Author: Insane Person: S

Title: see below

Disclaimer: The poem is mine but the subject matter is J. K. Rowling's. Please don't sue as I have little money and what with Christmas coming up I need to save what I can.

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Bleeding White Rose

You see him sauntering down the hallway, shaking his hips ever so slightly, while heading to his class.

You meet him later that night, he tells you it's over. He can't take it anymore, the looks, the publicity. He turns and walks away, you let him go.

Two weeks later you find him, curled up in a ball, crying. His father has died. You hold him in your arms and whisper soothing nonsense into his ear.

After the war you find him again. Not feeling anger or hate toward him, even though he turned away from you to follow the light. Taking him once again into your arms, he hugs you back while you both cry for what was lost over time pasted.

Years later you go home and find him, lying in a heap on the floor, open wounds on his wrists plastered with dried blood. You shed a single tear realizing that you'll see him soon because you can't live in a world without your white rose.

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