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Prue had been the last to fall asleep last night and was the first up. This was usual of Prue, but to be honest, she hadn't properly been to sleep. Every time she had closed her eyes a vision of Piper lying defenceless on the floor while some monster hurt came flooding into her mind. It made her feel physically sick.

She looked at Piper and Phoebe. Why did this have to happen now? She thought. Just when things were getting back to normal. She stretched out her back. Sleeping on the floor had been uncomfortable, and it probably wasn't the best thing for Piper. As soon as Prue stood up, Piper started to stir. Piper sat up quickly and looked around slightly disorientated.

"Hey it's ok sweetie" Prue comforted, gently rubbing Pipers arm, "You're safe, you're ok"

Piper drew a deep breath, she wanted to speak but she couldn't. Instead she looked in confusion at the tangle of blankets and pillows on the floor.

"You and Phoebe fell asleep last night" Prue said, "I didn't wanna disturb you"

Phoebe? Piper thought startled. She noticed Phoebe sleeping next to her and all at once the past evenings events came flooding back to her. The shouting, Phoebe finding out.. She held her head and suddenly found her voice.

"I have to." She started

"Have to what?" Prue asked

"Take a shower" Piper stood up before Prue could object and ran to the bathroom. She just wanted to get away.

Prue started to call after her but realised it was no use. She decided to let Piper have some space and let Phoebe carry on sleeping. She decided to go and make some coffee and toast on the off chance that Piper would feel up to eating anything. On her way down the stairs, she was sure she could hear Piper crying. She had a sudden urge to go and check on her, but then remembered why she was going downstairs- to give Piper some space.

Once downstairs, Prue turned on the coffee machine. She watched it slowly drip and groaned. One day, she thought to herself, I'm gonna invent a coffee machine that takes like 10 seconds.

In the bathroom, Piper had just been sick. It was only now that the full realisation of what had happened had hit her. Before it was just a blur but now it was crystal clear in her head and she couldn't help thinking that it was all her fault. She turned on the shower and flinched when she saw her bruised body in the mirror. The hot water stung her back, but she didn't care. She just wanted to forget about the whole damn thing.

As Prue put bread into the toaster, she momentarily forgot about Piper, not because she didn't care, but because she had gotten into her morning routine. She was still toying with the coffee machine idea when Piper entered the kitchen.

Piper leaned against the side and pretended to read yesterdays paper. She was wearing grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt. Her hair was still wet, but she had pulled it out of her face in a ponytail. She looked so pale and fragile, like you could break her with a harsh word. Her attitude however, was totally the opposite, as Prue found out when she handed Piper a steaming cup of coffee.

"Thanks" Piper said brightly, motioning the coffee.

Prue stood just opposite her. Piper smiled weakly.

"But you don't ever make me coffee Prue"

Prue half smiled as Piper continued to act as if nothing had happened. That's just like Piper to make a sarcastic comment when something terrible had happened. Prue thought. With all the evil they had to deal with, it was often the only thing that kept them sane. But it was different this time, it was much, much worse than usual.

Prue didn't want Piper to try and push this to the back of her mind and forget about it. She knew that Piper would have to overcome the pain inside of her gradually, and she wanted to make sure that Piper knew that too.

"Piper" Prue started

Piper knew by the tone of Prue's voice, that she wanted to talk about the attack and what had happened and she started to get a little panicky, but she didn't let it show. The smell of burning filled the air.

"Toasts burning" Piper said, almost jokeingly, thankful for the distraction.

Prue sighed and went to switch off the toaster. She wasn't going to get angry with Piper; she was just going to make her listen.

"Right" Prue said, facing Piper again, "Piper honey, I know this is really, really hard and painful for you, but you can't keep this all to yourself, you can't just make it go away by trying to ignore it"

Piper shifted uneasily and stared down at the coffee mug in her hands.

"I don't think I can talk about it" Piper said, sounding tearful, "It's too hard to talk about it to you"

"Why can't you talk to me?" Prue asked in a soothing voice

Piper still didn't make eye contact with Prue.

"Because I, It's all my fault, I ruined it all, we were just getting back to normal"

Piper put down her mug and headed for the door, Prue shut the door using her telekinesis and caught up with Piper.

"Piper" Prue said calmly, she noticed that piper was looking downwards, "Sweetie look at me"

Piper pulled her head up and, looked into Prues warm eyes. She blinked back tears.

"This is not your fault ok?" Prue said, gently but firmly, "and you have to understand that"

"But it's just really hard" Piper said

Prue stroked Pipers hair and pushed a flyaway bit behind her ear.

"I know it is, but me and Phoebe, we're gonna help you through this ok, we're gonna get through this together" Prue noticed Phoebe out of the corner of her eye, "Aren't we Pheebs?"

"Yeah, course we are" Phoebe replied warmly, trying to sound as awake as possible, Phoebe wasn't a morning person and sleeping on the floor all night hadn't helped.

Suddenly Prue's cell phone rang. Piper jumped, then relaxed when she realised that it was only Prue's phone.

"Prue Halliwell", Prue said, business like down the phone, she ran her fingers through her hair. "I'm sorry Clare, I really can't" Prue said apologetically. "I'm sure it is very important, but so is what I have to do here"

Phoebe made a shooing motion with her hand, and Prue covered the phone with her hand.

"What?" Prue asked

"You can go to work, I'll stay here with Piper"

Prue looked torn.

"Prue it's ok, I'll be ok, go to work" Piper said to Prue

"Ok Clare, I'll be there in half an hour" Prue clicked the phone off. "Are you sure you'll be ok?" Prue asked Piper.

Piper felt quite ill and very honestly answered, "Yeah, I'm just gonna go and lie down for a little while"

Prue looked slightly worried.

"Do you want me to call a doctor, just to check you over?" Prue asked

Piper shook her head, "No, thanks, I'll be fine, just go and get ready for work", the last thing she wanted right now, was someone poking her around.

Prue looked back on Piper one last time before she left the room. Once she was out of sight, Piper felt faint. She sat down on the floor, closed her eyes and took a couple of deep breaths. Phoebe noticed how pale she was. Phoebe sat on the floor next to her and felt her forehead with the back of her hand

"You're very hot, maybe Prue was right. Sweetie are you sure you don't want a doctor?" Phoebe asked

Piper nodded, "Yeah I'm sure" she said, although she didn't sound it. **************************************************************************** **** That's the end of chapter 4, hope you liked it, please review and I hope you had a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

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