at Jon who was still in his Uniform. Sam started to giggle as he was getting more and more frustrated with it by the second.

"I knew I should have taken the damn thing off" he muttered to himself. He grabbed Sam's arm gently. She looked at him as he stepped up next to her and draped an arm around her shoulders. He gently pulled her closer to his body "Relax please. I'm not gonna try anything I promise" he whispered into her ear. Sam relaxed and slipped an arm around his waist. The appreciative looks then turned to jealous looks sent in Sam's direction. She would just smile and snuggle closer to Jon's body.

"You're enjoying this aren't you" he asked a little while later. Sam mumbled something.

"What was that I didn't quite catch it" he said smiling at her.

"I'll tell you later"

"Why can't you tell me now?"

"Jon, I don't want to, not here okay" she said slightly exasperated with him. He held up his hands in defeat and pulled her back next to his body. They carried on shopping until Daniel and Janet came back with what they wanted. Jon paid for the shopping and the four new friends walked back to their flat in the University Campus. When they arrived Jon called out to his friend

"Charlie where are you? We're back" As the was no reply Jon shook his head and said

"Dopey Sod" Once the shopping had been put away Daniel and Janet sat around the kitchen table and Daniel started to talk again.

"Do you reckon he ever shuts up?" Jon whispered as they left the room. Sam giggled and said

"Hey we'll soon find out" Jon smiled and changed the topic of conversation.

"Hey lets go find somewhere to talk quietly. Do you mind if I change first?" Sam shook her heads and Jon darted into his room. Sam entered her room and put a couple of photos up making her room more homely. She knew that she was being watched so she turned to look at who ever it was. She smiled brightly when she saw Jon there dressed casually in black jeans, a tight white t-shirt topped by his leather jacket. He smiled at her, having enjoyed watching her for a couple of seconds.

"Let me guess. Flyboy life, having to be able to change in a matter of minutes" She queried her eyebrows raised.

"Yup" he replied. Sam stood and the two left the flat. Daniel was still talking.