It was her sister's birthday, as her father had so kindly called to remind her. He didn't call often, only to belittle her chosen field or remind her of her familial obligations. He hated that she'd joined the law firm that he owed so much too. Her only consolation was that he was just as disappointed in her sister, the perfect daughter.

Finding Angel's office empty, she decided to get the obligatory call out of the way. Her sister predictably picked up after two rings.


"I thought it was Vaughn now."

"Eve. Why are you calling?"

"Lauren, is that any way to talk to your favorite sister?"

"You're my only sister."

"Meow. Married life doesn't seem to have improved your attitude. Surprising, really. Your husband seemed pretty yummy at the wedding."

"And as fun as analyzing my personal life always is, is there a point to this call? I do have a job to do, you know."

"How could I forget? Your important government work that got dad to quit bitching at me for about a week. Something about his perfect princess doing dangerous work."

"Is there a point?"

"Take all the fun out! Can't a girl just call and say happy birthday to her only sister without an agenda?"

"Ah. And all this time I thought that you didn't even know when my birthday was."

"I know more than people give me credit for."

"I somehow doubt that your precious Senior Partners care when my birthday is."

"They care about Sydney Bristow. And now you're connected to her, having married the love of her life and all. Threw a bit of a wrench into the plans, although Sloane seemed to be ok with it."

"What does Wolfram and Hart have to do with Sydney Bristow and Arvin Sloane? Do you know something about where she's been for the last two years?"

"Let's just say Wolfram and Hart has a longer arm than you think. Happy birthday, sis."

Eve hung up, a satisfied smirk on her face. She'd gotten the last word in this time.