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Authors notes: I had to change some things in order for this to work. Alanna and George had twins one girl and one boy. They are now 12. This takes place during the Immortals series. Other changes will be mentioned as I go.

/blah/ Alexandra's mind to mind talk

blah Georgie's mind to mind talk

Chapter 1 Starting the Journey

'Ma' the copper haired green-eyed girl said into the fire.

'What, Alexandra? I just got home' the woman said.

'When George goes back the Corus as a second year Page I want to go as well. I want to be a Knight. ' Alexandra told her mother Alanna a.k.a. the Lioness.

'You're going to have to ask your father, but I have no objections. You'll have to work really hard though, no slacking off just because I'm your mother. Your also going to have to convince Jon that you'd make a good knight,' She told her daughter. A knew face entered the flames. It was a man with brown hair and emerald green eyes.

'Alexandra, before you go into your whole spell, I tell you what I told your mother. Anyone that wants to be a knight is just plan daft, but if its what you really want then I won't stand in your way,' George Sr. told his daughter.

'Thank you both, I will make you proud. Look I have to go find Georgie. Love you talk to you later.' She told her parents as the flames returned to normal size and color. She looked around thinking for a minute of where her twin could be. You could see the inside of what looked a very sturdy and well-built house. It has three rooms, two of them bedrooms, and a regular sitting room. That's not including the attic where George, Jason, and Jimmy sleep. Kimberly and her sleep in the downstairs bedroom, while Coram and his wife sleep. Coram was their cousin on their father's side because he married her father's cousin, but he used to take care of their mother and her twin, that died, when they were young. Her and her brother came to live with them when they were 6 because their parent wanted George to learn about Trebond as it was his, and Alexandra wouldn't leave her twin, she ended up learning about woman's work. They visited their parents at all the holidays and during the summer months. The other children that lived in the house were Corams young ones.

/Alright Georgie where are you I have to tell you something/ Alexandra mind to mind with her brother.

Over at the pond behind the house he told his sister.

Alexandra proceeded to take the well-worn dirt path behind the house to get to the pond. The path went by a few trees and bushes. As well as the garden, which contained herbs as well as vegetables. When she reached the pond she saw her bother sitting on a large gray rock, looking at the still peaceful pond. A few ducks were lounging about and you could see other animals coming up for a quick drink and or swim.

'Ma and Pa said I could go with you and petition the king to let me be a knight.' Alexandra said.

'That's great Alec. Wait till you meet my friends. They're going to get a kick out of you.' He told her while giving her a hug. He knew how much his sister wanted to be a knight.

'I didn't tell her about my gift yet Georgie, so don't say anything ok?' she pleaded with her twin.

'I won't say anything, but Numair will know the minute he sees you that you can work with two types of magic as well as I can, your weather and my healing. So you need to tell them sooner rather than later sis,' he told her.

'I know, just don't say anything to anyone. Have you told anyone who our parents are yet?' she asked.

'No, I don't want to start getting special treatment because my mother is the Lioness, and I figured you didn't either so I haven't said anything,' he responded.

'I need to go tell Coram I can go and I also need to pack. See you at supper, oh don't tell Jason I want to tell him myself.' She told her brother as she started walking back down the path.

As she walked back she said goodbye to her favorite trees. He gift allowing her to use nature, the plants, trees, and weather. She was sad that she was leaving but happy that she was getting the chance to be a knight. That's how Jason found her, talking to a flower. Jason was 11; he was going to be a Page this year as well. They treated him like their other twin because they've spent so much time together.

'So did you talk to your parents?' Jason asked.

'Yes, they said I could go, now all I have to do is tell Coram and I'm good to go.' She told Jason. He walked back with her to talk to his father. He was the only other person, 'cept Georgie that new about her gift being intertwined with his.

'Coram,' she said to the man sitting in a rocking chair on the "deck" 'Mommy said that I could be a page this year so I am going with you and George and Jason' She informed him.

Knowing that he wouldn't be able to talk her out of it he just nodded his ok. She shot to the back to begin her packing. Later that night the family joined with the voice of the tribes, them all being belizar. After the joining they went to bed, they had a long ride in the morning.

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