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Young Love

Chapter Fifteen: - Forever

"Colonel O'Neill this is..." General George Hammond didn't even have to finish the sentence as Jake Carter pulled Jon into a hug.

"Jon my boy you've grown."

"I've changed Jake. My Wife left me and took my son." There was a haunted look in Jon's eyes that Jake had never seen before and he never wanted to see again.

"My God, you're still suicidal."

"Yeah." Jon replied. His voice was cold and his eyes held no emotion.

"I'm sorry bout Sara Jon."

"The only bit I'm sorry about is the fact that she took Charlie. We had a shambles of a marriage."

"Obviously. You Slept With..."

"Ahh Captain Carter." Hammond said interrupting. Sam smiled at her father and was looking forward to meeting the gentleman talking to him.

"Captain I'd like you to meet your new CO. Colonel Jack O'Neill."

"Colonel it's a pleasure...Jon. Oh My God." Sam stuttered as Jon turned he smiled. Sam fell into his arms and he held her tight as she sobbed in his arms, finally grateful that Connor, their son could finally meet his father. Connor was now only two and really needed a father. Neither Sam nor Jon noticed Jake leave the room. Surprised at Sam's reaction to her CO Hammond decided that he should remind them that they had a briefing to do.

"Colonel, Captain we have a briefing to do." Sam sighed and said

"Jon we need to talk." He nodded his head. Sam knew instinctively that there was something wrong with him but decided not to press him about it, knowing that he would talk only if he wanted to. One of the major things that she noticed was the lack of wedding ring on his left ring finger.

The three officers walked into the briefing room where Kowalski leapt out of his seat and grabbed Sam into a massive hug. Jon moved away from the two and stared out of the window at the Stargate.

"God Sam it's been too long" Kowalski said.

"Yeah it has Charlie. What's wrong with Jon?" She asked.

"Jack" Charlie said. Sam looked very confused.

"I'm known as Jack now. My CO in my Black Ops days was John. Therefore I'm known as Jack." Jon said. "Oh and Captain what is wrong with me is my own goddamned business not yours." Jack snarled at her. Sam recoiled. In all the years that they had known one another he had never once raised his voice or even said anything that would have been considered nasty to her.

"It's not if it's gonna cost you your family." Charlie snapped back at him.

"Kowalski need I remind you that it already has cost me my family and I do actually outrank you."

"And I outrank both of you so stop your bloody bickering. You two are like a pair of kids." Jack looked livid and started to move towards Jake who said

"I wouldn't do that Jonathan. I know it hurts Jack."

"You have no idea Jake."

"I lost my wife Jack. At least you'll be able to see Charlie again. I will never see Megan again." Jake nearly screamed at Jack, who bowed his head and said


"It's okay. Look you just have to ignore what's happened and learn to live with it."

"Jacob. I can't do that." Jack said. "My wife disappears, taking my son with her. The divorce papers arrived on Christmas Eve and you want me to forget about it. Jake you know that I was minutes away from killing myself when West's goons turned up. Thanks to Daniel Jackson and Skaara I'm still here, for the moment. But I haven't seen my son for a year and a half so forgive me if I'm a little pissed off. I haven't hears a damn thing from Sara, Charlie or her family. I'm running out of patience. I want my son Jake and will get him back." Jack snarled. Sam gasped. She hadn't realised that his relationship with his wife had got that bad. The phone rang making everyone in the room jump. One of the lower ranked officers answered it.

"Colonel O'Neill Sir. It's for you." Jack raised his eyebrows, his face still devoid of all emotion.

"O'Neill...Paul how'd you get this number...What, When is he okay...Oh God...I don't know when I'm gonna be able to get there. I've been recalled...I can't believe that they were in Denver all that time...Look after him till I can get there...Paul For Cryin' Out Loud of course I'm gonna come and get him. He's my son...That's not my fault...She left me Paul for no apparent reason and took him with her... Yes Paul a part of me is sorry that she's dead, but there is nothing I can do about it...Yes Paul I think she was a bitch...Paul no I wont say that in front of Charlie I have a little more tact than that." Sam snorted. Jonathan O'Neill and tact just didn't go in the same sentence. Jack glared at her. "Damn you Paul. I'll be there as soon as possible. Did she sleep with you too?" On that note Jack slammed the phone down on him and turned to face the people in the room. There was a new look on his face. Hope.

"Jack what's happened?" Jake asked.

"Sara's dead. She died in a school shootout."

"Charlie?" Both Sam and Jake questioned at the same time.

"He's okay, scared but okay."

"Colonel, go get him." Hammond said.

"Jack I'll drive." Jake said. Jack frowned but chucked Jake his keys. Jack ran out of the room and Jake followed at a more sedate pace after shrugging his shoulders at Sam, who was hurt by Jack's reaction to her. They hadn't seen one another for three years and even though he was her CO she had expected a better reaction then cold silence and harsh words. Jack returned an hour and a half later, by himself.

"Jake's looking after Charlie."

"Let's do this briefing." Hammond said. After the briefing the group walked down to one of the common rooms, Jake was in there being beaten by Charlie at some kind of PS2 game.

"Yo Bud" Jack said. Charlie paused the game and turned to face his dad.

"Hi Dad."

"What ya playin on?" Jack asked


"Ahh." Jake cashed out and said

"Damn. Jack are you any good at this thing?" Jack took his blues blazer off and his tie and sat beside his son. The race started and Jack took the lead early. Jack was concentrating so hard he didn't notice Charlie tickle him.

"Gahhhh!" Charlie giggled and beat his father.

"Charles Jonathan Patrick O'Neill" Jack yelled. Before grabbing his son and tickling him.

"Dad stop." Jack stopped tickling Charlie. Jack stood and Sam, Jake and Kowalski noticed Jack change, in front of their very eyes. His posture relaxed and his eyes suddenly had the cheeky twinkle that Sam had loved to see in them. Jake watched and Charlie jumped on his dad. Sam nodded to him and Jake left the room.

"Jon I mean Jack." Sam started. He turned to her and grinned sheepishly.

"Sorry I was such an arse Sam."

"Tis okay. I'm sure I'll get used to it."

"Hey." He said. Sam smiled. Jack noticed something in her eyes that he had only seen the night that they had made love for the first time, fear.

"You're scared of me." He asked, not really aware that the people who had been in the briefing were also in the room. Charlie was sat playing on the PS2 with Kowalski.

"No...I mean Yes...OH...I don't know Jack. You've changed so much."

"But I've barely changed, you have Muirnín."

"Oh Yeah, where'd my Irishman go? Jack O'Neill you are not the man I fell in love with. I loved Jon O'Neill, the smooth talking, Irish Madman. You're a stranger to me and that scares me." Sam snapped at him.

"Sam I'm the same person."

"But you're not." Sam cried. Suddenly very worried that when she told him about Connor his Irish temper, that was obviously still there, would explode.

"Why? Why am I different?"

"You've seen so much that I can't imagine and been through so much that I don't want to imagine."

"Sam. Stop IT." He said. "Please. I don't want to fight with áim thúMuirnín"

Jake walked back in with a small boy in his arms. Connor lifted his arms to Sam who took the small child and cuddled him close to her. Jack watched as Sam gently spoke to the boy. Jake watched the play of emotions over Jacks face. Love, lust, anger, fear and shame. Charlie had beaten Kowalski and was now bored.

"Dad, I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry." Jack replied.

"Jack I'll take him down to the commissary." Jake said.

"Cheers Jake." Jack replied. "You have a son." Jack said turning to his ex lover.

"No Jon. We have a son."

"He's mine?" Jack queried. Jake and Charlie hadn't left the room yet, so Jake took Connor out of Sam's arms. Tears filled Sam's eyes.

"I tried to find you but no one would tell me where you were. It was almost as if you'd dropped off the face of the earth."

"That's why you're scared of me. Because you didn't know what my reaction would be when I found out I had another son. Don't ever, fear me again. It makes me feel like a monster."

"Forgive me please." Sam said, her eyes pleading with his.

Jack stood in front of her and said

"This is where I say something really romantic" He paused "Nothing comes to mind. Come 'ere." Sam buried her face in his neck and breathed a sigh of relief.

"I love you." He whispered into her ear. Her arms tightened around him in agreement.

"Colonel Put My Daughter Down!" Jake yelled. Eleven years ago Jack would have been out of Sam's arms in a flash, but he just grinned at Jake. "I've said that before!"

"Yeah about five second before Mark punched me, twice, but I was only a Lieutenant then."

"What really bugged Mark about the two of you was that you were so comfortable being together around me. He couldn't believe that you'd kiss and cuddle in front of me."

"Well you threatened me so many times in the first month that we were dating I figured that if you were gonna kill me I wanted to be happy when I went." Sam giggled into his chest.

"You used to be so romantic, what happened?" Sam asked. "God you should have seen the faces of the Nurses. They were livid, what made it worse was that I couldn't stop grinning." Jack turned to his son who was watching his interaction with Sam closely.

"Hey Bud, you remember me telling you" Jack never finished his sentence.

"Sam." Charlie said. Jack nodded his head.

"Okay I feel a headache coming on." Hammond said. "Colonel, Captain I am assuming that the two of you want to carry on a relationship and raise your son together."

"Yessir" Jack replied after Sam nodded, he still had his arms around her waist.

"When I was given command of this facility the President informed me that I would be able to waver the Non-Frat Regs, due to the fact that if an ally from Abydos dies that how can you mourn someone who doesn't exist. The two of you can stay together as long as your relationship doesn't affect your work and that there are no romantic activities off world or on duty. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir. Thank you very much." Sam said.

"Welcome to the SGC people." Hammond said before Marching out of the room. Kowalski, Ferretti, Jake, Charlie, Connor, Sam and Jack were the only one left in the room.

"Now, how about we say hello properly." Sam said.

"I love the way that you think Captain." Jack replied before slipping his hand to her neck and beading his head. Their lips met tentatively but soon the passion that had always been between the two ignited, Major Samuels walked back in and scowled at the two engaged in a passionate kiss. He had fancied the sparky young Captain, but knew that he had no chance now.

"General Hammond asked me to tell you guys that you're supposed to gear up now." Jack nodded his head and Samuels left, pissed at Jack's cocky attitude.

"An bpósfaidh tú mé?" Jack asked. Sam's eyes filled with tears, she couldn't answer him but nodded her head vigorously. Sam flung her arms around his neck, and Jack swung them round, before putting her back down and kissing her again.

"Hey Jack, it looks like you go your wish." Jake said.

"What do ya mean Jake."

"Christmas Eve the first year that you spent Christmas with us." Jack racked his brain.

"My God you heard that." Jack gasped.

"Heard what?" Sam asked.

"Something along the lines of I wish I could marry you. Wasn't it Jack?" Jake said.

"Yeah." Jack replied.

"You wanted to marry me when I was eighteen?" Sam asked astounded.

"I loved you." Was Jack's simple answer. "And I always will."

Fourteen years ago a shy eighteen year old and a cocky Irish lieutenant found that their happiness lay in one another. Now they knew that their future was sealed, what ever happened they would always love one another. Their story might not have been perfect and their future defiantly won't be perfect, but their love always will be.


Muirnín - Sweetheart.

Gráim thú – I love You

An bpósfaidh tú mé? – Will You Marry Me?

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