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"Piper, some of these marks are already partially healed" Dr. Riley said, concerned looking at Piper's back

"I guess I'm a fast healer" Piper lied

"These marks look at least 24 hours old, do you want to tell me how you got them?"

"The same way as I got the others obviously" Piper said sarcastically. She had to be sarcastic or she'd burst into tears and spill the whole thing

Dr. Riley helped Piper lie back down on the bed, and sat down next to her. "You know anything you tell me now is confidential" she said

"Yeah until the police get involved" Piper said, her voice dry

"In cases like this, the police are always informed, it's procedure" Dr. Riley explained

Piper sighed and turned away, "You can't make me talk to anybody"


"No, you can't make me do anything"

"Listen to me, you have been viciously attacked and you can't let the person who did this to you and your sister get away"

Prue was listening to the conversation from her bed. She didn't want the doctor to push Piper too far, and she certainly didn't want the police involved. The whole world didn't need to know about witches and demons, but Piper also needed proper medical attention, so she decided to leave them alone, for a while anyway. She turned away from the curtain and saw a familiar figure appear in the doorway.

"Andy" Prue said softly, getting off the bed. There was a youngish woman with him. She was slim, with short black hair and vivid green eyes. Andy had a slight look of sadness on his face.

"Prue, this is Detective Laurie Cook" he said, pointing to the woman, "We're here to."

Andy noticed that Prue had burst into tears in the middle of the room, knowing that Prue wasn't one to cry very easily, Andy started to walk over to Prue. "Hey" he said looking in to her teary eyes, "Ssssssh" he comforted, enveloping her in a hug. "It's ok" he whispered, stroking her hair while she sobbed against his chest. Prue couldn't have held onto her tears any longer, the shock of the whole thing was finally hitting her. Laurie stood in the doorway, looking uncomfortable with the situation.

Dr. Riley, upon hearing the noise, pulled back the curtain from around Piper's bed. "Excuse me, its family only in here, are you family?" she asked, looking at Laurie

Laurie got out her police badge, "Detective Laurie Cook" she said, and "Detective Andy Trudeau" she said pointing to Andy, "We're here to investigate the assault"

"Thanks for coming so quickly, erm, Detective Trudeau, do you know this woman?" she said, indicating Prue, who was still in Andy's arms

Prue looked up and wiped her eyes, "He's an old friend" she said, sniffling

"Ok" the doctor nodded, "Could I talk to you outside?" she said, looking at Laurie and Andy

"Sure" Andy said, pulling away from Prue, "It's ok" he said, kissing her head

Dr. Riley, Andy and Laurie left the room, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Prue sniffed, wiped her eyes again and walked over to Piper's bed. She sat next to Piper, who was toying with the hospital blanket.

"The police are here aren't they" Piper said

"Yeah, Andy's here"


"Yeah. How are you holding up?" Prue asked

"Not very well, she wants me to speak to the police, I can't Prue, what am I gonna say? That I killed him already, that he won't be found anywhere "

Prue pulled her into a hug, "Oh sweetie, we'll work something out, I promise"

Laurie re-entered the room. "Piper, if she asks you any questions go along with it and if she asks for a description or anything, tell her you didn't see him alright" Prue said quietly to her sister

"Ok" Piper whispered back

Laurie walked up to Piper's bed, "Hi, I'm Detective Laurie Cook, can I just ask you a few questions?" she said to Piper, "Could you just leave us alone for a couple minutes please?" she said to Prue. She sounded nice enough, but Prue would rather Andy were here too.

"Ok" Prue replied, getting off the bed, "I'll just be over here ok" she said to Piper

Piper nodded and turned her attention to Laurie.

"Right" Laurie said, getting a notepad out of her pocket, "Can you describe the person who attacked you"

Piper panicked, the woman wanted a description of Samuel, she was afraid to give one, in case they got the wrong person, which was more than likely. "Uh, well I didn't really see him"

"That's ok, just give me body details, height, build"

"He was tall, taller than me, and he wasn't big built, but he was strong, I didn't see his face"

"Can you give me a rough age?"

"I don't know" Piper said, getting more and more tense, lying to the police was an offence and added to that, she was still in quite a lot of pain

"Ok, can you tell me what happened" Laurie said, trying not to sound harsh

Piper threw her arms out, "LOOK AT ME!" she shouted, "Can't you see what happened, why are you asking me to repeat it all?" Piper was getting more and more angry, not with Laurie and not with herself, but with Samuel, for putting her through all this, "He raped me ok" she said, her voice shaking, "Is that what you wanted to hear?"

Laurie looked quite shocked at Piper's outburst. "Miss Halliwell, I'm only doing the necessary in a case like this"

"Excuse me, you're upsetting my sister" Prue said, as she appeared beside Piper, "Please could you just leave us alone for a minute"

"Sure" Laurie nodded and quietly left the room

Piper choked back tears as she fell in to Prue's arms

"It's ok" Prue comforted Piper, stroking her hair

"She wanted me to tell her, what am I gonna tell her Prue? It's not like I can just say, Oh he raped me, then he came back for my sister, we followed them and then he attacked me again can we? They're gonna want to know where and when and."

"Ssssssh, it's alright, I wont let her ask anymore questions ok, we don't have to talk to her"

The door opened and Emma wheeled Phoebe in. She helped Phoebe out of the wheelchair and onto the bed.

"Ok" Emma said, as Phoebe settled on the bed, "I'm gonna give you some morphine now ok" she said, as she pushed a syringe into Phoebes IV. "Right, you just lie there ok, the doctor will be back in a minute"

Emma walked over to the bed that Piper and Prue were on, "Hey, how about I start up your IV now, yeah? 'Cause you look like you're in a lot of pain"

"Ok" Piper said, holding her arm out as Phoebe had done. Emma slightly flinched at the grip marks that were on Piper's wrist, but was careful to be professional about it. Prue held onto Pipers other hand lightly, so that she wouldn't hurt her sprained wrist.

"Ok, small scratch" Emma said, as she gently pushed the needle into Pipers arm. Piper flinched, a little but didn't react badly. Emma quickly set up Piper's IV and gave her some pain medication as she had done for Phoebe

"It may make you a little drowsy alright, but that's normal. I'm gonna go see if Dr. Riley's free ok" Emma said, cleaning up the syringe and equipment.

Prue noticed that Phoebe's cut had been stitched and that there was a few small bandages scattered on various body parts.

"Did they take you to another room Phoebe?"

Phoebe looked up at Prue, "Uh, yeah, they said that this room was being used by the police" a bout of pain hit her, "Owww"

"Are you ok?" Prue asked, concerned

"Yeah I'm ok, what did you tell the police?" Phoebe asked, recovering from the pain

Prue got off Pipers bed. Piper was drowsy from the medication and was half asleep. "They didn't get very far, well Detective Cook didn't, she upset Piper" Prue whispered, "Andy's here too" she got up on Phoebe's bed next to her, "Phoebe, what did he do to you?" she asked, enquiring about Samuel, "did he hurt you too" Prue deliberately used the word hurt instead of rape because it hurt too much to say it

Phoebe took a deep breath, she nodded her head slowly, "Yeah" Phoebe closed her eyes, "He only did it once, but I was so scared that he would come back again, like Tom did"

Prue looked at Phoebe in shock, "Phoebe who's Tom?"

Phoebe immediately noticed her mistake, "What?" she asked, pretending she didn't know

"Phoebe, don't lie to me" Prue said

"Prue I." Phoebe was interrupted by the door opening, it was Dr. Riley.

"Phoebe" she said coming up to Phoebe's side, "I have to examine you properly now, and run some tests ok"

Phoebe knew what this meant. She nodded.

"Do you want someone with you?" the doctor asked, looking at Prue

"No, I'll be ok" Phoebe said, wanting to get away from Prue, before she found out the truth

Dr. Riley looked concerned, "Are you sure, because it can be quite helpful to have a friend or family member close by"

"I said, I'll be fine"

"Ok then, I'll take you to another room" the doctor said. Phoebe got off the bed and into the wheelchair again. She was wheeled out by Dr. Riley, who also wheeled out the IV stand.

Prue looked over at Piper, who was still half asleep. She hadn't seen Andy or Laurie for quite a while. She wondered to herself who Tom was, and what had he done to Phoebe? She had a pretty good idea of what this "Tom" could have done, but when and where? Suddenly a thought hit her. "New York"


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